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This is a new idea that came to me when my dad suffered a bout of sever hiccups.

Summary : One of our favourite men is suffering from a severe bout of hiccups…

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"Damn it! What the hell…"


"Is wrong with me?"

It began Friday night after eating that awful burrito.

"Shit, I'm still nauseous"


"And my stomach feels twice"


"It's usual size."


"Damn it I shouldn't have had"


"That coffee."


"I'm running fever and the cramps are back!"


"I better get something"


"Before going to the office."

He drove to the 24 hour drug store and explained, through a bout of hiccups, how awful he was feeling.

"Mmm, nausea, vomiting and hiccups since Friday night. That's terrible. But luckily I have just the thing you need. It's called 'Motilium'. It will ease your cramps and nausea and it should take hiccups away within the next 30 minutes or so."

"Thanks." The NCIS special agent replied downing 1 pill immediately.


Thirty minutes later in the NCIS bullpen, an agent sat reading his e-mail, drinking coffee and swearing as another hiccup twisted his diaphragm muscles.

The elevator dinged announcing the arrival of the rest of his team.


DiNozzo tried to mask the horrible sound, but Ziva and McGee stopped in their tracks and looked at him.

"Tony, you okay?" McGee asked.

"Yes, you look a bit under the feather." Ziva said.

"It's under the weather and no"


Damn it! DiNozzo swore before continuing "I'm fine."

"Ah, you have hiccups. In my culture we say that someone is thinking of you and that's why you end up with hiccups." Ziva said.

Well then someone's obsessed with me, DiNozzo thought as another hiccup rocked his body.

"DINOZZO!" Gibbs shouted slamming his hand on Tony's desk suddenly and unexpectedly.

Tony, who was leaning back in his chair, toppled over, hitting his head on the ground. He took a few minutes to gain his feet as McGee and Ziva laughed.

"A good scare usually takes care of hiccups, or so I've heard." McGee commented before taking his seat.

Tony waited a few seconds and grinned, thinking his hiccups were gone.




Gibbs looked up and took in Tony's flushed face, grimace and arm cradling his mid-drift.

"DiNozzo, go and see Ducky." Gibbs ordered.

"Boss it's under…"



"Wasn't a suggestion." Gibbs said turning back to his computer.

Tony looked at Ziva, McGee and then Gibbs as he stood up and continued hiccupping.

He was feeling worse. Much, much worse!

Damn it, what the hell's wrong with me?


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