Survivors of Gallifrey

by Lumendea

Chapter Eighteen: Allons-y

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, Torchwood or the Sarah Jane Adventures and write only for the fun of it.


They moved slowly, the Doctor keeping an arm around Rose's waist since her hands weren't free for him to hold. Even his brilliant brain was struggling to process everything that had happened. Rose had been gone and now she wasn't. She had returned as Bad Wolf and stopped whatever mad scheme the Master had. Then she'd dealt with a future threat in Rassilon and made some mention of a Dalek. Probably that one that fled from New York. He wasn't sure. The world had gone insane and yet Rose was beside him.

Jack helped Martha up from the floor and grinned at Timothy. The Doctor had been surprised when Timothy informed him that the TARDIS had been repaired by Bad Wolf and had been restored to its previous state, but had laughed it off with a glance at Rose. Rose gathered the tiny baby close, making sure that his head was supported before the group headed out of the central room.

The Doctor kept glancing down at the blond infant. The Master and yet not anyone. There was a faint telepathic hum against his mind from the baby who lacked any kind of shields. Right now it was sleepy and yet content in Rose's arms. Maybe something of the Master's desire to start over had remained and he knew she was the one who had done it. Or maybe her soft coos were comforting. He didn't know.

"I'll contact UNIT the moment we're back on Earth," the Doctor muttered. He shook his head a little."With luck, I'll be able to explain this to the Brigadier and not some random Colonel."

"My family? Are they still on the ship?" Martha asked Rose.

Rose blinked at Martha and shook her head after a moment of thought. "No," she answered. "I sent everyone to the shuttle bay with instructions to leave so they should all be on Earth by now."

"Is it safe to leave the Valiant then?" Jack asked.

The Doctor stopped and looked over some nearby controls before nodding to Jack and saying, "The ship's systems have been taken over remotely from Earth and they'll have a fresh staff up any moment. The ships Rose sent down would have arrived a while ago and I have no doubt UNIT is prepared to come back onboard very soon and probably very armed."

"My family will be safe right?" Martha asked.

"Oh sure," the Doctor assured her. "If Saxon had information on you, then I'm sure that UNIT does too and they always treat my companions well; comes with the history I have with them." He smiled a little, his pace picking up a bit. "So there may be some questions, but you don't need to be frightened of them."

The Doctor kept walking but glanced over at Rose and the infant in her arms every few seconds. He heard Martha chuckle behind him but didn't respond to it. They didn't speak as they finished the walk to the TARDIS and the Doctor unlocked her with a flourish. The Doctor laughed and darted inside.

"Beautiful!" He shouted. "Oh, this is so much better!" He patted the central column. "So happy to see you looking right, Old Girl." Then the Doctor nodded in approval. "Bad Wolf does good work."

"I'm glad you like it," Rose told him with a laugh as she sat down on the captain's chair. "It took a whole thirty seconds."

"You haven't fully reformed yet," Timothy said glancing at her. "Do you remember that?"

"It is starting to slip away," Rose told him honestly. "But yeah I remember a lot of it still." Rose looked over at the Doctor who was looking at her carefully. "Don't worry Doctor, this is how it supposed to happen. I'd rather not live my life out knowing all the different possibilities, especially what would have happened with the Master and Rassilon. Just knowing that my glowing alter ego has tried to clear the path a little bit is enough."

Rose looked over at Jack as the Doctor set the controls. The former Time Agent was staring off into space, not focusing on anything in particular. She bit her lip nervously and gathered her courage. In her arms, the baby shifted in response to her own uncertainty.

"Jack?" Rose called softly. "Are you okay?"

"I'm mortal," Jack said. He sounded shocked.

"I thought…" Rose trailed off and swallowed, "You said…"

"No Rose," Jack said looking at her with wide eyes. "I wanted that, thank you. It's just I have to remember how mortals live. Well, that's not exactly what I mean either…" Jack groaned and then laughed. "I can't run head first into danger now."

"You did that before you were immortal," the Doctor reminded him with a grin.

"True, but far less often," Jack said with a wink. "I've got all kinds of things to consider now. I could have a normal life with someone if I wanted." There was a nervous, but excited look on his face.

The TARDIS stopped as it materialised on Earth and the Doctor opened the doors. They were standing in front of a large brick building and several UNIT soldiers were staring at them with slightly open mouths.

"You're him right?" One of the soldiers asked, "The Doctor."

"Yeah," the Doctor said with a shrug. "Thought I'd make it easy on you this time." Shaking her head, Rose kissed the Doctor's cheek and turned back to the TARDIS. "Aren't you coming?" he asked.

"We've got a baby on board now Doctor." She reminded him with a smile. Timothy laughed quietly and followed Rose back into the TARDIS, only pausing briefly to glance at the large building. "Can't just leave him alone."

"Right." The Doctor sighed. "That's a change."

