A/N: yea I know it has been a while, but I'm backish!!!!! I got pretty upset, and needed to tell someone what happened to me, so instead I wrote this story. Everything except the last part in Ishtar's POV happened to me.

Ishtar's P.O.V.

This was just another party, though now in honor of Duzie-chan and I's engagement. Everyone was fussing about trying to make everything perfect for the party. I recognized a young girl from the village dressing up for the ball, and I had to admit I was more than a bit jealous of her. She had the perfect figure, big in all the right places were as I was practically anorexic. She smiles over at me and of course I smile back. I continue to my room, and choose a form-fitting black dress that had one strap on the right shoulder and flared out at the end. One of the maids calls me to attention, the ball has started.

I look around, everything seems so perfect. I have friends on all sides, and my ex-crush Darres and his newly trained swords men at all positions around the castle. Of course, since my love was returned, I haven't snuck out anymore, but who knows when a stray demon or something will try to rain on this parade. A few hours pass as I work the room, separated from Duzzel, making sure I meet with anyone. It took ages to finally convince the people to sanctify our marriage, and I am infinitely surprised they let me stay the princess, soon to be queen, of the kingdom. I throw my head back, and see my beloved flirting? Yes, flirting……I must be confused, he loves me, he is probably just conversing with the girl from the village previously mentioned……then he leans in and kisses her, on the cheek? I can't tell…..their must be some mistake……

I had continued my rounds, but quickly made my way to Duzzel, and he smiles at me and kisses me. I know it was a mistake! I smile at the girl, her name is Luca, and dismisses her quickly, and duzie-chan looks…..sad? To see her go….again, I tell myself it must be a mistake.

The party continues on for a few hours, and soon it is time for bed my love smiles at me as we head for our room, and I he soon convinces me what I saw earlier was mistaken.

It is sometime around midnight, and I awaken to find Duzzel gone. I immediately assume he was just using the restroom or something, except for the fact that have now been sitting alone on the bed for an hour….. I go off in search of him.

I hear moans, His moans, coming from a guest bedroom, it can't be…..

I peek in, to see the two of them going at it like rabbits.

I run from the castle and upon my horse and ride far far from that place, all the while tears running from my eyes…….How could he? I thought he loved me! Soon I collapse off the horse, and lie their for hours it seems, crying…….

I stand up and wipe away my tears. I shoe off the horse, and wait for it to be a very good distance away from me, and then I begin chanting.

Duzzel's P.O.V.

I awake to find the whore I slept with crying, god I hate when they do that, and now sheds begging me not to go, I shove her aside. I fear something is wrong, I can't sense Ishtar, and then it hits me. A huge flux of power, one that I have only felt once before, La Gamma.

A/N: I was pretty broken up when my girlfriend cheated on me so I wrote this. hope you liked it, if not, hey, this was just for me to get my feelings out