"I have some good news today for all of you. We have two new students in out class. Please give a big, warm, Titan High welcome to Terra and Raven."

It was easy to see that Garfield fell hard for the blond girl standing at the front of the class. He thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He felt flushed, and it didn't help that one of his best friends saw the whole ordeal.

Richard, Dick amongst friends, was grinning next to him. Even his almost girlfriend, almost in the meaning that Richard was super shy when it came to admitting his feelings, Kori could tell that Garfield liked her. She bent over from her seat behind the two boys and whispered:

"Friend Gar, you do the liking of one of the twins?"

This just made Garfield blush even more, and made Richard snicker even louder.

"Hey Dick, you do the liking of Kori?"

"Oh yes friend Dick, do you?"

Garfield couldn't hear the words that were coming out of Richard's mouth, but he had stopped snickering and just turned really red.

"Why don't you two sit on the table in front of Richard and Garfield? Boys raise your hands so the girls know who you are."

Richard and Garfield raised their arms, and the two girls sat down, and to Garfield's joy sat Terra down in front of him. She was wearing brown shorts, a black top, and her hair, that reminded him of a field of golden wheat, fell and told him that even her neck was brown from the sun. She was lovely.

"So can anyone tell me who this is?"

"Edgar Allen Poe. An eighteen hundred writer and poet."

"That's right Raven, and can you mention something he has written also?"

"The Tell-tale Heart."

This was the first time Garfield took a look at her, for she had until now wore her blue cloak up to her face. She had purple hair, cut short in the back and long in the front, like someone had taken a pig tale and just cut it clean of. To mach her clearly coloured hair was she wearing purple lenses, a blue cloak and what seamed like a black and blue leotard and skirt below.

"That is right Raven, and he has also written The Raven."

Raven only slightly nodded, as a few snickered in the back. She didn't turn, not even stir, but Garfield could see a faint blush creep over her pale skin. Garfield was struck by the fact that she was actually very beautiful too, but soon forgot her when her sister bent over to say something to her. Raven looked over her shoulder and directly at him. Garfield was struck by panic and looked quickly down. But no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn't forget her look.


"And this is Vic, short for Victor. Vic this is Terra and Raven. They're new."

Victor smiled down at the two girls. He was a senior, a football student, the computer and car wiz of the entire school, and very nice. Garfield felt a bit closer to Victor than to Richard, but that was just because he had more in common with Victor. They where sitting around the usual table for the four at the local pizza place.

"So how do you like our school so far?"

"It's okay."

"It's very, very nice. I can't believe we are going to live here."

Terra smiled from Victor to Garfield, and Garfield could just feel how he almost melted by her smile.

"You where really good today in class Raven."

"Oh Raven is very, very smart. She was on the top of our class, and a bet she'll be valedictorian next year."


"She is always reading, and not comics and stuff, but big books with no pictures in them. And she speaks several languages."

The more her sister praised her, the more Raven sank down in her chair. Her hood was up, and her eyes bore no sign of what the girl was thinking.

"I'm not like that at all. I fall asleep just looking at a book."

"Hey, just like Gar."

Garfield couldn't help the small blush covering his cheeks, and they only grew when he saw Terra looking at him.


"Yeah, I mean I have nothing against reading, I just think there are a million things I would rather do than pick up a book and start reading."

"Actually you would find that the world of literature holds many a profits for does who venture in to it."

Garfield looked at Raven. He hadn't understood a thing she had said. As always came Richard to his aid.

"She said you could learn something if you opened a book, which is true."

"Hey don't pester grass stain. If he wasn't so dumb, we wouldn't feel so smart."

"Hey I'm not dumb, and don't call me grass stain. Just because I dye my hair green..."

"An excellent point which support both of my statements. You would have to be an idiot to dye your hair."

By this Raven pulled down her hood and for the first time saw Victor that she actually dyed her hair violet. He stopped talking. Garfield sent Raven a grateful look, but all he could see was her deep eyes under her hood. For the second time was he surprised about the depth of it.


"Hit the road Jack, and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more."

Kori's shrill voice filled the entire karaoke place, and if it hadn't been that she looked really hot in her short skirt and top she probably would have been booed of the stage. But she finished to whistles and cheers, and sat down quite satisfied.

"Kori, one of the girls said you are a princess. Is that true?"

Terra had the weird talent of being able to lean and talk tête-à-tête with everyone around the table, and still sit neatly next to Garfield.

"It is."

"Oh my god. What country?"

Kori opened her mouth to answer when a man came up.

"Thank you for that, unique, song interpretation. Now the next person is actually a birthday girl. Raven?"

Raven turned, and if possible was she even paler than usual.


"I signed you up."

"How could you?"

Terra leaned back, and something ugly came over her mouth, something similar to that of brats when they are told no.

"I thought it would be fun. Come on Rae. You could call it your birthday present to me."

"Please Terra."

"Now get up there."

And with a brutal push stood the girl on the stage. She looked calm, but if you looked closely you could see that her hands where slightly shaking, and her face was almost white. The music started to play, and Raven managed to make some kind of sound, but it could only barley call music. Her voice was horrible, and the girl singing knew it.

Garfield felt sorry for her, seeing how uncomfortable she felt, and before Terra could protest was he standing next to her singing with her. Raven looked grateful at him, and when the song ended to applause, due only to Garfield's amazing voice, she even smiled to him.

"Thank you."

"Hey what are friends for?"

"Am I really your friend?"

But the question was never heard. He had turned and sat down to a slightly mad girlfriend, and Raven sat down on her seat between Victor and Richard. None of the people around the table looked hard at the girl, but if they did they would have seen a smile play on her lips the rest of the night.


"You know that is basically killing your hair?"

Garfield looked up with the box of hair dye in his hand, and was mildly shocked to find Raven stand over him.

"Probably, but every dye is killing it."

"True, but that is killing it more than necessary."

"Oh, and what would you then recommend?"

Without saying another word went the girl two steps, picked up something, came back, and gave him the box.

"It's more friendly for the environment too."

"Cool. Thanks dude."

"Don't call me dude Garfield."

"Don't call me Garfield Raven."

He looked up at her and to his surprise and joy was she actually smiling. Not as big as her sister or even Kori, thou nobody could smile as much as Kori, but there was a smile there.

"So how do you know all about it?"

"It's the brand I use."

Garfield looked as she took down her hood. He had almost forgotten that her violet hair wasn't real. It looked oddly natural on her.

"So I'm blond. What are you?"


Garfield was surprised. He had assumed she would have blond hair like her sister. But then again, nothing else was similar.

"My eyes are blue, like Terra. You?"

Garfield was really surprised. No one, not even Richard or Victor knew that his green eyes weren't his real eye colour.

"Blue too. How...?"

She bent down and a smug smile he didn't know she had formed on her lips.

"That is for me to know, and you to not find out."

She rose.

"See you around Gar."

Then she turned and left Garfield feeling confused, at awe and strangely happy.