1Look Through My Eyes

She was not sure how, or when exactly that it had happened, but it had happened. She did not have a name for what had happened, but she knew it was there, and was sure that it had been there for a while, and remain for some time yet to come.

He had lost his father, lost what he considered to be his one constant. She knew the pain, she had experienced the pain, and knew just how deeply grief could affect a person. Could change them. Could effect their actions. She did not blame him for what he had done, and what he had attempted to do. Where she in his place she doubted she would acted differently. If she cared to remember, she did not act all that differently herself.

Then there was betrayal, and fear, and relief. Betrayal from a friend, one who had made her welcome, who had joked with her, made her included in a society where, rightly, they had the choice to exclude and to reject her. Fear, when she thought, believed, that the man who had brought them all together had gotten it wrong, had chosen the wrong person. Relief when she realised it was an act. Seeing him appearing from the greenery, beaten but safe.

She had ran to him, wanting to know he was okay. She laid her hand on his cheek, watched him wince briefly before feeling his calloused hand wrap around her wrist with a small smile, reassuring her. The tightness in her stomach lessened and her hand dropped. His followed, gently squeezing her own, thanking her for the concern.

And then...she knew.