"Domesticated Doctor." Jack chuckled. "Now the impossible really has happened. Hopefully, you'll take this as a hint to make a bunch of little Time Lords and Time Ladies with Rose."

"Can you even do that?" Martha suddenly questioned. "With a human I mean, although Rose doesn't seem so human now."

"I need to check on that…" the Doctor said. "The is Rose human thing I mean." He sighed again and shook his head. "And things just got complicated again."

The soldiers all looked confused and the Doctor inwardly groaned, wondering how much of this would get back to Lethbridge-Stewart. Probably all of it. The Doctor shook his head as a high ranking UNIT officer came out of the building and saluted him. The man glanced at Jack in surprise and nodded to Martha.

"Thank you for coming to see us, Doctor, as you can imagine there are a lot of questions down here. Miss Jones your family arrived safely and is waiting for you inside. Captain Harkness, we can open a link to Torchwood, I'm sure your team will be interested in you working with your organisation's number one enemy."

Rose, on the other hand, was trying not to panic over her sudden adoption of the Master. The TARDIS was working with her today and seemed to understand her panic. Timothy opened a cupboard and found a cradle that he quickly pulled into a new room just off the console room. Rose set the baby down inside and backed away taking a deep breath. Looking over at Timothy she gave him a grateful smile.

"Thank you, Timothy, for setting me free."

"You're welcome." Timothy looked at her for a moment. "Do you know how I knew?"

"Yeah," Rose nodded. "As I said Bad Wolf made the way home, the complete way home and even you were part of that. Thank you."

"It's time for me to go home though now."

"That is up to you," Rose told him with a soft smile. "But I know why you want to. You've got a great future ahead of you even if the path is going to be hard and I can't blame you for wanting to get started on that life."

"I'm glad I came along," Timothy told her as he looked down at the baby. "I remember the sense of the Master in the watch, but now all I can feel is hope and curiosity. He has so much potential and none of the old weights on him. It's good to know that the universe really does grant second chances and that change is possible."

"Completely new chance at life," Rose said with a shrug as she plopped down in a large armchair the TARDIS created for her.

"For you and the Doctor too," Timothy said.

"Yeah, I'm a bit nervous."

"You'll be brilliant, it will take him some time to move past his history with both children and who this baby used to be, but he will and then it will be brilliant."

"I know," Rose agreed, "I know, grand future ahead of us."

"As you said," Timothy reminded her, "As long as there are Life and Time there is a future," he paused and smiled, "And so long as there is a future, there is hope."

The Doctor returned to the TARDIS to tell Rose that Martha and Jack were staying on Earth and assured her that yes he had made Jack a super phone. He remained in the makeshift nursery, staring down at the baby while Rose left to say goodbye. Timothy watched the now elder Time Lord silently until the Doctor looked up at him.

"It is going to work out Doctor," Timothy told him. "You'll see."

"I wasn't much a parent the first go around."

"I don't know," Timothy remarked. "I felt the pasts of both you and the Master and the childhood you gave your children was much better than the one he remembered. Plus you've got Rose." Timothy grinned. "You are better with her beside you."

"Yes," the Doctor agreed with a smile, "Yes, I am." He shook his head. "So much has happened in one day. It's been a long time since I saw a day like this." The Doctor paused and laughed, "Actually I don't think I've ever seen a day like this."

Rose returned to the TARDIS and the Doctor went into the control room to set the coordinates to take Timothy home. Timothy quickly packed the things he wished to keep in a sack and joined Rose and the Doctor in the console room. He placed his hand the console and smiled at the slight vibration. Turning to the Doctor he shook his hand and gave Rose a quick hug.

"It has been a pleasure, both of you." Walking to the door, Timothy turned and smile, "Look after each other and look me up sometime in the future. I'll want to see how your son is doing."

"Our son," the Doctor repeated in a small voice before grinning. "We'll have to let you know what we name him."

"That too," Timothy agreed, tossing the Doctor his TARDIS key. "I would not have missed it for the world Doctor and I got to see the world and the universe saved in a single day."

The Doctor reached over and took Rose's hand as they watched Timothy walk out the door. The doors closed behind him and they stood in the silence.

"What was that you said about a Dalek in the Time Lock?" The Doctor asked suddenly.

Rose shook her head and kissed him firmly before saying, "I'll tell you later Doctor." She took his hand in hers. "Are you alright?" Rose asked him softly. "It has been a very long day."

"Very long," the Doctor agreed before pulling her into a hug. "But yes Rose, I'm okay. I'm better than I've been in a long time."

"Good," Rose said hugging him back. "That's so good."

"Brilliant even," the Doctor told her. With a flourish, he set the control to take them into the Time Vortex.

"I'd go far enough to say fantastic myself," Rose remarked with a grin.

The Doctor returned the huge smile and took her hand while he put his other on a lever. He pulled the lever quickly, sending the TARDIS spinning off into space and time. "Alright then, Rose Tyler, Allons-y!"