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Leaving on a Jet Plane

They combined the cast party at the end of The Mattress Factory with a going away party for Bonnie. She had never enjoyed a party less, being too worried about everything that could possibly go wrong, and stressed out that she had missed some additional worry that should preoccupy her mind.

Alan's final words to Ron that evening, as he left with two other cast members he volunteered to take home, were "Drug her," as he nodded his head in Bonnie's direction, "it's the only way she has a chance at any sleep tonight."

"You'll come to the airport tomorrow to see me off, right?" Bonnie called as she saw her co-star heading out the door.

"Wild horses couldn't keep me away," he shouted back. "Okay, maybe wild horses could. Or a flat tire. Getting mugged too. Hit by a meteorite-"

"Get out of here," she laughed.

"See you tomorrow," he promised.

When the last of the party-goers had left Shego plopped into the large chair in the living room and Kim curled up in her lap. Ron sat in the middle of the couch, so Bonnie would need to sit beside him, but she had a different idea, "Scootch back and spread your legs." Then she sat in front of him. "Backrub, please?" she requested.

"You know," Kim reflected, "I never thought I'd say this, but I'm going to miss you now that you're moving out."

"I'm not moving out," Bonnie told her emphatically, "that's my room. I'll pay you rent - name your price."

"Why do you need a place here?" Shego asked, "not that I'm trying to get rid of you or anything."

"I grew up in Middleton, it's my home. My family is here, even though I'm usually not speaking to them," she half turned and looked over her shoulder, "I can get a great backrub here, and giving it up will jinx me."

"Jinx you?" Ron asked.

"I don't have a lock on the job. Starting next Wednesday it's me under the bandages instead of Jean. But I'm scheduled for at least two weeks in the hospital. If I don't get along well with the rest of the cast they can probably keep Jean on for a couple more weeks until they find a better Mercedes."

"You're going to be great," Ron assured her.

"Thanks," she yawned. She hadn't slept well in over a week and the exhaustion was starting to catch up with her.

The four continued talking, and Bonnie gradually nodded off, lying back against Ron.

"What am I supposed to do," he whispered to Kim and Shego.

"Don't wake her up," Kim replied softly. "I'll get a pillow. Shego, get a blanket."

After Kim put two pillows at the end of the couch Ron wrapped his arms around her and slowly leaned over, until their heads hit the pillow. Ron stretched his legs out on the couch, and Kim lifted Bonnie's legs so she was stretched out in front of him. "How am I supposed to get out of this position without waking her up?" he demanded.

"You can't," Shego pointed out as she unfolded the blanket and spread it over the two of them. The green woman stepped back and leered at Ron, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do. That shouldn't restrict you too much."

"Hush," Kim told her, "Ron is a gentleman. He won't have his hands anywhere he'd be afraid to explain if she wakes up."

It was sweet agony to hold her in his arms. Ron's last conscious thought that night was, "I'll never get to sleep like this."

Bonnie's first subconscious thought in the morning was feeling warm and wonderful. Her first conscious thought was "Where am I?" When she opened her eyes she found Kasy standing at the edge of the couch staring at her. "What!"

Bonnie's cry startled Kasy, who screamed. And either the cry or the scream woke up Ron. When Shego and Kim came running downstairs all three were sitting on the couch, laughing, with Kasy in between Ron and Bonnie.

That was the last laughter out of Bonnie that morning. She started looking upset during breakfast. "I'm really going to miss you all."

"Maybe you'll get canned the way you said you were afraid of last night," Shego told her cheerfully.

"Don't go!" "We'll miss you," the twins added.

Bonnie smiled at the girls, "I'll miss you two. But that is still my room upstairs. Stay out of my clothes and makeup, promise?"

Both girls nodded with a sincerity that might hold good for the rest of the day.

They dropped the twins off with Kim's dad on their way to the airport. Alan leaned against a wall in the terminal and ran over to help carry bags when he saw them. With Ron and Alan carrying her bags while Bonnie waited in line for a boarding pass and to check her luggage Kim told the brunette, "Shego and I are going to the coffee shop on the upper level."

It took almost a half hour before Bonnie and her escorts reached the coffee shop. "Gate B-fourteen," she told them, reading the boarding pass.

"Going to go through security now?" Kim asked.

Bonnie hesitated, "I can't do anything but pace over there. Can you stay with me as long as you can on this side of security, please?"

"No problem," Ron assured her.

"But let's go see how long the security line is down at the gate," Shego suggested.

The line wasn't bad, but Bonnie was too afraid a bottleneck could develop and slow things down to leave the immediate area so the five stayed and chatted near the security gate.

Bonnie repeated her mantra for the fifth time that morning, "I want my room. I don't know if things will work out for me or not and I need a place to come home."

"You'll do fine," Shego assured her.

