What We Always Will Be

She's Only My Mechanic

He had her by the wrist and was pratically dragging the poor, confused girl down the hallway at Central Headquarters. He was trying to outrun the drunk military officials that had been lingering outside in the hallway poking fun at the couple. Upon seeing the alchemist and the mechanic together, the usual group had been quite taken with ruthlessly teasing Edward about 'dating his mechanic and reducing the usual composed alchemist to a puddle of embarrassed mush. Finally tired of all the constant poking fun from a very drunk Colonel Mustang, Edward had decided to ditch the little semi-formal party going on at the moment, dragging Winry along with him. He was sick of hearing him yell "Go on Fullmetal! Go get some! She's a cutie and there's plenty of rooms where you can take her to!" and he was tired of shouting back, "It's not like that! She's just my mechanic!"

"Edward, I don't understand," the girl began in protest as he pulled her down the hallway. "Where are we go-," she began, but was cut off with a harsh 'shhh!' from the alchemist. He flung her around a corner and hid as a few soldiers came triapsing down the hall, red-cheeked, wavering slightly on their feet. It was more than obvious that they were completely smashed.

The blond alchemist rolled his golden eyes in irritation and impatience, waiting for the noisy trio to pass before grabbing the mechanic's arm once more and pulling her down the now deserted hallway. "I'm just getting tired of listening to their bantering about us," he complained in a hushed voice.

"Well if it's bothering you that much, then why don't you just leave?" Winry questioned him, jerking her wrist out of his grasp and placing both hands firmly on her hips. "I mean is that terrible for you to be seen with me? Don't forget that you're the one who asked me to this stupid military party in the first place, and you're the one who kept telling everyone she's just my mechanic!" she exclaimed, obvious hurt in her voice. Her cheeks and ears were turning crimson from anger and small strands of blonde hair were laying slightly unkempt around her creamy, bare shoulders.

Edward stood stock still momentarily before coming to his senses. He sighed and shook his head. Seeing Winry standing there in her slightly shimmering, purple dress that reached just to her shins and the white heels on her feet made him realize what she had meant. Unlike him, she'd actually been enjoying herself, not only at the party but with him as well. Just because she was his mechanic, didn't mean she wasn't all female and really liked these types of things and dressing up pretty for occasions such as this.

Edward searched for the proper wording, stuttering for a moment as he tried to grasp the right apology but nothing came to him. He rubbed the back of his braided head nervously, eyes swiveling back and forth in thought. Still, he couldn't seem to find the right thing to say, so instead he blurted out, "What the hell are you talking about, Winry? I mean, it's no big deal that you're here with me or whatever," he continued, stumbling over his words. The blush was evident on his cheeks now, and he averted his gaze from hers, staring at the tall ceiling in the hallway of the HQ.

"Well obviously it is since you can't handle the military group gossiping about us, saying we're dating and all that then trying to run away from it all like it's not true," the blonde replied, turning her face away so that Edward couldn't see the oncoming tears in her baby blue eyes, but he certainly heard them in her voice. A terrible pang of guilt weighed heavily in his stomach. "If I'm that terrible to be around, then why did you invite me at all? I'm just going to go," she told him, spinning on her heel to march towards the exit. Her long, blonde ponytail whipped past her face and came to rest on her back as she began stalking away from Edward, obviously frustrated and hurt by the tactless boy's response. Edward did a facepalm for a moment, realizing what an idiot he'd been and chased her down, grabbing her by the wrist stopping just outside of the building's main library doors.

"Winry, look it...it's nothing like that. Let's...," the alchemist stammered, not quite sure what to say to rectify the situation. His eyes scanned the hallway, desperately not wanting to be overheard. "Let's go in here and talk," he proposed, opening up the door to the library and beckoning her inside.

Winry followed, somewhat reluctantly, he noted and felt even worse by how he'd acted. That hadn't been what he'd meant to say at all. Why the hell did he always have to be such a dumbass when it came to her? Why in the hell couldn't he just say the right words? I mean c'mon now, he was a scientist and alchemist for Heaven's sake. He'd formulated the words in his mind just like he did with any alchemic project. He'd studied her, practied the words over and over again in his head just like with alchemy, so why in the hell did he have to forget everything he wanted to say at the last minute? Girls were simply just more complicated than science would ever prove to be in this alchemist's opinion. Once he was certain they were out of earshot, Edward led Winry across the large room by the shoulders and seated her in a chair. She was sniffling, trying hide her face from his and covering her eyes with both hands. Edward grasped both of her wrists in his gloved hands and pulled them off of her face. He laid them gently in her lap and used his thumbs to wipe her tear tracks.

"Winry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. It just gets embarrassing constantly having the guys all teasing me about-," he gulped, "...dating my mechanic." That was when the blush spread full-blown over his cheeks.

Winry's azure orbs widened like saucers as she stared back into Edward's warm amber ones. The word 'dating' had surely surprised her and for sure it even surprised him. The look on his face said it all. His eyes had even gone as wide as silver dollars from the mention of the word and it was all he could do to clap a hand over his mouth as if he'd just let a highly offensive swear word slip in front of a small child. He remained firm, continuing to wipe his mechanic's face dry with his gloved thumbs. Winry's eyebrows narrowed and then she stood up so swiftly that the chair flew out from underneath her and landed in a heap on the other side of the room. Edward leapedt to his feet and took a few steps back in rapid shock.

"OH SO WE'RE DATING NOW!" she screamed, flailing her hands. "LAST I KNEW I WAS JUST YOUR STUPID MECHANIC!" Winry felt frantically around her hips, searching for the wrench, but all her hands met was the soft fabric of her dress. No pockets had been there for her to hide it in. She grit her teeth, blue eyes still glittering with left-over tears from her little crying session, but they burned with agigation at the alchemist.

"WELL...YOU'RE MORE THAN JUST A STUPID MECHANIC!" Edward exploded back, his growing temper getting the better of him now. Though he had to admit Winry did look beautiful standing there, despite the tear-assaulted face and angry blue eyes. When he realized what he'd said, this time he did clap a hand over his mouth.

Winry lowered her raised fists and placed them firmly once more on her hips. "OH, SO I'M A STUPID MECHANIC NOW!?"

"GRAAAAAH!!! I NEVER ONCE SAID YOU WERE STUPID! I WAS JUST TRYING TO TELL YOU THAT YOU'RE MORE TO ME THAN JUST A MECHANIC, OKAY!" He shouted back, gloved hands clenched into fists at his sides. Once he cooled down, Edward grit his teeth and leaned up against the library wall, brooding. "Besides, why is it such a big deal that I'm dating my mechanic to those stupid idiots anyway?" he mumbled under his breath, but just loud enough that Winry heard him.

"So we're dating then?" she questioned him wryly, trying to keep the imminent smile from spreading across her flawless face.

"Yeah, I suppose we are!" Edward snapped back, shoving his hands in his pockets and turning his blond head away from her face. His face had probably gone three shades redder than what it had been earlier.

"Fine then," Winry replied folding her arms across her chest and staring at him across the room.

"Fine," Edward replied just as stubbornly.