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He was cut off abruptly as Gibbs grabbed him by the shoulders of his hazmat suit and slammed him into the nearest wall, getting right up in his face; or his mask, at least.

"What the hell did you give to Tony?" He demanded.

"I told you," the doctor blustered. "Prophylactics; vitamins, broad spectrum antibiotics, antivirals… You all had the same…" Gibbs slammed his back into the bulkhead again.

"He told me he'd been drugged; and believe me he knows what that feels like. What did you give him?" Hansen stared into eyes burning with rage; they were a lot worse this close up.

"There was nothing harmful, I swear!" He said, voice shrill and panicky.

Gibbs' voice dropped to a menacing growl. "I am not going to ask again, Doctor. What did you do to my agent?"

"I… It was just a sedative, that's all! And it was for his own good…"

"You drugged a patient without his knowledge or consent." Said Ducky, disgusted. "And you call yourself a doctor?"

"He needed that IV," explained Hansen miserably. "With his history, he was the most vulnerable of you all and he wouldn't take something that could save his life. I had to do it; it was a chemical restraint or a physical one and I couldn't do that to a patient until I knew beyond a doubt he was sick…"

"You drugged him to stick a needle in his hand?" Asked Gibbs incredulously. "And you didn't even tell us, when we thought he could have been dying?"

"All I wanted to do was give your friend the best possible chance of survival, Agent Gibbs. It was the only way…"

"I want Tony back in here where we can keep an eye on him," Gibbs commanded.

"Ok; ok if that's what you want."

"It is; and I want another call to my director so I can tell her she has another career to end. From now on, you don't give any medication to any of us without Dr Mallard's approval; are we clear?"

"Clear, Agent Gibbs; just please, let me go?" Gibbs shoved himself away from the thoroughly cowed Hansen and wiped his hands on his sweats in revulsion.

"Get out of my sight," he said. "And get Tony back in here in the next five minutes or next time I see you I won't stop at a shove. And believe me, I will see you again."

The terrified Hansen scuttled towards the door; Ziva tripped him expertly and his head slammed into the glass as he fell. She leaned close and whispered something. Hansen's eyes widened in terror. He scrambled away on all fours, dragging himself up to pass through the iris scan and leave the sickbay.

"What did you say to him, Ziva?" Asked McGee.

"Nothing much, McGee," she said, sounding pleased with herself. "I simply informed him of what I would do with his testicles if he failed to obey Gibbs' orders."

Gibbs smiled. "Good job, Ziva."


Jenny rounded on Skinner. "Why the hell didn't you tell me there was radioactive material on that ship?" She demanded.

The commander couldn'tve looked more surprised if she'd asked him if he was wearing ladies underwear.

"What? How did he... You must be mistaken..." Skinner stuttered.

"Lieutenant Sanders died from radiation poisoning, Commander," Shepard informed him. "And I am waiting for an answer!"

"It's... need to know, Director. You didn't, and neither did Agent Gibbs until he was already on the ship and we didn't have a safe way to contact him. It was a matter of national security..." Jenny's patience snapped.

"Leroy Jethro Gibbs has done more in the name of national security than you ever will, you pen pushing bureaucratic piece of crap!" She yelled. "And if you don't tell me what the hell is going on in the next ten seconds I'll shove that bug sweeper so far up your ass you'll be chewing on it!"

"Uh, Director?" Said Cynthia through the intercom.

Jenny managed to control her voice. "What is it, Cynthia?"

"The Secretary of the Navy is here to see you. And these walls aren't that thick."

"Send him in," Jenny replied, taking a deep breath.


True to his word, Hansen sent Clarke and Simmonds, the two corpsmen, to deliver Tony back into the main sickbay. True to Gibbs', he wisely didn't accompany them.

"About damn time," said Gibbs, furiously.

"I'm sorry about that, Agent Gibbs," said Clarke, manoeuvring the bed back into place. He grinned. "Dr Hansen had to go change his pants before he gave us orders to bring Agent DiNozzo back in." Ziva chuckled softly.

"And for the record, we didn't know he'd drugged your friend," added Simmonds, checking the IV line in Tony's left hand. "Although I'd pay good money to see the arrogant SOB piss his pants again. You want me to take the IV out before he wakes up?"

Ducky joined Gibbs by Tony's side. "What was the drug; and the dosage?" He asked, recognising that Gibbs wasn't going to speak. He'd stopped listening; the silver haired man simply gazed down into the peaceful face of his senior field agent. Tony's stillness just seemed wrong. It was too like the plague; and that frightened him more than he was willing to admit. Tony looked so young…

"Jethro?" Ducky placed a hand on his friend's arm.

Gibbs blinked several times; and then saw that the hated needle was still in Tony's hand. "Why the hell is that still there?" He asked dangerously.

"Hansen was right about one thing; despicable as he is," Ducky replied. "Tony does need that IV. It's nearly empty and he'll be unconscious for at least another hour; I'll take it out before he wakes."

"All right," said Gibbs grudgingly. "How much longer before we get the blood tests back?"

"With any luck, we should have the results by morning. And since it's very unlikely that we could have been infected without showing some kind of symptoms by now, I think it's safe to say they'll be negative."

