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Kindergarten Kronicles

Ep 8

Teachers Little Helper

Ms. OMFG finally got up from her desk; she turned to her class and introduced their new visitor.

"Class this is Yoru, he will be our new TA." She said with a smile on her face because she saw that Shihaisha's eyes were big globes of disbelief.

Yoru smiled wickedly showing off his fangs, "hey everybody I'm the new teachers assistant, you better behave! Isn't that right Shihaisha?"

Shihaisha lowered his head, "Doom has befallen me."

Malus walked over to him very nicely, "wow, yo, I feel bad for you…psft, no I don't hahahahaha!"

Raiomi slapped Malus in the back of his head; he then pats Shihaisha on his back, "I know how you feel"

Shihaisha had a little hope in his eyes, "Really…how?"

"I felt the same way when I found out YOU, a pre-man-donna with an ego that rivaled your fathers, was coming to my school and that your daddy was Malibu Barbie." Raiomi said with a smile on his face, he thought he was comforting Shihaisha.

Shihaisha rolled his eyes and shook his head, "Wow, that makes me feel soooooo much better." He said that with so much sarcasm it made Ms. OMFG laugh.

Yoru walked over to his younger brother, "Oh, come on Shihaisha-Chan, I can't be that bad." Yoru said knowing dang well that he was the meanest big bro ever!

Shihaisha looked at him and took a step back, "Oh really," he started, "you just called me Shihaisha-Chan, this morning you put raisins in my oatmeal and called it dead rat poop, you switched my lunch with dads so now I have anchovies pizza and artichoke juice for lunch. And last night you switched my shampoo with honey mustard and called me chicken nugget boy until I fell asleep. NOW how can you say you're not that bad?"

Yoru looked at him with an evil smirk, "will at least I haven't started calling you what mom calls you …YET!"

Shihaisha narrowed his eyes, in an attempt to show his bro he wasn't scared and to try and read his mind, "You wouldn't dare!"

Yoru got right up to his pint sized brother and whispered in his ear just loud enough for the whole class to hear but still be a whisper, "oh yes I would…Shishi-chan!"

Shihaisha went completely white and stared into space. Malus waved a hand in his face as he entire class starts rolling on the floor laughing, chanting "SHISHI-CHAN!"

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