Because I was so sappy at the end of the prequel, I assure you this story will be very dark; especially with what I have in store for the Tennyson family.

Chapter 1: Summer's over

Within an above top security lab the alien warlord struggled on that large cold steel slab, even with all of his strength he couldn't break his binds; and if he pulled too hard a large surge of electricity went coursing through his veins.

Cursing at the people who put him in this situation, no matter how much electricity went through his body he still continued to fight and struggle; that was until someone walked in through those large metal doors, yet Vilgax's view was obstructed by the shadows the man used to hide himself. The man chuckled. "Amazing," the tone of this man was odd though, even though he was talking to this blood lusting alien the man sounded completely calm, "you have lead armies to destroy planets yet you fail when you try to attack Earth, both times. Have you thought that maybe our planet had more to it then the other aliens realize, or is that the reason you keep coming back? To prove your superiority?"

Even with a tone that sounded completely calm, this still infuriated the alien. "Once I get out of here, I'm going to destroy you first; along with that troublesome Tennyson family."

You didn't need to have seen the man's face to know he was smiling; pushing a button in his hand a screen above him showed the pictures of the Tennyson family. "Oh, you mean these people, strange how three earthlings could cause so much trouble for someone as... once as powerful as you."

Vilgax pulled harder at his binds, but again was shocked relentlessly. "You're pulling at the universe's strongest metal, which this company has created. The shockers are just an added amusement." He shut off the screen, "Now you see, this place has nothing to do with the government; it is my company that design tools of war and this family's unique abilities could be very profitable. I could make a killing," he chuckled off his joke.

"Then why am I here?" Vilgax snarled.

"To get rid of the competition of course, not to mention experimentation and other sorts of fun stuff I can think of." He bowed to the alien. "Have fun at your stay in Sphinx Corp."

The alarm from his annoying clock radio Gwen got him for his birthday just wouldn't shut up; feeling so good to be back in his own bed he never wanted to get out again.

Yet from the amusement of his cousin's twisted views for a joke, the only way he could shut off the infuriating ringing was to unlock it from its case, if not the ringing would just get louder and louder.

As he used all of his sheets and pillows on top of it, he could hear it muffling its way out; not to mention the sunlight escaping through the cracks at his eyes was no help either. Even though he was only wearing a light white t-shirt with his Sumo Slammers boxers his room was so hot during the summer heat.

Finally, he heard that ringing stopped; glad that he could get in a few more minutes of sleep. But something struck him with his eyes wide open, wondering how the alarm at last silenced.

He had an idea of what could of happened, slowly turning to his side to see he was right; looking up right at Ren looking down at him, already dressed in her new school uniform of a white button shirt, a knee long skirt, and a light blue trim on the edge of her outfit; still barefooted though.

She has been living at his house since they came back from summer vacation, convincing his parents that she was part of a Student Exchange Program; in some ways it wasn't a lie.

But suddenly realizing his attire as she looked at him with those emotionless red eyes; he let out a short scream of surprised, only realizing now with all of his sheets on the other side of the room he had nothing to cover himself with. "Are you... alright, Ben?"

He felt his back against the wall; using his arms to try to cover himself in front of his alien housemate. "W-W-What are you doing in my room?"

Ren tilted her head slightly to the right, even if she couldn't express emotions on her face or voice he was getting better at reading her body language; this meant she was a bit puzzled by his question; this probably being her most common of body language. "You mother... asked for me... to get your... 'lazy butt'... out of bed," she walked a bit closer, "does that... mean, I pull you... out of bed?"

He calmed down a bit, yet still a bit nervous with his attire in front of her. "No, I just needed to get dressed and ready for breakfast; tell her I will be down in a few minutes."

She slowly nodded, her eyes moved along his room. Obviously they didn't sleep in the same room but this wasn't the first time she had been in his room; covered with Sumo Slammer posters, it used to have a poster or two of a bathing suit model, one lying on top of a earthling sports car and another one which looked as if the women was picking something up off the ground, but for some reason he took them down on the day she started to live with them, not to mention she used to hardly tell there was a rug on his floor yet he now kept his room relatively clean; even his uniform was hanging in his closet where his clothes used to be his sheets and rug.

"R-Ren," Ben stuttered to say, her head slowly turned to face him, "I need for you to leave the room, I have to get changed."

She slightly tilted her head once again. "I still don't... understand, we... live under the... same roof. My species only... wears clothes... outside."

Ben rubbed the back of his head, remembering that day he had to put on one heck of a performance when she came out of the bathroom with only a towel on her head. At the moment his parents just think that she is an exchange student from Hokkaidō Japan, since her species actions resembled closely with Japan then any other place on the planet, not to mention Hokkaidō's cold climate and cool summers explained for her snow white skin.

"Its just, humans see nudity as indecent anywhere outside of private areas like your room or the bathroom," he tried to explain to the best he could, "it is just how humans are."

Half expecting to hearing her say, 'its strange,' yet heard. "Then why in... certain magazines, do earthling females... wear nothing but high... heels?"

Rubbing his forehead, realizing that she must have discovered his dad's 'secret stash' inside the compartment under his bed after you move the panel out of the way... not that he would know anything about that. "That is an entirely different story, Ren; but right now we should head to breakfast before my mom yells at us both."

