He grips onto Fenrir tighter as he increases the speed, eagerly wanting to get home before the brewing storm above his head pours down like a river. Then just as he is about to make it, just one block away, the lights change to a ember, then to red.

He swears but straightens up by telling himself that the rain hasn't started yet and he will make it in time. Heck he saved the world more than once, what is a little bit of rain; it's not exactly something he can compare to Sephiroth. It doesn't require him having to rein his sword above his head and let gravity take its toll. There is no having to think fast and use his surroundings as an advantage, it's just rain.

He calms down at the thought of that. Just rain, nothing more, just little bits of water dripping all over the place. Just a little bit of water won't kill him right? It's just little specks of water dripping everywhere, nothing more nothing less. Just little crystal, cute little tear drop shapes of water dripping down his face, hanging at the tip of his nose and dropping onto his lap.


Water, on his lap, his nose, his face…

His face scrunches up as he glares past the supposed cute little tear drop shape water that drops everywhere around him. He winces lightly as the water seeps its way into his jackets and clings onto his used to be dry skin. He's wet; he's sweaty, filled with water and to put it simply, just plain soaking wet. He swears again silently and glares at the red light as he waits for it to change into the holy colour now known as green.

His eyes glance down at his wrist watch and he swears quietly again. She would get angry, then again who wouldn't get angry when the first thing she hears from him is a long winded lecture of how terrible the weather actually is. Maybe he should hold in his anger this time and just climb defeated up the steps and to his room to sulk in his own silence. But there is always something that happens before he can sulk silently.

The light changes to green after like three hours and he beams a smile as he revs Fenrir and drives toward Seventh Heaven. He swears again, it only took him three seconds to make it from the lights to Seventh Heaven. He parks Fenrir at the corner and steps down.

The sign still read open even though it was 7pm in the night. He wonders, what's going on? Pushing aside his worries he tells himself perhaps it's just one of those days when one of those customers refuses to leave. But that seems odd, she rarely keeps the bar open till 7pm. Frowning slightly he realizes the door is locked, he unlocks and pushes the door open and hears the bell ring at the top of his head. She really needs to rethink using that bell; it gets quite annoying at times when he would arrive home at 1am. It didn't help him move swiftly and softly in the night.

He swears again when the bell rings announcing the fact that he's just closed the door and locked it behind him. Glaring at the bell he turns his eyes and searches the bar. There's nobody, no one, not even a single spirit anywhere in sight.

Feeling slightly worried he walks toward the bar seats and peers over the table hoping to see her just bent down and cleaning something. Nothing, absolutely not a single living soul.

"Marlene? Denzel?" he says not too loud not too soft either.

Waiting calmly for a reply he freezes at his spot with his ears flaring waiting for any sound. He waited several seconds and still, nothing. This is not right, something is seriously not right.

Curse that stupid red light.

He takes the silence calmly, telling himself that everything is perfectly alright and they are all probably just having dinner. A really silent dinner that is so silent that if he dropped a needle it would be so massively loud that people in Midgar would think they're under attack again.

His footsteps are light and sound proof as he makes his way to their dinning room at the other side of their home. He steps into the kitchen and his eyes immediately rest on the little note left on the fridge. Walking to it quickly he snatches the note off the magnet which falls to the ground and scans his eyes over its scribbled words. Probably Denzel's work right here.


Come to the hospital ASAP. It's an emergency!


The colour drains from his face, something happened and it doesn't sound too good. His legs move faster than his thoughts can actually match up to what he's doing. His hands are unlocking the door and stepping out and locking it again. Before he could even protest to himself, he's sitting on the Fenrir and driving in the pouring rain.

Nothing but the lovely rain, again.

He sees the green light a block away from him, he's going to make it. But it turns ember, he swears. He closes his eyes for a few seconds and passes the red light. The stupid light can't pull of that stunt again, cause technically he didn't see it. With a smile planted on his lips he drove down five more blocks and finally reached the hospital.

The colour was again drained from his face as he panicked and parked Fenrir quickly. He stampeded through the hospital doors, almost walking straight into it when he entered. The passing nurse must have registered his worried expression and immediately made her way toward him.

"Sir, are you okay?"

"Teef," is the first word he can think of.

"Teeth?" she asks, her brown eyes really starting to irritate him right about now.

"Teee-fa," he says it slowly enough for her to understand.

"I'm sorry sir I don't know-"

"Tifa Lockheart," he interrupts the annoying nurse with brown eyes.

"Oh, you must be her husband," her expression darkens as she quickly ushers him down the hallway.

Husband? He swallows nervously, since when?

"I-" his voice is croaky now. He's worried, what has happened?

Curse that red light.

"She fell down and hit her head on the edge of the table and passed out, she was bleeding profusely and luckily your kids are good at first aid, they bandaged her head and called for an ambulance, they arrived here with her within minutes of the incident," the nurse explained hurriedly as she led him into the waiting room.

"Where is she now?" he asked, forgetting totally about the whole 'husband' incident.

"Surgery," he feels his knees weaken. It can't be that serious can it?

"How serious?"

"I don't know, I'm sorry," she answers.


"Sit with your kid's sir, the doctor will fill you in when they finish," she says gently and guides him over to his supposed children.

Wait, since when did he have kids?

His blue eyes search the room and rest on two figures who are sitting quietly at the corner. This was the first time he saw them actually behaving. Then for a moment in between being worried to death and swearing at that red light, he sits down beside his children, their children. He just wished it were more official rather than in his dreams.

The nurse sends another sympathetic annoying brown eye glance at him and he grunts and turns to face Denzel and Marlene. Their faces are solemn as they refuse to look up at him. They're the only people sitting in the waiting room now, so he decides to break the silence.

"What happened?" he asked, his face still deathly pale.

Then just like that, the two clung onto his leg and hung onto him like they were holding on for dear life. He could only wince at their tight embrace and he comforts them, his arm circling around them, his children. Marlene stiffens and sniffs a couple of times as Denzel just lets out a long sigh.

"She fell down," Marlene began, stating the complete obvious.

"See, we were washing up after a long day of customers at the bar," Denzel began as he settled on a knee whilst Marlene did the same on his other knee. They were getting heavy he thought as he listened.

"And then Phill comes in," this didn't sound good at all. It never sounds good when his name comes into the situation.

"Phill," the name comes out as a deathly whisper from his lips.

"He tried to ask her out," Denzel said knowing this man before him was about to burn up in flames.

"Ask her out," the words come out in the same deathly whisper from his lips. What kind of cruel man would think so lowly of a bar tender who just happens to be a female, and his friend, his best friend, his Tifa?

His Tifa…

That lightens his mood, it sounds nice, he thinks.

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