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So Near and Yet So Far

After their graduation from Middleton University Monique planned to earn her MBA elsewhere; Kim started at Global Justice, where Betty Director urged her to consider graduate courses in criminal justice; and Bonnie, like other theater majors across the nation, feared her job prospects fell between poor and abysmal. She couldn't decide whether to rehearse, "Would you like fries with that?" or work towards a teacher's certificate - as school districts slashed their fine-arts budgets.

Kim pressured the ever pliable Ron into another summer internship with GJ, where they were immediately assigned to an African mission. The colonial powers never drew a clear line between two nations they carved out of Africa, and since the area was arid desert it hadn't mattered. The discovery of oil, however, made the land valuable and UN peacekeepers kept the two sides apart while GJ provided security for a diplomatic effort to establish clear borders.

Shego planned a summer internship with Armstrong, Bennett and Dashwood, but a call from David Donner postponed the dream. "Damn it!" she complained, "I need experience at the firm!"

"Well damn yourself," he retorted. "I waited until finals were over before I called you on this. The deal you cut was occasional jobs for us instead of sitting on your ass in a Federal pen. Want to change your mind?"

"I'll do it," she grumbled.

The green woman approached Bonnie with the problem, "I'm going to be gone, not sure for how long. Can you be full-time nanny until Kim or I get back?"

"Sorry, I'm up for a role in The Mattress Factory at Lowerton's Off-Elm Street Theater. If I make it I'm going to be too busy. How about Joss or Bego?"

"They're already in Montana."

"Jim or Tim?" Bonnie suggested.

"No way… Do you remember the name of their girlfriend? I think we had her sit one night."

"Erin Delaney, her sister Tara-"

"Oh yeah, Jason and Jessica's mom."

Erin proved amenable, but her mother didn't want her staying so near Jim and Tim in the apartment over Kim's carriage house. Shego had to offer a daily rate so high the green woman felt like a victim of crime, but at least the girls were provided for if Bonnie got her job.

The Off-Elm dinner theater didn't pay well, but it was professional acting and promised further connections in regional theater. And Bonnie was nothing less than ecstatic to land the female lead in The Mattress Factory.

Ron and Kim eventually returned under orders to rest for a minimum of one week, and Betty Director encouraged them to take two weeks before reporting back. Kim planned to rest the minimum, she assumed Will would be back after a week and had to show she was just as dedicated to Global Justice

Shego slipped in during the middle of the night, four days after Ron and Kim. The pale woman was in a foul mood. She filled the Jacuzzi and slid into the water, resolving to spend two days soaking the grit and anger from her body. Unfortunately, with the master bathroom next to the bedroom, the noise wakened Kim. The redhead stumbled in, but before she could say a word, Shego growled, "Go away!"

The tone snapped Kim awake, "Why are you mad at me?"

"I'm not mad at you. Just go away!"

"If you're not mad at me why should I go away?"

"'Cause I'm in a hell of a lousy mood." Shego sighed, "I'm not mad at you, Kim. But I'm in a crappy mood. I just need some time alone."

"Can you tell me about it?"


"Can you tell me anything?"


"And I'm just supposed to accept that?"

"I'd tell you, if I could… Just drop it, and get out, okay?"

"You really aren't mad at me?" Kim asked seriously.

"Really, Kim," Shego smiled. "I'm mad at a lot of people right now, but not you. I'm just afraid I'll take some frustration out on you if you stay here. I'm not fit company for anyone at the moment."

An evil grin flitted across Kim's face, followed by a pout, "Oh, I think I know what Miss Grumpypuss needs. Miss Grumpypuss needs a little floor show while she soaks." Kim began to sensuously swing her hips back and forth and slowly unbutton her pajama top.

"Not going to work," Shego warned her, "you can't seduce me into a better mood."

"Hope you don't mind if I try," Kim grinned and began to hum The Stripper as she gave Shego a little bump and grind. She finished unbuttoning the pajama top and held each half closed with one hand. Still gently rotating her hips she flashed one breast, then the other, before covering back up. "Did you miss them at all?"

Shego felt her mouth going dry, "Not… going… to… work…" she groaned in a voice that told Kim it was working very well.

Kim grinned, flashed her breasts at Shego, then turned so her back was to the woman in the Jacuzzi and let the pajama top slowly slide to the floor. Then, her hips still swinging she began to ever so slowly slide down the pajama bottoms. She had them half way off her rear when she looked over her shoulder, "Still want me to go?"

Shego smiled, "No."

"Oh, too bad," Kim said, pulling the pajama bottoms up and reaching down to grab the top. "You're right. I should just leave you alone."

"Whoa! Stop! Damn it, Kim, you're evil."

"No, you're the evil one. I'm the good girl."

"You're evil if you leave me after that."

