Hogwart's ANBU

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While reading through old papers in Hogwart's library searching for spells to help protect his school, Dumbledore stumbles upon a book about shinobi. He decides to hire a seven men team from the hidden village of the leafe to guard the castle. How will Hogwarts deal with Anbu? How will the shinobi deal with Umbridge?

As for age: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Shikamaru are 18, Neji is 19 and Kakashi 32


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Chapter 1: A new mission

Darkness encompassed the library of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hundreds of books were enclosed into the shadows of the night. A tiny light, created by the 'Lumos' spell, illuminated only a little corner in the giant room. An old man sat in said corner, his long silver beard tied into a knot and his bright blue eyes hidden behind half-moon glasses. Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of the infamous Hogwarts had been looking up on spells that would protect his school from the newly revived Dark Lord, when he had stumbled upon an old book from the far east.

The Bansen Shkai!

Intrigued he had taken the old piece of literature and cast a translation spell on his glasses to read it. Upon opening the book to unveil it's secrets, he found a short introduction, that only helped to fuel his interest.

It said:

Everyone divides the world into good and bad, white and blackon some level

Mankind is good,

While Demons are bad

They say.

But if this is true,

If the world really is divided into black and white

Then Shinobi are definitely grey.

They slaughter and steal,

They kidnap and torture,

Without so much as a second thought!

But they also protect,

And help and defend.

And sometimes they fight for a greater cause!

They're Demons if need be

Or Angels…

And this is their story

"Shinobi," Dumbledore murmured as if trying the word for size, while he turned the page to read on. And the more he read, the more interested he got. An idea came to him regarding the school's safety. Minerva wouldn't like it- even less than the other teachers.

'Oh, well. They'll just have to get over it.'


"You can't be serious?!"

As expected, the Deputy Headmistress didn't like the idea at all, after being told, what exactly his plan contained. Looking into the faces of the other professors- Sprout, Flitwick, Sinistra etc.- he saw that they couldn't 'befriend' his thought either. Even Snape had an expression of shock plastered on his normally stoic face. The only one, who seemed calm about the whole deal was Alastor Moody, who- though not a teacher at Hogwarts- had been invited, because of his expertise as a former Auror.

"You're joking, right?" Minerva asked. "Dumbledore?"

"I'm completely serious." They looked at him as if he had gone insane- which(,) in their opinion(,) he had indeed!

"So, you want to… to hire Shinobi-," she spat the last word as if it was something foul and disgusting."Shinobi?! Trained assassins? Cold-hearted killers, who wouldn't think twice about slaughtering whole families?Every man, woman and even the children?!! Those people?! And you want to let them into the school, near the students? Near Potter? They wouldn't hesitate to kill him!" Her voice was high pitched and screeching now as she was going hysterical. The other teachers nodded in agreement. Snape even muttered something about the headmaster 'being irresponsible'.

"They're great warriors, though," Moody suddenly spoke up. "There's no one I'd rather have by my side during a fight. I've met a few of them some years ago. They're very capable and completely loyal to their mission once you've hired them…If you ask them to protect the school grounds without killing students, that's exactly what they will do! Until the mission is completed… or the contract broken….

"I'll leave the decision to you. I have to meet with Kingsley and Tonks above London- we're going to bring Harry in tonight(.)"

With that said, he closed the door behind him, leaving the rest of them to a brief but uncomfortable silence.

"It's decided then," Dumbledore said with finality in his voice. There would be no arguing.


(3 days later)

The honey-eyed Hokage took in the figures of the five men and woman before her.

Two missing.

Well, actually only one was missing as the seventh ANBU operative would join them only right before their departure. Which was in about seven hours. It was really on short-notice, but the client had just been informing her earlier that day.


Tsunade was looking through some documents and enjoying the cup of sake she'd previously poured, when a fluttering noise reached her ears and a feather brushed her cheek. She looked up only to find an owl sitting on her desk holding out one leg, so she could take the letter and the package from it. Raising an eye-brow she slowly did so. Upon giving the letter a once over, her scepticism only increased.

