Hi everyone I hope you like my story

Hi everyone I hope you like my story. Just to let you know there's some

swearing in later chapters.

I don't own Sailor Moon or Gundam Wing.

New Hope


There she was standing on top of Tokyo Tower. The beautiful Angel

standing on the out side of the rail getting ready to end the suffering, the

pain, and the sorrow. Her long blond/silver hair down to her ankles. The moon

reflected on it and it would remind you of a beautiful waterfall. Her eyes

the bluest of blue. They were so beautiful yet held so much sadness and pain.

She wanted to end her life because everything that kept her together was

gone. Gone Forever. The things that meant the world to her was gone and never

could come back.

"I'm so sorry, I let you guys down. You died protecting me. The inner

scouts; Amy, Lita, Raye, and Mina. The outer scouts; Michiru, Haruka,

Setsuna, and Hotaru. Also my one and only love; my soul mate, Darien. I'm

sorry." The girl said.

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