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This is written for everyone who loves La Esperanca. It's a multi-chapter fic (at long last) that will show the present (set a few years after the manga ends) and past (the manga timeline) of the lives of the characters from La Esperanca, in particular, Robert and Georges. Enjoy!

Our Past, Our Present

Chapter One: Present

The water began circling clockwise around the sink, leaving behind a frothy substance, like sea foam in the ocean, as it eventually followed its path down the plug hole with a loud gurgle.

Georges smiled; pulling up his sleeves again as they fell past his thin wrists, so that he could continue the task at hand. He moved a little to the left, humming a tune he had been practicing on his piano earlier, when strong arms encircled his waist.

"You need a hand?" A voice rumbled seductively against his neck.

"No, no. There isn't much left to do. Besides, you practically made the meal by yourself." The blonde turned his head to place a light kiss on the cheek of the taller figure. "Which like I said before, was delicious."

"I'm glad you liked it." The dark-haired teen nuzzled Georges' neck, before placing several kisses in the same spot. In return, his lover began to giggle, twisting his head further to allow the other better access.

"…Hmm…" Green eyes glanced at the clock hung above the kitchen table. "I'd better finish the dishes." Georges said, reaching his arm around his partner to grab the nearest tea towel.

"All right." Brushing a couple of loose blonde strands out of Georges' face, Robert released the smaller teen from his embrace. "Come outside when you're done?"

"Yes." Georges grinned. "Now, Robert, out of the kitchen!" He playfully swatted the elder teen with the towel.

Robert admired the blonde for another minute, before putting his hands up in surrender, and exiting the kitchen. Georges laughed at the sight, turning slowly back to the pots, pans, plates and cutlery waiting to be dried and put away.

It was already getting dark. Autumn was such an indecisive month. It was sunny and bright one day, cold and blustery the next. The leaves on the trees were turning from a summery green colour, to vibrant shades of red and gold. The grass, freshly cut before the weather took a turn for the worse, was damp with droplets of dew. The smell outside the apartment window was a mixture between the tasty aroma of horse chestnuts, cooking on the outdoor fire across the road, and the subdued scent of the delicate blades of grass.

Georges let out a contented sigh, standing on tiptoe to put a couple of clean dishes away. He had two days off before his next music session. He'd fervently practiced his current concert piece over and over for weeks, and all his hard work had paid off. His timing was much better, and finally, he was performing rather than just playing.

Just as the blonde had put one of the pans back in its draw, his mobile started to ring. A theme tune from TV began to play, as the phone vibrated on the window sill. Georges frowned at the tune. It was catchy, but annoying and over-played.

'Robert must have put it on.' He thought, shaking his head. 'I must remember to change it later…'

The caller ID flashed up a familiar name. Henri.

"Hello?" Georges answered.

"Georges! I tried calling earlier, but your phone was switched off!" Henri sounded as worried as he was excited. "Is everything okay? Is Robert still treating you well?"

"Yes Henri, we're fine. And you?" Georges sat down on one of the red kitchen chairs, a small smile on his face as he listened to his concerned companion.

"Oh, everyone's alright here. Nicole's making more friends at high school day by day. She's pretty popular right now. There are always girls chatting downstairs. Sometimes I can't bear it! I can't wait to move into that new apartment block next month."

Georges laughed, imagining Henri trying to do his work in the family room whilst Nicole and her friends talked about boys, shopping and make-up. "Are you and Jean still sharing the apartment?"

"Yeah, yeah. He called me yesterday actually. Apparently, everything he's taking is already boxed up. He might even be more excited than I am to finally get a place away from his family."

"I bet you'll feel homesick when you leave…I missed my mother for weeks. She rings me every week though, so at least I know she's okay."

"Hmm…I wish you didn't live so far away." Henri stated sadly. "I know I tell you that often, but…"

"I know. I miss you too, Henri. I miss seeing everyone from school. I haven't spoken to Luca for a fortnight, but Freddy calls every weekend."

"The little Lord is quite busy these days." The dark-haired boy informed the blonde. "But I suppose he has a lot more work to do now. We all do."

"Yeah." Georges missed school. At one point, he'd even wished that he didn't have to grow up and move on because he liked life as it was. But nothing about life stays exactly the same.

"Well, it was nice speaking to you again, Georges. I missed hearing your voice."

"I'm glad you're doing okay, Henri." The older teen said happily.

"Yep, so, same time tomorrow?"

Georges was sure that Henri was smirking as he said that. "Stalker." He mumbled, hearing his friend's laughter echo down the phone.

