"Terra how could you?"

Slade was holding Raven's arms as one of his goons was tying up her friends. Raven was just looking at Terra, who looked away.

"How could you?"

"Oh buhu drama queen."

"How could you go to him after what he did to us. To me."

Terra looked at her and her eyes were like ice.

"You? I asked you to come out with me. I begged you. But no, you wouldn't listen. I saved your life you ungrateful witch."

"But you served them our parents on a silver plate."

"She was never our mother."

Terra turned and walked a few feet away, before she turned and walked back.

"Our father deserved to die."

"Well you certainly took care of that."

Slade hit her. A glowing red mark formed on her white skin. Garfield rose but was kicked in the stomach and fell to the ground.

"I would be silent, gem."

Terra looked at her, and now her eyes were blank with tears.

"I begged you to come with me. I did. Do you remember? I went down on my knees."

Her eyes darkened again.

"But you refused. Daddy's little gem. I begged you, but you wouldn't listen. You never listen. I had to call Slade at the last minuet so he wouldn't harm you."

Raven just looked at her, before she ripped her sweater of. Terra looked at her a moment before looking away. The four friends looked shocked at her. All over her arm, her stomach and chest, big glowing red scares penetrated her white skin.

"Harm me? You know what he did to me. He tortured me. He cut me, before killing mom and dad right in front of my eyes."

"You should have come with me."

Raven tried to throw herself at the girl, but Slade's arm tightened and she was forced down on one knee.

"Now, now, my gem. Let's not get a tempore."

"Screw you."

He slapped her again. Her limp body fell to the grown.


Both Garfield and Richard rose. Terra looked at her body, and fear could be read on her face.

"Don't hurt her."

"No? I thought this was what you wanted. Power. Vengeance."

"Yes, but not against her."

Slade turned and his huge figure was hovering over her.

"Listen, apprentice, you came to me. Don't forget that."

"I don't."

Slade turned to the two boys, as the door opened and Malchior came in.

"Good job Malchior."

"Thank you."

Garfield looked at him, and smiled an ugly smile.

"I told you he was bad Dick."

"Not now Gar."

Slade turned his back to them and pulled Raven up by her neck. She stirred.

"Kill them."

Then he, Raven and Terra left.

Malchior turned to Garfield and smiled.

"Garfield I presume. You know, she couldn't stop talking about you."

"And yet you betrayed her."

"I never betrayed her. Lied and cheated yes, but never betrayed."

Garfield had never wanted to hurt someone so much as the man standing in front of him. Well not quite. A picture of Slade hitting Raven, and her body falling lifeless to the floor flashed before his eyes. But Malchior was a good second.

A big bang to his right as a body fell to the ground.


Raven was sawing as Slade was holding her tight. She looked down, and didn't even realise she was balancing on the edge.

"So princess, here we are. There's nothing left except you and me and the fall."


"Why? Because you are evil. Your father was evil. You didn't know what horrible things he did, did you. Who had to suffer so you could play in your little mansion, with your expensive dolls."

"ShShe iiis hiis dadaughter ttoo."

Slade looked over his shoulder at Terra. She looked at him with big eyes. He turned back, and again his mouth was just inches away from her ear.

"But she saw the error of her way. She isn't evil. You are. His little gem. His pride and joy. You know what I whispered into your fathers ear just before I killed him."

She shook her head ever so slightly, and almost lost her balance. He tightened his grip on her.

"I told him about Terra, oh you should have seen his face. But it was when he looked at you he was really in pain. Probably because of the scares."

He followed the scares on her arm with a finger.

"I really enjoined the time we spent together. I really wish you had been the one who called me that time."

He let her go, and walked back of the ledge. Raven turned slowly, determined to watch him in the eyes when he killed her.

"But I guess we can't have everything."

He raised the gun. Raven just looked at him blankly. Her chest still exposed and the wind tugging on her loose pants. Terra's eyes grew.


