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Chapter 1: Where's Katara?

"Are we there yet?", Sokka complained for like the thousandths time since they started flying 5 hrs ago.

"No Sokka were not", Katara answered annoyed,"just be patient".

2 Minutes Later . . .

"Are we . . ." Sokka began but was cut off by Aang, Toph, and Katara yelling in unison "NO!".

Sokks retaliated slightly then turned his attention back to the sky grumbling to himself. Katara gave her brother a look of annoyance then went back to reading a scroll.

As they flew peacefully in the sky Aang looked upto find that the sky wasn't as peaceful, dark clouds where forming over head. He looked up at the dark sky, a worried look plastered on his face. Turning to the group said uneasily "guys I think we should land, just look at the sky". Everyone (except Toph) turns around and looks up at the sky.

A gust of winds passes by and is followed by silence. It lasted only a few seconds until Sokka broke it "Yeah lets land" he searches the ground for any sign of a clearing and spots one. "I think I see a clearing over there", Sokka points out.

Aang stares at the clearing before steering Appa in the direction, "Yip, yip".

Toph was the first one to jump off appa and landed flat on her back. She said joyfully "land!".

As the others climb off and unload Appa Aang spots a cave not to far away hidden by all the leaves and brancehes in the forest. It wasn't much but enough to keep them safe from the winds and getting wet. "Hey guys, look over there [points in the direction of the cave theres a cave over there", Aang said happily "now we don't need to make any tents".

Once appa was unloaded they split up the chores.

"Ok Aang you go get the fire wood, Sokka you bring all this into the cave" Katara said "Toph see if you can adjust the cave entrance so that Appa can fit inside, and I'll go see what's for dinner". Then everyone headed off,.

"Do I have to bring all this in by myself?", Sokka whined.

"Yes Sokka you do", Katara told him plainly before both her and Aang disappeared into the woods. Sokka just grumbled and got to work. Later everyone arrived back just in time for the rain to start.

The Next Day ...

The rain had finally stopped and the ground was soft and mushy. The sun was up so the light reflected off the water covered ground and vegitation.

Katara was the first one up and decided to go find something to drink. She wasn't going to try and drink the water on the ground because it was dirty and set off in search of a river or stream. She search the areas near by and was yet unsuccessful.

As she wondered farther in she thought 'I'll be back before anyone wakes, upbesides I won't be gone that long.'

So Katara continued to walk for about a mile or so, possibly farther, and found one, a stream. She walked over to the stream and knelt down. She cupped her hands and drank the cool refreshing water, totally unaware of the danger hidden within the bush.


Back at the campsite everyone else was stirring. The first one was up was Aang who immediately noticed something wasn't right. He skimmed the area and saw Sokka in his sleeping bag, Toph in her rock tent. But his eyes stopped abrauptly at Kataras and he felt his heart drop Katara wasn't there. He ran out of the cave and searched the are and found she was nowhere to be seen.

"Katara, KATARA!", he yelled, but there was no response.

Inside the cave Sokka awoke to the sound of someone yelling.

"What in the world", he said rubbing his eyes sleepily. Looking up saw it was Aang, he running frantically around the campsite and appeared to be searching for something.

Aang then came running back into the cave he looked all panicky. Sokka looked at him sleepily and knew something was terribly wrong.

"Have you seen Katara", Aang asked anxiously.

"No as a matter of fact I haven't", he said rubbing his eyes, for some reason he wasn't worried or thought anything bad that Katara was nowhere in sight. Seeing that Aang looked tense he told him reassuringly "Well maybe she's just gone off to find something to eat".

"Yeah maybe your right", Aang told himself feeling a little more relieved, but not much.

Sokka then got out of his sleeping bag and began walking out of the cave.

"Anyway I'm going to go find us some food, if she's not back by the time I return, we'll go searching for her" Sokka told Aang.

"Ok Sokka", Aang replied and walked over to Toph's tent to see if she had woken up yet.

30 minutes later...

Everything was calm for the most part at the campsite Toph was practicing her earthbending, Sokka wasn't back yet, and Aang sat on a stump staring athe woods longingly hoping Katara would come walking in at any moment.

Just then a faint scream could be heard,


Aang heard the scream above Toph's practicing and said 'Katara!"and shot up from the stump he was sitting on. He wasn't sure if he was hearing things or not but wasn't going to be taking any such chances.

"What about Sugar Queen", Toph asked placing the boulder down. She hadn't heard a thing for she was to engrossed in her practice.

"I thought I heard her screaming", Aang replied worried picking up his staff.

"Well I sure didn't twinkle toes", Toph said "Are you sure you arn't hearing things?".

"I don't know but I'm not taking any chances" Aang told her as he opened his glider and flew off

As he left he thought to himself 'maybe I was just hearing things'.

Not to far away Sokka didn't hear the scream because he was to busy trying to walk on solid ground and was unsucessful and kept slipping and slidding on the mud.

10 minutes later upon Sokka's return...

Sokka arrived back at camp with a bag filled with nuts, berries and whatever he was able to find and noticed there was only Toph and no Aang.

"Hey where"s .. ." Just then he turned to see Aang come riding back on his glider.

Aang looked worried and skimmed the camsite then turned to Sokka and asked him in a worried voice "Katara's not back yet?".

He looked around once again before continuing "not to long ago I thought I heard her screaming but it was faint I thought I was just hearing things, but I just checked around and found nothing".

After Aang finished Sokka started to become concerned anything could have happened.

"Well then lets go search for her", he began "ok to find her more easily and faster we will split up, Toph you search over there (points left) and me and Aang will go search over there (points right)".

Then they went off in search of Katara.

Previously. . . . . .

Katara had just got up and began walking back towards the campsite when she heard a rustling noise coming from the bushes. She got into her guard stance as she turned to face whatever it was, but saw nothing.

She stared in the direction of the noise for a few moments before standing straight up and walking back towards camp.

'It was probably some small forest creature' she thought to herself. But Katara just couldn't seem to get rid of the eerie feeling that she was being followed and turned to looked back one more time. As she was turning around a knife was thrown at her head and at the last minute saw it.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!", she screamed, while quickly moving out of its path, missing her head by a millimeter.

She bolted turned around to find a mysterious figure standing in front of the bushes.

Katara stared at him for a few seconds but turned and ran when the person began walking in her direction.

As he approached her, her eyes grew wide and thought 'O no'. She ran towards the river in the opposite direction the campsite was because she didn't want who ever they were to find Aang.

Katara then turned and ran up stream he mind racing a mile a minute.

She continued to run up stream for about a mile, with the mysterious figure in full pursuit. She was getting tired and her sides and legs began to burn, she ran until she couldn't run any more, and her legs almost gave out from under her. Standing there for a few seconds coughing and trying to catch her breath until finally, she turned around, and to her dismay, found the person was still following her. Breathing heavily and her burning body Katara got in her guard stance ready to fight.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head. She screamed and dropped to her knees then fell to the ground unconscious.

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