Who would write:


Tsunade-sama; Godaime Hokage

Fire Country; Hidden Village of the Leaf

Hokage Tower, Top floor office

Skeptical but intrigued at the same time(,) she opened the letter and read it over:

Dear Tsunade-sama,

This letter has probably made you very suspicious("You bet!"), but I assure you I mean no harm. Quite the contrary. I intend on hiring seven of your finest Shinobi to protect my school and students from the threat of an evil wizard. Yes, a wizard. I am the headmaster of one of the three largest schools for western magic in Europe, Hogwarts. Voldemort- the evil wizard I just told you about- has targeted my school several times in this past few years, one student especially. His name is Harry Potter. Since Voldemort resurrected himself at the end of the last school year, I fear his attacks will be more insistent now. Therefore I would like to hire your Shinobi to keep the people residing in my school safe and watch out for Harry as he tends to get himself into trouble. Inside the package you'll find a portkey – a magical transportation device. It will activate exactly at 4 am Konoha time. Make sure all Shinobi touch the device by then. It will take your men to a safe house, where they will be staying until the school year starts.

That is, if you accept the mission request.

Yours sincerely,

Albus Dumbledore,

Headmaster of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry…

And some other titles, which Tsunade couldn't even begin to comprehend. She reread the letter twice, before being interrupted by a small whistle coming from the owl. The Lady Hokage looked up to find the owl still on her table, bristling. Tsunade raised an eye-brow and looked at the letter again. Maybe there was a clue in there as to what to do with the bird. She found it in form of Dumbledore's P.S.

P.S.: You might want to give the messenger owl something to eat as she's had a long journey. Afterwardsplease sendher back with your answer.

Grumbling, Tsunade had told Shizune to find a mouse for 'the beast' (the owl scowled at the term), before she turned the letter, scribbling the words 'I accept' on the backside. Afterwards she ordered Shizune to inform several ANBU that they were to assemble in her office in two hours.

"But tell Wolf to come immediately. He'll be late anyway."

End Flashback

And so now- two hours and fifteen minutes later- she was still sitting in her chair waiting for the sixth member of this little journey to arrive. Of course she had expected him to be late, but it still irked her.

Tsunade's eye-brow twitched in irritation.

The five young people took a step back. Four did anyway. The fifth was too oblivious to the danger he was in and was therefore dragged behind by the only woman in the room that wasn't Hokage. A pink-haired woman with a Lynx-mask covering her face.

"Ow, Sakura-chan! Why did you yank me back?! That hurt!" our favorite, if not a little obnoxious, blonde yelled . The sound was muffled by his Fox-mask.

Tsunade's eyebrow twitched harder.

"Shut up, dobe" murmured a blue-haired man from behind his raven-shaped mask.

"You shut up, teme!"

Tsunade's hands gripped the table, while her eyes kept twitching dangerously.

"Both of you will shut up now, you troublesome people." A pine-apple head said.

"I agree with Deer. Be quiet," the last one- Eagle- added. His long dark hair bound loosely together at his back. Fox and Raven could practically feel the piercing glare from the white-eyed ANBU Captain.

"But teme said…" Fox began only to be interrupted again. This time by a very angry Hokage.



"Sorry, I'm late, but a black cat-"

"AND SPARE ME THE EXCUSES! I AM NOT IN THE MOOD, YOU LOUSY-OW, where does that ringing bell come from?"

Everybody sweat-dropped, but didn't dare to say anything. The ever-late, ever-porn-reading Wolf even pocketed his beloved Icha Icha before a very angry Godaime could tear it to pieces like what happened to his last book when she was in this state. It had been the signed copy too.

"Anyway…" Tsunade cleared her throat., "I have a mission request for the seven of you. You're going to protect a boarding school for magic- yes, magic!- in Europe and you'll be gone for a year. You're to especially watch out for one Potter Harry. He's a student there. Your client is the school's headmaster. A man called Dumbledore Albus. He sent a letter with a few mission details for you to read and a package with your transportation device. You have five hours to pack your belongings and say goodbye to your loved ones. And Hatake, I won't tolerate lateness. If you're late, you'll WALK to England, you hear me?!"

"Don't worry… Magic, huh?… Well, haven't heard of wizards in a while…" Kakashi mumbled, but no one heard him. Instead Tsunade asked, if there were any questions. The six shinobi exchanged looks for a moment, before one raised a hand.

"Yes, Sakura?"

"Excuse me, shishou, but did you say seven?"

End of chapter 1!

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the book does really exist- I don't own it- and is the only real book about the Ninja Arts/ in this story it's supposed to be a treatise on Shinobi and their jutsu as well as Chakra