A/N: I'm back! Really, this time. I now hold all the cards and can hopefully put together a decent lead up to the Deathly Hollows. Speaking of which I loved and hated that book. See down below for slight spoilers that are significant to the writing of the Jamie Snape series. I have some questions for you. But now . . . without further ado . . . I present to you . . . Jamie Snape and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

A/N II: This is a short chapter . . . this is like the prologue chapters for the real JKR books. There will be a longer chapter detailing Jamie's birthday and Narcissa Malfoy's trial sometime over my Thanksgiving break. As I have two full research papers due before then, I won't be posting until then, so please don't ask.

Disclaimer: Since I ship Harry/Luna, used to ship Draco/Ginny, and adore Severus Snape, I think that it is pretty clear that I am not JK Rowling. Please give credit where credit is due. This is her universe . . . I'm just turning it upside down. I do not own.

Warnings: This is a sequel. You need to read Jamie Snape and the Chamber of Secrets first or this won't make sense. I'm not going to recap it for you. Now, as to the warnings, not much for this chapter. I'm going to assume that if you're old enough to read the Harry Potter books, you're old enough to read this. In general, this series was started on the premise of Harry James Potter being abused, adopted by Snape, and changing his name. Therefore, there will be action, intrigue, humor, grief, and brief mentions of past abuse, but the boys are (a) moving past it-Jamie or (b) in complete denial-Draco. Best of luck.

Jamie Snape and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Original Dark Angel

Chapter 1: Priman House

In a forgotten corner of Dublin was an old and mammoth house, with a broken sign bearing the letters "PRI" on one level of letters and "MAN" right below it. Although the muggle inhabitants realized that it must have said something else before it was broken, they continued to refer to the rundown building as Priman House. Priman House had a history of hauntings and no person in the village could stand to be within ten feet of it's gates . . . not even the older boys who liked to cause trouble. So Priman house was little more than an oddity to them, an interesting landmark to point out to the odd tourist or gossip about between scandals, but as it was quite obvious that no one lived there (and who would want to?), the muggles were quite content to leave it alone.

The wizards however saw something quite different upon reaching the end of the lane. They saw a completely empty and blank space, the complex workings of that which had never quite been fully explained. Since the only way to enter the property was through an in-between location . . . that of a small house in London on a street called Spinners End, both wizards and muggles were effectively barred from anything beyond the gate of Priman House.

Except for three wizards, a house-elf, and their guests on special occasions. Professor Severus Snape lived in this house with his son, Jamie Snape, and ward, Draco Malfoy. The two boys had been asleep for a couple hours now. Severus was reading in the library this unusually cold summer evening, ignoring the mist that was coating the rest of Dublin.

The boys had left the Wireless on before retiring. The drone didn't bother Severus Snape enough to part from his book and get up from his chair to turn it off. Then the panicked warning came, and the book landed somewhere on the floor before the terrified announcer finished speaking.

Snape took the stairs two at a time and pushed open the door to his son's bedroom. He only relaxed once he saw the black head on a pillow, and heard the even breathing of his son. He stood there for a long moment, drinking in the sight, before moving to add more wood to the fire. It was cool for a summer evening. He had a pretty good idea why now.


Snape looked up at the voice. Jamie had propped himself up on one arm and stared out from under half-closed lids. "Sorry. Didn't mean to wake you."

"S'okay," a yawn interrupted the boy, who dropped back onto the bed covers with a muttered, "It's not that cold."

"Cold enough. Go back to sleep. Tomorrow is a big day for you."

"Is it after midnight?"

Snape pulled his pocket watch out and consulted it. "12:14. Happy 13th birthday, Jamie."

"Thanks. You gonna raise my allowance?"

"I'll think about it. Now go to sleep."

"Okay, Dad."

Snape was fairly certain that Jamie was asleep before he made it out the door. Having checked on one boy, he thought about checking on his ward, but decided against it. Draco didn't like to have Snape do anything that could be termed babying and was wary of adults in general for reasons that the blonde could not remember. Draco had not recovered completely from the years he had spent in the Malfoy household. If Snape thought that Draco was at risk, this wouldn't have stopped him from ascertaining the safety of his ward. But Draco was in no danger. As long as the boy wanted his solitude, Snape would wait and be safe in doing so.

"Jamie? Jamie." Pause. "JA-MIE!" The second syllable coincided with a large weight landing suddenly on his stomach. Jamie gave up on trying to sleep through the intrusion.

"Gerroff me!"

His blood brother obliged and pushed Jamie off the bed. "You've got to get up," Draco informed him from his spot at the foot of the bed, rubbing his knees. He waved off Jamie's concern and slipped off the bed and steadied himself. "Breakfast is in ten minutes."

With a grumble, Jamie got up off the floor and headed for the wardrobe. "Did Dad say who was coming? He wouldn't tell me."

"I'm not telling either. Get going. Professor Snape wants to start working on the backyard after breakfast. It is customary in Wizarding Society for the guest of honor to lounge about and watch the rest of us work on his birthday."

"Sounds like fun," Jamie grinned wickedly. "I'll be down in a second."

Draco laughed and left the room, getting ambushed by Tanya as soon as the door closed. Jamie grinned. Tanya had taken a liking to Draco last spring, and declared herself his watcher until he was 'all better.' Draco claimed that the girl was likely to drive him as batty as Filch long before then.

Jamie finished getting dressed, and paused, biting his lip for a minute before finally leaving the bed unmade and the laundry on the floor. Jitter liked cleaning up after them, he reminded himself, and his dad didn't want him cleaning anymore. Having rationalized against his instinct, he left his room at a dead run, flying through the hallways at top speed and passing Draco on his way down the staircase, only to run straight into his father.

Next Chapter Preview:

"Dad, who is Sirius Black?"

Snape sighed and put away his quill. "Have a seat, Jamie.

S . . . P . . . O . . . I . . . L . . . E . . . R . . . S

I was appalled with three things in the Deathly Hollows:

(a) Lupin scolding Harry for using Expelliarmous. I can't believe that the light side condones using the Unforgivables now. It seems very tragic.

(b) Draco did not play a bigger part or truly redeem himself. He was a reluctant deatheater, he gave a weak attempt at helping Harry out, and his mother saved Harry later on. Very disappointing . . . I expected much more.

(c) Harry/Ginnyhatred. I love Harry/Luna and I used to love Draco/Ginny. But Ginny in general has disgusted me in the last two books. She's a very spoiled little brat who doesn't know how to take no for an answer and risks her life and others' when breaking orders. She is not a hero. She is underage. She is not trained or especially gifted with intelligence, strategy or good luck. I wanted to smack her. She's not deserving of either of my favorite boys.

Which leads me to my question . . . is anyone out there extremely adverse to me changing JKR's final pairings? I'd keep Ron/Hermione, Bill/Fleur, Lupin/Tonks, those are fine. But I'd like to write Harry/Luna . . . and possibly Draco/Ginny, if I can reconcile myself to Ginny's character by the end.