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Author's Note: I've had this written for awhile, just didn't think to post it...Implied Jazz/Prowl if you squint one eye and look at Jazz's music choice upside down.

- Holding Out For a Hero -

When Spike brought a human-sized, non-Blaster-based sound system into the Ark rec room, neither Prowl nor Optimus paid attention, except to assure Red Alert that it was not a bomb or a Decepticon spy. It was just for entertainment purposes, after all, even if it did seem to rarely, if ever, be turned off. Of course, there are many types of mechs throughout the Ark, all with different opinions on what counted as entertainment...

It took two weeks for Prowl to get unnerved at being greeted the moment he stepped into the rec room, no matter who was inside, or whether or not they happened to be facing the door. It took another week for Prowl to realize the same thing was happening to all the Autobot officers, including Optimus. And it took four more long, agonizing weeks, during which he became paranoid about entering the rec room, avoiding it whenever possible, before Prowl figured out what was going on. It was all thanks to Optimus, who was for once already sitting in the room when Prowl cautiously entered, only to be greeted by about seven different mechs, all but two of which had no conceivable way to have seen or heard him enter.

"Holding Out For a Hero?" Optimus questioned Jazz with amusement, the leader and saboteur being the two who had actually been able to see Prowl enter.

"Yea, th'twins wanted th'Death March, but I was doin' th'programmin', so I told 'em t'stuff it." Jazz replied with a grin.

"So I have you to blame for When I Am King?" Optimus asked dryly.

"Actually, that was Blue's suggestion." Jazz replied with a somewhat embarrassed shrug. Prowl frowned, then the pieces clicked into place, and minutes later, Prowl practically skipped out of the rec room, smiling, as he sub-spaced his rifle and ignored the outraged cries coming from behind him. He didn't apologize even when Spike came to his office and went on a rant about how much the stereo had cost, though he did pay for a replacement...after forcing Spike to sign a document stating he would never, ever bring the replacement equipment into the Ark.

- Done! -