"Have a great weekend, Georges, and good luck at the recital. I'm sure we'll talk again soon."

"Thanks Henri, bye!" Hanging up first, Georges switched the phone off and put it on the table. There were a couple of spoons left to dry and put away, but the household chore was quickly completed.

Georges dried his hands, before reaching into his left pocket. He pulled out a little box, and opened it with care. Inside was an object he cared for very deeply. A golden ring engraved with a delicate pattern.

This was the first gift he and Robert had chosen together four years ago in February. The ring had reminded Georges of a chalice belonging to Robert's father, the principle of their old school. Robert had shouted out its resemblance to the young blonde, before throwing it to the floor, letting it shatter into thousands of silver shards.

Sliding the ring back onto his finger, Georges decided it was time to look for Robert. The first place he looked was out of the window. There was an old willow tree just outside the apartment the two boys shared, and Robert had quickly decided it was one of his favourite places to be. Hidden high up above the ground between the branches, watching the world go by.

The blonde was happy to see a dark figure sat on one of the thicker branches.

"Robert…" Opening the window in the hall – the only way to get onto the tree without trying to climb it from the bottom – Georges easily fit through, but found it difficult to actually get onto the tree. The first time he had attempted this had resulted in him falling through the window into Alain's arms. For some reason, Robert had predicted something like that would happen. It was him who had contacted Alain in the first place, and told the older student to stand at the bottom of the tree. He'd muttered something about "bad balance…"

Gripping the nearest branch, Georges began to crawl slowly upwards, freezing to the spot when a breeze rustled the tree.

Robert looked down when he heard the presence of another figure. He saw Georges climbing upwards to where he was sat, and grinned in the faint light. He dropped down a branch with ease, holding out his hand to the younger male.

"Here." The blonde stretched his arm out, grasping Robert's hand with his own. The older teen pulled Georges up, with enough force to pull the other into his arms, before settling him safely down on the branch.

"Thanks." Georges gave a sigh of relief, his fringe flopping over his eyes.

"Some habits never die." Robert smirked. His arms settled around the blonde's waist, pulling the lighter figure onto his lap. "I'm always helping you out."

"And I'm grateful for that." Georges said, trying to ignore the hand creeping down towards his thigh. "But it's not my fault I can't get the hang of climbing trees. I never knew what the appeal of it was, and even as a child, I preferred to have both feet on the ground."

"Even that was a struggle for you." The elder teased, remembering countless times when Georges' bad sense of balance caused him to topple over. Without Robert beside him, to catch him before he hit the floor, the blonde would have had quite a lot of bruises.

Georges pouted a little, removing Robert's hand from his leg and putting it back onto his waist. His emerald eyes gazed lovingly at the sky. "It's so beautiful out here tonight."

"The sun's setting…" Robert muttered, resting his head on Georges' shoulder.

The clouds above the pair were tinted red and purple. The sun, a bright orange, seemed as if it was melting, disappearing past the hazy hills that looked like shadowy humps in the distance.

"The view from up here is amazing." Georges sighed, running his hand through Robert's dark bangs.

"Yeah…" A leaf fluttered down from the branch above, twisting and turning as it moved back and forth on its journey to the floor. Georges reached out and caught it in his palm. It was a deep red colour, with hints of brown and gold around the edges.

"I was just thinking…" The blonde said, gently tracing the delicate veins of the leaf with his finger, "…we've already lived here together for two years…I can't believe it…"

"No regrets…?" Robert panicked a little, turning the younger figure around to face him.

"No, not at all. I love it here, living with you, performing at concerts, coming home to spend an evening with someone important to me." Georges closed his eyes, his body demanding sleep.

"Georges?" Robert took the boy's hand into his own, taking the leaf from the blonde's grasp. "Let's call it a night. You're exhausted. All that practicing and running about…"

"I'm okay, just a little tired." Georges opened one eye, watching Robert crinkling up the leaf with his hand. "I wish you weren't working tomorrow…"

"I know, but I get a day off with you on Sunday." Robert cuddled the blonde closer, and Georges relaxed in his strong arms. It was funny how Robert liked physical contact, after how he reacted to it years before.

"Mmm…" Green eyes fluttered shut, and Georges did his best to suppress a yawn.

Robert looked down at the body in his arms. Georges had stilled in his embrace, and was breathing steadily.

This was all he needed…Georges was all he needed…

Robert had decided long ago that he would take anything life threw at him to keep this angel safe. His angel.

He took one last look at the leaf in his hand, crispy and crinkled, before he released it, watching it float lightly down through the air, falling, falling…until it was gone.



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