-1Sasori and Deidara had been assigned to the kitchen today. Deidara whine and Sasori quietly fumed. Everyone hated this job. "Danna...I hate this!" Yelled Deidara. Sasori sighed "And what, you think I like this?" Deidara's slumped his shoulders and pouted his lip.

Sasori stared for a moment then shook his head 'I shouldn't be thinking about hat kinda of stuff...although he is so cute...' Deidara smirk as he realized a small idea that would make things more fun. He picked up some sweet cake batter and threw it at Sasori, getting him on the back of the head.

Sasori stared for a moment the turned to look at Deidara "What the hell was that for?" He growled. Deidara gave a pouty innocent look and went back to what he was doing. Sasori smirk and hit him back with more cake batter.

The food fight continued till Sasori tackled Deidara. "I got you!" He beamed with pride. Now both stripped to pants and shirts, not wanted all their cloths to be a mess. Deidara laughed breathlessly as he gazed up at Sasori. "yeah -huff- so?"

Sasori started to think of how cute Deidara was again...'If only I could just...kiss him..' Sasori leaned closer without thinking. Deidara stared "Danna-" he was cut off by Sasori's kiss. Deidara began to kiss back, then it tuned to a french.

Sasori began to rock his hips against Deidara's and broke the kiss to hear him moan. Deidara tired to resist but Sasori grinded on him harder. Deidara moaned loudly. after a while things got more intense, Sasori pulled down Deidara's boxers and pants and began to suck on him.

"S-Sasori!!"Deidara yelled and he clawed at floor. After Deidara couldnt take anymore Sasori entered him. Sasori pumped harder and harder with every pained/plaeasured scream Deidara let out.

Deidara finally came as did Sasori. "well seems -huff- like we need to clean up-huff- everything..."Sasori panted "un...," Deidara said "But at least we tasted sweet after our food fight" Sasori laughed slightly.