-1 Deidara stood there waiting and alone, cold and shivering. His cloak wrapped around him tightly as he looked at his surroundings. 'Please Danna...don't see me like this...please...' The rain poured down on him, his beautiful blonde hair was down and clinging to his face.

"Nice fuck kid but next time...act like you like it" Some guys said as they passed him by. He was looking down, shadows covering his eyes but he still nodded. He didnt want anyone to know what had just happened. He looked up at the sky, raindrops now mixing wit the fresh tears. "Sasori-Danna...Gomen...Gomen...Un"

It had been a few days and things had returned to normal. Hidan and his non-stop talking, Sasori and his puppets, Kisame and Itachi out doing whatever they please in Konoha. Deidara was still horrifyed but he put on a fake smile.

"Deidara...why are you acting like you are all right?" Sasori said loving over at him. Deidara's eyes widened "W-what do you mean Sasori-Danna, un?" Sasori looked at him with a calm and uncaring expression "Nothing..."

Sasori Could still tell something was different about Deidara, something was wrong but why should he care for the blonde. Deidara still acted if nothing had happened but one night Sasori found out how bad it really was.

Deidara had come back from what he called a "mission" but his cloths were messed up and torn. He seemed pale and scared. "Deidara..." Sasori whispered to himself. Deidara had been selling himself! Sasori just stared in disgust and shock.

Deidara looked over spotting him, his eyes grew with with the realization that Sasori now understood and knew what he had been doing but Deidara had to! "Sasori...its not like that!" He said as he took a step back then turned and ran, Sasori just staring after him.

After a moment or so he decided to follow. When he reached his partners room he could hear the sobs that were so Loud they echoed down the corridor. Sasori went into his room and couldn't help but stare in shock with a wide-eyed expression at his partner. His shaking form jolted with every sob. "I'm not going to tell..."He said as he sat next to Deidara

"But I didn't want you to know!!!" He yelled as he looked at him and to his surprise Sasori warmly embraced him. "Deidara, its ok..."