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The Kindergarten Kronicles


Raiomi's First Day of School

InuYasha and Kagome just arrived at school with their first "son" Raiomi. It's his first day of school and he doesn't want to go.

"Mommy I don't wanna go!" he wined

"Why not?" Kagome asked

"Because I wanna play Wii!" he shouted at her

"Don't pressure the kid to go." InuYasha said trying to end the argument

Raiomi cheered in agreement, "YEAH!"

"See I didn't go to school and I turned out just fine." InuYasha said proudly standing up

Raiomi and Kagome, "…" stayed silent

"Bye mommy! Bye daddy! I'll see you later" and he ran into the school.

InuYasha looked confused, "what changed his mind so suddenly?"

Kagome sighed, "Maybe you standing there so proud with your fly open might have done the trick."

InuYasha blushed, 10 shades of red, "so I'm proud of it!" he said trying to avoid looking more like a dope.

Kagome shook her head, "Lets go before you embarrass yourself some more" and they began to leave but not before InuYasha was spotted by Sesshomaru.

"Hey, haynou your flies open." Sesshomaru smirked and led his son into the school as well.

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