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Revenge is sweet when served with a dose of insanity

Chapter 1

For two years peace had been a friendly entity throughout the four nations. Or so everyone thought.

"I've got you now, HA!" Sokka dove into the bush, only to find that once again his prey had eluded him. "Damn it! How do they get away so fast." Movement in the bush to his right caught his attention and once again he executed a somewhat clumsy dive into the small shrub. "O COME ON! Toph, you can see em right? What are they?" Toph, who had been leaning up against a tree for the last twenty minutes enjoying the show was beginning to have trouble containing her laughter. She fought to fight down a giggle before answering. "Yeah I can see them, I think they're rabbitsquirels, there's heaps of them all over the place." She put her hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh as Sokka lunged for another bush. She shifted her concentration to the hill off to her right and smirked before bringing her attention back to the increasingly furious warrior.

Aang looked out the corner of his eyes at Katara. She had a devious grin on her face and her eyes were narrowed in a way that Aang thought of as incredibly seductive. They had been crouching there in the thick scrub for almost half an hour. Being the start of summer it was quite humid and warm, even in the shade and the slight sheen of sweat on Katara's face and arms was making the airbender even hotter. He watched her hands as they once again began to twist and dance out in front of her. He laughed to himself as he remembered what it was they were doing. The idea had come to him about an hour ago while they were waterbending in the nearby stream.

"Katara. Aang. KATARA!!" Sokka had woken to find his sister and friend absent from their campsite, which struck him as a little weird since lately both Aang and Katara usually slept fairly late waking up quite a while after himself and Toph. He figured since Katara was obviously already up she might as well get to making the breakfast. His stomach growled again as if to remind him of the reason he was searching for the two benders. "KATARA! AANG! KATA." "SOKKA SHUT UP!!!" He huffed as he came to the ledge of a small cliff. A path to his left led him down to a small stream. He would have thought it was quite pretty, if he wasn't so frustrated, annoyed and hungry.

The causes of his annoyance were standing in the middle of the stream in their usual waterbending outfits passing a stream of water back and forth to one another. He narrowed his eyes at the two, knowing that they knew he was there but refusing to acknowledge his presence. "HEY!" Katara and Aang turned around to find the very irate water tribe teen glaring coldly at them from the bank.

"What? You know you probably just woke up the entire forest."

"If you guys heard me calling for you why didn't you answer earlier? I wake up to find you and airhead gone and there's no breakfast ready and"

"Breakfast! That's what this is about, your stupid stomach? How come you can't for once just make your own damn breakfast, why do I always have to do it?"

"Look, its just the way things are, I catch the food, you cook the food, it's as simple as that." Aang saw the rage building in Katara and decided that this was a good time to intervene, before any unnecessary blood was spilled.

"Guys come on. Sokka we're sorry we left without telling you," Katara whipped her head around to look at Aang, she had a look of shock and hurt on her face. Aang was supposed to be on her side, how could he betray her like this. "And we would have made breakfast before we left but there was no food and we thought that you'd probably want some meat so we decided to wait until you woke up to go catch something." Katara was about to water whip the treacherous airbender before her dim wit brother decided to dig himself in even deeper.

"Yeah well next time you two wanna go frolicking off to play in a puddle let me know. You know I freak out if I don't know where everyone is, there's still rebel firebenders out there that would love to knock off the Avatar. I swear, you two and your stupid water magic." Sokka turned and made a rather dramatic exit leaving the avatar and a really pissed off waterbender.

"What the hell was that Aang? What are you doing giving that pig headed idiot the satisfaction of thinking he was right?" Katara was surprised to see that instead of cowering from her little rage attack a mischievous grin had worked its way onto Aang's face. The look of anger on her own turned to one of confusion. "What?"

"I think it's time we practiced a little plant bending."

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