This is a response to the "Simon says" challenge in the Charming Roots board. Come and join us if you haven't already.

The challenge is to write a fic starting with the line "The sound broke the silence…"

This is actually the second in a two part series, the first is called Sleepyhead. Both can still be read as stand alone fics and will (hopefully) still make sense.

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters; JKR does…blah, blah, blah…

The sound broke the silence, at first he wondered if he had dreamt it, but no, there it was again, a soft moaning.

He had been in the middle of a most pleasant dream; He and Pomona had been at their summer home in Richmond. They had spent the day in Pomona's favourite place, Kew Gardens, a large park filled with muggle plants from the four corners of the globe. Pomona's face would shine with enthusiasm as she ran from flowerbed to greenhouse, while he watched her with amusement.

In his dream Filius had felt even more fulfilled as they had been accompanied by their two children. How he longed to be a father. He and Pomona had been trying for five years now and were beginning to lose hope. She never mentioned it, but at the same time each month he could sense her sadness and with a heavy heart, would hold her even tighter through the night.

There was that noise again, another groan and the flushing of the toilet. Concerned that his beloved wife was ill, Filius rose quickly from the bed; in his haste Filius somehow became entangled in the thick woollen blanket and found himself face down on the floor. Once he had extricated himself from the rug and made his way across to their small bathroom Pomona was sitting on the edge of the bath, drinking deeply from a tooth mug.

"Pomona, what's wrong? Are you ill? Was it that third portion of chocolate cake? I told you it wouldn't sit well after that curry."

To his amazement Pomona smiled and began to chuckle softly.

"Oh Fil, I'm not ill, but it does have something to do with my 'odd' choice of menu tonight."

Filius frowned, puzzled.

"I was going to tell you tomorrow. Poppy still has to do some checks, to make sure everything is all right… but…I'm pregnant Fil."

Filius blinked, unsure that he was not still dreaming he pinched his arm hard twice. On finding he did not wake up and ignoring the large bruise he would have tomorrow Filius embraced his wife tightly.

Unable to contain himself, Filius began to swing Pomona around in his arms, kissing her as he did so. Suddenly he felt her wriggling in his arms, struggling to get free. Stopping abruptly he heard her groan once more and hurriedly turn back to the toilet.

"Thanks Fil" she muttered sarcastically as she crouched over it one more.

Feeling slightly guilty, but unable to suppress his grin, Filius gently held Pomona's hair away from her face; aware that he would be doing this for many months to come.