Summery: Growing up with eight-year-olds Mark Sloan, Derek Shepherd, and Preston Burke was harder than it would seem for Meredith. When she's seven, she moves to Boston with her family. Eleven years later, Meredith and her family return to New York for the Shepherd's Annual Fourth of July cook out before the four families head to Bahamas for a month of vacationing together over the summer break. MerMark. AU.

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Memories of New York

Her annoying high shriek caused them to roll their eyes.

"Derwick!" She shrieked in her young six-year-old voice. The door threw open and hit the wall causing the race car pictures to jiggle on the wall. The boys winced as she barged in. "Your mommy said you had to play with me."

"Well, tell my 'mommy' that I'm not playing with an annoying six-year-old brat." He mocked sticking out his tongue. Looking at Mark and Preston who nodded in agreement. "Now, leave. Boys only!"

"No," She said in a whiny voice stomping her foot. "We're going to play with my dollies."

"Boys don't play 'dollies.'" Mark said doing air quotes around 'dollies.'

She huffed pouting angrily. "I want to play with you!"

"No!" The three yelled at the same time.

"We hate you." Mark yelled as tears filled her eyes.

"FINE!" She screamed running down the stairs and out the backdoor. All the adults looked up to see the young girl run out crying.

"Mer? What's wrong?" Richard asked from the grill. Putting down the spatula, he walked towards his stepdaughter.

"Derwick, Mark, and Preton won't play!" She cried.

"They won't, will they?" Nina Shepherd, Derek's mother, said.

"No." Meredith sniffled looking at her with tear lined eyes.

"We'll see with that." Nina smiled at her walking into the house. Meredith smiled wiping the tears from her eyes. Jane Burke and Carol Sloan followed close behind.

"Derek Michael Shepherd!" Nina yelled as she marched up the stairs.

Derek winced hearing his mother yelling.

"Preston Alan Burke!" Jane yelled.

Preston winced causing Mark to laugh.

"Marcus Christopher Sloan!" Carol yelled causing Mark's laugh to die. The three women appeared in the doorway all talking at once.

"What were you thinking?" Carol said.

"She's six." Jane said.

"She's a little girl. Why would you do that?" Nina finished.

"We don't want to play with her." Mark complained.

"She's six. We're eight." Preston whined.

"She's so annoying and won't leave us alone. We hate her." Derek finished.


The annual Fourth of July Shepherd sponsored cook-out seemed so long ago. A year had passed and Meredith had turned seven in December.

Looking around her room, she clutched to the only thing that wasn't packed up. The movers had taken the last of it to the truck early that morning. Walking out, she pulled her door shut. As she made her way down the stairs, she could hear her stepfather and her mother talking in the kitchen. Richard came out.


"They don't want to say bye to me." She pouted looking at the floor angrily.

"Sure they will." Richard smiled but her face didn't change as she sulked out. Ellis soon followed. Walking across the yard, they climbed the stairs to the Shepherds' front porch. Richard rang the doorbell and they waited for an answer. Nina answered giving them a sad smile. Carol, Jane, and their husbands gathered behind her.

"I guess this is goodbye." Nina sighed.

"We'll be back for the Fourth of July cook out." Ellis assured. They nodded as Meredith stood behind her mother's legs. They each gave Ellis and Richard hugs.

"Well, goodbye, Meredith." Nina said and the others followed.

"Bye." Meredith answered quietly.

"Derek, Mark, Preston come say goodbye to Meredith." Nina called.

"We don't want to," Mark called back harshly.

"Yeah. We could careless if she leave. Strike that, we want her go." Derek added.

"Now!" Charles Shepherd yelled.

"It's fine." Meredith said quietly.

"No, Honey, they're coming." Nina assured.

"Right, guys?" Charles yelled.

The three hurried out. "Bye." They all mumbled.

"Bye." Meredith mumbled back.

The three mothers gave Ellis and Richard apologizing looks.

"Bye, everyone." Richard sighed.

"Hope you guys like Boston." Jane said.

"Thank you." Ellis smiled before the family of three disappeared.