This is a response to the Flash fic challenge on the charming roots boards. A 100-300 word fic about September 1st must include a pudding.

This is the first in a two part series; the second is called Chocolate Cake. (Yes I know, dumb title)

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter; if I did book seven would have been very, very different.

Today was September 1st; the start of a new school year and Pomona Sprout was more exhausted than usual. This year Harry Potter started Hogwarts and the staff had placed many new security measures with in the castle. Pomona herself had spent a busy summer growing a large Devils Snare to help protect the Philosophers Stone.

But that was not the only reason Pomona was so tired. Kicking off her muddy boots and curling on the sofa next to her husband, gazing across at him through heavily lidded eyes, she wondered if now would be the right time to tell him.

Filius chuckled as he began to massage his wife's delicate feet. "Tired already sleepyhead? I warned you to go easy on the puddings…really, three slices of chocolate cake, it's a wonder you managed to stay awake through that staff meeting."

Playfully Pomona prodded her husband in the ribs with her big toe.

"Watch it you, you are certainly not in a position to talk about eating too many puddings."

Filius huffed with mock indignance. "How are you, I'll have you know I'm in my prime."

Pomona snorted in a most unladylike manner as they settled into an easy silence, watching the fire dance in the grate.

An hour or so later Pomona felt something tickling her feet. Peering through one eye she found her husband's head nodding forward, his dove grey beard brushing softly against her toes. With a giggle she shook him gently.

"Come on snoozy, time you went to bed, you were snoring loudly enough to wake the inferi."

Affronted Filius sniffed. "I do not snore" But he smiled as he rose from the sofa, dragging her with him.

Snuggling into bed beside her husband, Pomona decided that perhaps tomorrow would be the day to tell him.

So, what does she have to tell him? Better read Chocolate Cake to find out…