"Hmm," Kim pondered. "You're right. That would be evil. And I'm not evil. So what should a good girl do? It wouldn't be right for me to take off my pajamas and get in there with you, would it? I'm sure a good girl wouldn't offer to massage you with a warm, soapy washcloth and then towel you off, paying attention to every… single… inch… of your luscious, hot body. And I'm sure a good girl wouldn't take you to the bedroom and-"

"Damn it, Possible! Get in here with me!"

"Eemah's home?" Sheki asked at breakfast the next morning.

"Yes," their mommy told the twins, "but she is very tired so you have to let her sleep late." Kim grinned to herself, "And she's feeling much, much happier this morning."

Kim wished there was something she could do to lift Ron's spirits, short of climbing into the Jacuzzi with him. And she might have considered that if she thought is could have helped. Ron's blue funk appeared so deep, however, and so mysterious to her she could think of nothing to improve his mood.

Ron's depression had started the day they got back. Kim had debriefed Erin about her stint as nanny when they returned. The twins were in the playroom on the top floor with Bonnie as Kim grilled Erin in the kitchen. "All Bonnie and her boyfriend did was sit in the living room and make out," Erin complained as Kim questioned her. Ron was searching the refrigerator as the gossipy teen filled Kim in on what happened while she was gone.

"I'm sure it wasn't that bad," Kim told her.

"Not that bad? If my mom caught me kissing Tim or Jim like that I'd be grounded for a month!"

Kim was sorely tempted to ask Tara's little sister how much time she spent kissing Kim's brothers, but decided to pass. "Bonnie is my friend. What she does with her time is her concern. I just want to know how the twins behaved."

"Well, I couldn't take them into the living room. I don't know what they would have seen there."

"Please," Kim reminded her, "I want to hear about the twins, not Bonnie's activities."

Ron's depression started as he listened to Erin talk about Bonnie's actions while he was gone. He and Bonnie had started to work through some of their issues with each other and they'd been growing close through her senior year. Now every word Erin uttered felt like a knife being twisted in his gut.

To top it off the doorbell rang while Kim and Erin talked and Kim asked him to take it. He opened the door for a complete stranger who peered at him, "Are you Ron?"


"Hi, I'm Alan," the stranger said, extending his hand. "Is Bonnie ready?"

"I, ah, don't think I know-"

"Is that Alan?" Bonnie's voice came from upstairs.

"YES!" Ron called.

She ran downstairs, and Ron was torn between staring at Bonnie as she bounced down the stairs and staring at the guy he guessed she had spent her time making out with. While he had not exchanged a dozen words with Alan Ron took an instant dislike to the young man. He was too good looking. He must have had his teeth whitened. And his voice was too resonant.

"Shake one of those lovely legs, we got to get out of here," Alan called.

"Keep your shirt on," she retorted. "At least until we get to the theater."

"Where are you going," Ron demanded, "And when will you be back?"

Bonnie rolled her eyes, "Please, you're not my father."

She went into the living room for her handbag and Alan told Ron, "We open day after tomorrow. Major dress rehearsal today."

Bonnie came running out with her bag, "Come on, Lover. Ron… can you fix something special tonight? I'm celebrating! Oh, and go watch the twins."

Ron had already planned a little dinner to celebrate being home. His celebration had included a long motorcycle ride with Bonnie after dinner at the house, but Ron no longer felt like celebrating.

And Bonnie didn't even make it to the dinner Ron prepared. It was after nine when she finally came home to the plate of food Ron had kept warm for her.

"Sorry," she apologized as she sat down and began eating. "The dress rehearsal didn't go as well as it should have. We had to do most of it twice."

"I understand," Ron said. "You could have called. Or were you too busy with Alan?"

"Ron?" Bonnie asked in a pleading tone, "did I hear you're home for at least a week?" He nodded yes. "We've got a problem at the theater."

"What kind of problem?"

"Well, Off-Elm is a dinner theater. They lost their sous-chef today and the owner is going nuts. The reviewers usually spend as much time on the food as on the play."

"That's a problem."

"Yeah, I'm not even sure what a sous-chef is-"

"Assistant to the head chef."

"Is that something you could do? I mean, just for a couple days until they find another one."

"I really don't think I could just step in and-"

"'Cause I already told them you could."

"You what?"

"I said I knew somebody, and the chef asked for your name. And I told him, and-"

"Who's the head chef?"

"Dimitri Constanopolis."

Ron laughed, "Okay, for him I'll do it. I loved him as a teacher. But I expect them to have someone hired by the time I go back to work at Global Justice."

But Ron's teacher enjoyed having him in the kitchen. And Ron enjoyed the work, and the fact he knew two-thirds of the kitchen staff from school. And Ron appreciated the fact it gave him an excuse to spy on Bonnie and Alan.