"Good." Gibbs looked around to see the whole team gathered around Tony's bed. "What are you all doing?" He asked. "Go and get some sleep."

"Yes, boss," said the still green McGee, heading back to his bed. Ziva bent and said something in Hebrew to the unconscious Tony before moving away; it sounded like a blessing.

Ducky stretched and took a seat on the edge of Tony's bed. "I have to wait and take the needle out," he said. "Go on, Jethro; he's fine. Follow your own advice."

"See you in the morning, Duck," said Gibbs, doing just that.


"Jenny," said the SecNav, entering the office. "Always a pleasure. And may I say, you're in fine voice today."

"I'm sorry you had to hear that, Philip," she replied with a smile, as he pecked her on the cheek. "But it's been a long day; mostly thanks to Commander Skinner. Please, sit."

"Thank you. You may leave us, Commander; Director Shepard and I have things to discuss which lie significantly above your security clearance."

"Just wait outside with Cynthia," said Jenny, smirking.

"Yes, Sir; ma'am." Skinner saluted and left, looking highly resentful.

"Now; I've been fully briefed on the situation," said the SecNav, as the door closed behind him. "I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that the Chimera's crew, with the exception of Ferris, the radio operator, have been picked up by the USS Foster. Midas the cook I understand is aboard the Hydra with your people. The area around the wreck has been checked for survivors, but it looks unlikely that any of the intruders made it."

"Do you know who gave the order to blow up the Chimera?" Asked Jenny.

"I don't; but I'm trying very hard to find out. It was definitely someone higher up the chain of command than me."

"They almost killed five of my best people, Philip."

"I know; and I'm as pissed as you are. But on a positive note, I've had a message from the Hydra and it seems that Agent DiNozzo's illness was a false alarm."

"Thank God," said Jenny in relief. "Tony is the second best agent I've ever worked with; and I hate to think what Gibbs would have done to Skinner if anything had happened to him. I would have been doing the paperwork for weeks."

"On that subject, I've also received a complaint from the Hydra's chief medic that he was physically assaulted and threatened by Agent Gibbs and Officer David."

"Same old Jethro; he's very protective of his team."

"Considering the situation, I'm sure we can overlook the incident."

"D'you want to tell me what's going on, Philip? Because Skinner won't and Gibbs can't, except in code. I know there were nuclear as well as biological weapons aboard that ship."

"The Chimera was carrying a Russian nuclear warhead that had been recovered from the sea floor by divers. Dr Takada was investigating the effect of the radiation on the bacteria in the sea floor around it. The virus that killed him was brought on board by Ferris; there was never any serious biological threat. But since he was the only doctor on board, the crew weren't to know that. They abandoned ship and Ferris stayed behind to help his Russian friends recover their warhead."

"The only thing he didn't count on was Gibbs showing up and stealing the missile first. He and his team made off in the Russian's boat with the warhead and then the intruders got crisped by the missile. Provided the blood tests come back clear, which I understand is very likely, I see no reason why your people can't return to DC tomorrow."

"That's excellent news, Philip. And Skinner?"

"Is going to receive a new assignment pushing paper. His handling of the situation has been a disaster."

"Thank you for coming by to fill me in, Philip. Getting information on this operation has been next to impossible. Can I offer you a drink?"

"No; I'm afraid I have to be going. Cleaning up this mess is going to take a lot of my time." He rose and they shook hands.

"Well, then I appreciate your personal visit even more," said Jenny warmly.

"You are most welcome, Jenny. I'll keep you informed on what I find out. Oh, and do feel free to let Gibbs know what is going on; unofficially, of course."

"Knowing Jethro, he probably figured it out before anyone else."

The SecNav chuckled. "It wouldn't surprise me. I'll stay in touch." He left, closing the door behind him. Jenny poured herself a drink and curled up on her couch, kicking off her heels. It had indeed been a long day.


Tony groaned; someone was poking him.

"Come on, Tony," said Ziva. "It's time to wake up."

"Does anyone have any superglue?" Asked McGee. "Or maybe a permanent marker?"

"Really, Timothy; you shouldn't take advantage of poor Anthony," Ducky chided gently.

"D'you think another needle in his butt would wake him?" Asked Ziva.

Tony sat bolt upright. "I'm awake, I'm awake! What happened?"

"Hansen drugged you to get an IV in your arm," drawled Gibbs. "Don't worry; I had Ducky take it out."

"The blood tests?" He asked warily.

"All negative, my dear boy. In fact, our helicopter should be arriving soon to take us back to Anacostia."

"I can't wait," said McGee miserably. "I've been permanently seasick for two whole days."

"It's not easy being green, Captain Smallit," Tony grinned. Gibbs smacked him on the head.

"Shut up and get moving, Gonzo," he ordered.

"Yes, boss."

Ziva looked between them as if they were completely insane. "I have no idea what you are talking about," she said.

"I'll lend you the DVD, Miss Piggy," said Tony. Ziva's eyes narrowed dangerously.


"If you were familiar with the character, my dear, I'm sure you'd be rather flattered," said Ducky. "Come along; it's almost time for our flight."



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