"Break both legs," Alan suggested hopefully and everyone but Bonnie laughed. At least she managed a smile.

The brunette kept staring at the clock, "Fifteen minutes and I've got to go through," she told them. It looked to Ron like Bonnie was waiting for something to happen. He suspected it was a furious last minute make out session with Alan, and he didn't know if he should leave because watching it would kill him, or stick around and hope his presence kept it from happening.

Bonnie found her eyes watering as she played nervously with her boarding pass. "Kim, I'm about to say words I thought I would never utter…"

"Is that the banjo player's Porsche?"

The brunette smiled again, then threw her arms around the redhead and gave her a hug. "No, silly. I'm going to miss you. Don't hug back or I'll scream 'rape'." But Kim did, and Bonnie didn't.

The good-bye kiss from Alan was shorter, and much less passionate than Ron expected – for which the blonde man felt both distinctly grateful and puzzled. Then Bonnie received a brief hug from Shego.

As his arms went around Bonnie Ron wasn't sure he'd be able to let go. Her hold on him felt equally strong. After several seconds of silence he murmured, "God, you're beautiful."

There was a second of silence, then Bonnie pushed him away, her eyes flashing with anger, "Did I just hear you right?"

Ron hesitated, he hadn't meant to say anything that would interfere with her leaving, "Yeah, sorry," he admitted softly.

Her voice rose loud enough to cause those nearby in the terminal to stare, "You son-of-a-bitch! You lousy son-of-a-bitch! How dare you! How dare you say that when I'm getting on a plane!"

Kim nudged Shego, "What did he say?"

"He said she was beautiful," the pale woman whispered.

Kim felt like she missed something.

"I told you, don't say that to me unless… Ron, do you remember what I told you?"

Ron nodded.

"You mean…" She wouldn't say it. He had to say it.

Ron gathered his courage and stared into her eyes, "Yeah, that was what I meant."

She stood there for a moment, stunned, and slightly angry he still hadn't said the three words. "You son-of-a-bitch," she said again, but softer. Her voice was still warm, but it was no longer warm with the heat of anger. "Say it, Ron. I have to hear you say it." But she didn't wait for him to say anything. Her hands trembling slightly she took his face between her two hands, then pressed her lips against his. His arms went back around her, holding her like he never wanted to let her go.

"Now that's kind of weird," Alan chuckled, "I always figured if a girl called me an SOB it meant she didn't like me. I should have stayed around for the good part."

His reaction puzzled Shego, "You're taking what your girlfriend's doing very well."

The statement puzzled Alan, "What do you mean, girlfriend?"

If either Ron or Bonnie had heard a word neither gave any indication.

"Ron said that you and Bonnie—"

"Ron said Bonnie and I were going together?" Alan asked. "He and Bonnie were always like that," he held up two crossed fingers.

Kim entered the conversation, "What makes you say that?"

"I mean the way they play off each. They act like a couple."

"Come on," Shego told Kim and Alan, "let's go out to the coffee shop. Looks like these two will take awhile." She tapped on Ron's head, "We'll be at the coffee shop, again." He grunted softly to acknowledge hearing her.

Neither Bonnie nor Ron actually noticed when the others left. Bonnie was apparently trying to suck his tongue out by the roots for a souvenir, and his hands slowly moved over her body, caressing her as much as could be acceptable in a public airport. It seemed impossible to believe that she was in his arms

She broke the kiss and stared, "Damn it, Ron. What am I supposed to do?"

"Huh," he asked in a daze, unable to think of anything but how good it felt to hold her.

"I'm supposed to get on a plane and leave and you tell me you love me? Why in the hell did you wait until now?" What am I supposed to do?"

"I thought you and Alan," he babbled.

"You thought Alan and I what?"

"I thought he was your boyfriend." Bonnie simply looked puzzled. "When we got back from Africa Erin said the two of you spent a lot of time making out in the living room."

She shook her head in disbelief that Ron could give credence to such a story. "That dirty-minded little kid… Alan and I rehearsed our lines - including the kisses."

"So you weren't-"

"Give me your lips again, you idiot."

The loudspeaker announced that Bonnie's flight would begin boarding in ten minutes.

Ron broke the kiss to say, "You've got to go through security." But he didn't let go of her.

"You idiot, you should have said something before today."

"I shouldn't have said anything today. It just messed things up for you."

"You'd let me go without a word?"

"You're going to meet someone good out there and dump me."

"Stop thinking like a loser, Ron. You're not." She gave him a short, fierce kiss then headed for the security line.

Ron watched as she went through security and started down the corridor to her gate. He suddenly realized he had never said the three words. "BONNIE!"

She turned and waved at him, "YES!"

"I love you!"

"I love you too!"

The loudspeaker announced her flight was boarding and she turned and ran for her gate.

-The End-