Garfield smiled as Kori untied the ropes. He then pushed her out of the way and kicked the man coming up behind her. His eyes on only one man. Malchior. He didn't care what his friends was doing, he just saw this man, remembered the light and care shining in Raven's eyes when she had looked at him, and the pain when he had betrayed her. He came closer.

"Don't be a fool boy. What could you do to me?"

"A lot."

Something in him grew. Something he didn't like. Something he never liked, but in this moment he cherished. Everyone thought he was just the joker. The kind vegetarian who even wouldn't hurt a fly. But they where wrong. Now he felt this part of him grow, poring adrenalin into his body. Malchior came after him but Garfield jumped out of the way. Suddenly every thing Dick had told him flashed through his mind, making him quicker, smarter, better.

"Why don't you just give up kid? You can't win."

"Because you hurt her."

"Raven? Aren't you with Terra?"

Garfield didn't care to answer, he just plunged at him, and both of them fell to the floor. The door and the room with the others where long behind them. The room had gone dark, and before Malchior had Garfield vanished into the dark. Like an animal.

"You like her, don't you?"

Garfield didn't answer. Malchior looked around into the darkness of the room. The big stairs leading down and the floor below usually made the room extra big, but now the darkness in them were just threatening and cold.

"You want to know what we did to her? The night her parents were murdered. She wasn't supposed to be there, but I was happy. You know she had been in love with me for years, but I thought she was childish. Fun for a while, but she was always so childish. Thou it was fun taking her virginity that night. She doesn't know it was me, you know, but I can glowet that I took that creepy girls..."

Garfield felt his teeth clinch and it was like his body grew. He jumped out of the darkness and attacked him. The rolled around on the floor, and a knee or elbow went his mouth and he could taste his own blood. He didn't care. He rolled over to the floor, kicking and hitting all that he could, before suddenly Malchior wasn't there anymore. He looked down as the body fell down the whole floor, finally stopping at the bottom.

He heard a scream and a shoot, so he ran down the stairs, finding the other, and after sending Kori after the police the boys ran up to the roof.


Raven looked down at Terra as she lay in her arms. He chest and stomach covered in blood. She knew Slade had gotten away, but she didn't care. She didn't even care about the door opening and the people rushing to her side. All she could do was cradle her sister's body and let the tears stream down her cheeks.

"Raven what happened?"

"Slade was going to kill me. Terra… Terra pushed him, and he shoot her."

"Victor run down and tell the police what had happened and tell them to call an ambulance."

Raven could hear running, the door open and close and again silence. Some arms around her body, but she didn't let go of the body.


"She betrayed me. Then she sacrificed herself for me. Why?"

Her face found Garfield's and he smiled sadly at her.

"Because she cared for you."

Raven shook her head.

"No she didn't."

"There are lot of ways to care for someone Rae."

Raven buried her face into Ravens blond hair. Not being able to stop her tears.


Raven looked at the girl.

"It's crazy."

"No. You deserve justice, and I want a new start. A start where I'm not the daughter of a mafia boss."

"And Garfield?"

The girl looked up, and a weird look came over her face.

"Gar will be alright."

"He thinks you are dead."

"As does everyone. It's either this or jail Raven, but you decide."

Raven rolled her eyes and turned her back to the girl.

"Terra, you saved my life. I won't betray you."

"You should forget about me."

Raven laughed and turned around again.

"I can't forget about you Terra. How could I?"

She wrapped her arms around the girl.

"Be safe."

"Be happy."

Then Raven took up her hood, and left the room. The hall was white and when she came into the reception she was surprised to find Garfield there.

"Gar, what are you doing here?"

"I wanted to see that you where all right."

He smiled and held up the front door.

"Plus, I still want to know how you knew I'm wearing coloured lenses."

"As I told you, that is for me to know and you not to find out."

He laughed, and was about to leave with her when he caught the glimpse of a blond girl standing in the crowed. It was only for a second, and then she was gone. Garfield shook his head and turned to the hooded girl.

"Dude, that's not fair."

"Don't call me dude Garfield."

"Don't call me Garfield Raven."