Just as she left his room, gently closing the door behind her, he sometimes wished that somehow he could tell what was going through her mind from time to time; like if she was as happy as he was that she was living with him and his family, or at least even happy to be living with him.

Later at seven a.m. Ben and Ren were dropped off at the entrance at their school; so much of his city has changed over the course of the summer, especially with the multi-billion dollar Sphinx Corp.'s main office now in the center of the City. It was very easy to spot even from his suburban home; the large white building that rose higher then any other building in the city.

This company helped this city on many accounts, using the place as testing grounds for many of its new products yet in exchange has increased the police force, funded the hospitals with the latest equipment, and even has funded his school with computers, and even these uniforms; which Ben had white formal pants, light blue t-shirt that was covered with a white outer shirt, which he kept unbuttoned.

What had to be one of the most known items that Sphinx Corp made is what it gave to the people of the city known as the THOTH. It was able to access the internet, call others through a virtual screen, tell you how much weight or calories that you lost or gained in the day, keeps time down to the one-one millionth of a second, and countless of other items that were downloaded for free and activated through buttons or voice command. However the strangest thing was this devise looked just like their Omnitrix, but shook it off as just another rip off like that stupid Alien Cartoon based on Fourarms, Wildmutt and Heatblast; what idiot would give Fourarms a Scottish accent?

Nevertheless, all good things had to have a flaw, and this one was a big one. Gwen's father got a job at Sphinx Corp and she now goes to the same school as he does, neither one of the cousins were overjoyed at this news. They now even live close enough that they could visit on occasion where Ren sometimes heads over so they can look over school stuff.

And there she was, waiting for the two at the entrance in her school uniform, adding that strange cat logo on her collar; not really liking the uniform because she was more used to wearing pants then a skirt, even if it did reach past her knees. "Did my birthday present help?" she smirked, leaning her back against the entrance wall.

But Ben also smirked. "Hopefully you liked your birthday present from me as well."

Her smirk turned into an instant frown, remembering the trick magic kit she got for an inside joke, wishing to use a spell on him right now; instead rubbed her right hand over her new THOTH. "I didn't think I would be wearing this again."

The other two rubbed their Omnitrixs. "Too bad we can't wear one."

"Yeah well I need to head to my first class, got to get a good seat," but no matter what, she was still a bookworm of a cousin, watching her head off into the building.

Ben shook his head. "Sometimes I'm wondering what I'm going to do with my cousin."

But when he looked over he noticed Ren seemed a bit distracted, her right hand slowly moving up to touch her black headband, gently stroking it. For once she wouldn't be judged because of the size of her horns, but wondered how this species would judge her.

"Ren," Ben's concerned tone snapped her out of her daze, turning to look at him, "are you alright?"

She gradually nodded in reply. "Yes, I'm... alright. Shall we head... to class, like... Gwen?"

He brushed off that idea. "Nah, we still have plenty of time; how about first I show you around my 'home away from home.'"

She tilted her head slightly. "Is this a... Boarding School... just like... Galactic... Academy?"

He chuckled a bit from that. "No, it's just another earthling saying." He cupped his hand in hers; she felt her body starting to get warmer, "so let's go."

Gwen looked at her schedule, her eyes focused on her first class then back at the door; seeing as the numbers matched she pushed open the door and walked in; yet a bit shocked when she saw another student already in the room, setting down his white briefcase, which some student used instead of a backpack, at a seat at the front of the room.

When the door closed, he shook a bit, quickly turning to see the lovely orange haired girl standing there. "Oh, hi there," the teenage boy waved to her, "you probably think I'm weird for arriving so early to class, am I right?"

He was a bit stunning to this young magician; he had skin white as snow but his eyes were the purest ocean blue she had ever seen, she felt like she would be lost in a daze if she focused on them for too long. She shook her head. "Oh no," tapping the tip of her right foot against the floor, always doing this when she felt nervous, "I was just doing, the same thing too."

Chuckling a bit, he rubbed the back of his short white hair. "Kind of glad to hear someone else besides me does this, my friends at my old school use to make fun of me for that."

She didn't know why she felt nervous around this teen; even feeling her heart race a little. "Well, it is better then rushing at the last minute," this fourteen year old girl smiled, yet she didn't know why.

"Not to mention you can get organized instead of looking everywhere for your paperwork and books," he added; his shoes echoed in that empty classroom until he stood in front of the Tennyson girl, he was at least two inches taller then her, "by the way, I don't think I've introduced myself yet," he held out his hand, "my name is Alexander, Alexander Sovereign; but please call me Alex."

She really liked that high-class polite tone of his, not to mention that gentle smile that graced his face. So she cupped her hand in his, instantly feeling a warm sensation coursing through her body with his touch. "My name is Gwen, Gwen Tennyson; it is nice to meet you, Alex."

Looking into her exquisite green eyes with his ocean blue ones, he shook her hand. "And I'm glad to meet you, Gwen."

She didn't know why, but she was nearly lost with him looking into her eyes, her legs even started to feel like wet noodles; but snapped out of it when Alex broke their handshake, still smiling at her. "Well, there are plenty of open seats, where would you like to sit?"

To Be Continued

It seems like a lot is going on for the Tennyson family for their first day of school: a company overshadowing them, Ren trying to fit in with earthlings, and this new guy that has caught Gwen's attention. If this is just the first chapter what else do I have up my sleeve? Read and Review.