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Chapter 16

Carefully scrambling over the piles of heavy stone, Toph made her way over to where she thought Katara had been lying. Sokka was following in silence, taking caution so as not to dislodge any large pieces that could cause more of the already utterly obliterated thrown room to collapse.

Toph came to a stop on a reasonably flat piece of debris which she figured would be close enough to where she remembered Katara had been. Kneeling down she took a quick moment to pray to Agni or Yue or whatever spirit would help her to find both Aang and Katara alive. Sokka stood a few meters away, too afraid to go any closer. He watched in terrified and hopeful silence as Toph placed her open palm to the stone. He closed his eyes and waited…

At first Toph thought she had misjudged her position. She could have sworn this was about where Katara and Aang would be. 'Sixth pillar from the back of the room on the left side about 10 paces in.' Toph could make out the base of the pillars easily enough as they were the only large perfectly round objects all in a straight line. She did another quick check to make sure she was where she thought she should be. 'They should be right here.' Placing her palm to the stone surface once more Toph sent more stronger, acute vibrations into the immediate area.

She was confused at first and then perplexed. She was sure she was reaching the floor beneath the rubble. The surface was hard and impenetrable. Moving the vibrations out a bit wider however she noticed something odd. The floor here seemed to be higher then it was a few meters away. Standing up and carefully walking a few paces to the right Toph knelt down and surveyed the area from another angle. The floor did infact raise up in an area about two meters in diameter and about one meter high… Big enough to cover two people.

It took Toph all of about one second to come to the conclusion that the only reason the floor would be raised would be if it had been done on purpose. Sending as sharp and strong a vibration that wouldn't cause the rock to actually break apart Toph confirmed her thoughts. The floor wasn't just raised. It was folded? Somehow Aang had managed to bend the floor up and over himself and Katara. 'How on earth did he do that?'

At that point she didn't care how and with an embarrassingly fangirly squeal she sprang forward and started digging. She knew by the difficultly that it took to see through the layer of rock that there was no risk at it caving in and she wasted no time in removing the debris that stood between her and the two benders trapped beneath.

To say Sokka was startled when Toph let out a rather girly shriek of excitement would be an understatement. He still had his eyes closed when he heard Toph get up and move to another position but he refused to open them. However they involuntarily flew open when Toph squealed. It took him a few moments to shake off the state of shock and surprise before he realized that the young earthbender was now about six meters to his left and digging furiously.

Sokka started to run forwards to help but after almost having his head taken off by a piece of flying debris the earthbender had accidently sent his way he opted to run around to in front of Toph instead. He knew there'd be no point in him even trying to move any of the rock as most of the pieces were the size of a full grown Rabbitroo.

"Watch out Snoozles!" Sokka had barely enough warning to jump back before the slab of stone he'd been standing on was lifted up and placed safely a few meters away.

It took Toph less than thirty seconds to clear away enough rock to fully uncover the raised surface that had hopefully protected her friends from getting crushed. Sokka came to stand by Toph and looked down at what he'd expected to be his sister and best friend.

"Where are they! I thought they were here wasn't that why you were digging!" "Calm down Meathead! They are here, they're under there." Toph exclaimed pointing downwards. She didn't need to see the look of confusion on Sokka's face to know that he hadn't quite caught on yet. "I have no idea how Aang did it I mean he only just got to Katara when the roof collapsed but I dunno he did this! He bended the floor over him and Katara like a blanket! It's genious!"

Toph climbed down into the newly formed crater in the debris to stand upon the smooth domed surface. She had thought it might be best to just get the rock out of the way first and then check and see if her friends were both alive. But at that moment standing there she didn't think she'd be able to handle it if one or both of them weren't alive. She had to know right now. Bending down she placed both palms on the cold surface.

Sokka had cautiously climbed down after Toph. He stood at the edge of the cleared debris and watched and waited. The next ten seconds were the longest of his life. Waiting for the blind earthbender to tell him his little sister and best friend were alive or… the thought clawed at his heart. A hundred thoughts bombarded his mind, the least of which… how would he tell his dad he'd failed to protect his sister? Clasping both his hands together and bringing them close to his face he closed his eyes and began to plead with the universe. "Please let them be alive, please let them be alive.."

"Sokka.." At hearing Toph's voice and the lack of any real tone to tell him whether she was about to give him good news or bad, Sokka reluctantly opened his eyes to meet the cloudy green of the young benders. Lowering his tightly clasped hands and taking a shuddering breath he asked the most important question he'd ever ask.

"Are they alive?"

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