New Hope

Chapter17: History Lesson

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/\/\/\ After the Twins left /\/\/\

The Gundam Boys sat staring wide-eyed at the spot the twins were moments ago.

"They'll be back shortly." Hotaru said smiling, reassuring the guys.

/\/\/\/\ With the Twins /\/\/\/\

Serena and Duo landed in the ruins of their ancient abode they haven't inhabited in over thousands of years. Their eyes scanned the broken bits of the once elegant castle they called home, scattered around the now barren land. Serena's cerulean eyes weld up with tears looking at their once proud native land. Duo seeing his sister's distress put an arm around her shoulders and brought her into a side hug.

"My children." A woman's voice called out. The twins turned towards the sound.

"Mother." Serena cried out, breaking out into a run to get to her mother's side. The Lunarian Queen pulled her daughter into a hug.

"I'm so sorry about what has happened my daughter. I did not know of the Prince's treachery." Selene whispered.

"I know mother I don't blame you, you had no way of knowing. What we do need is to know what to do with this turn of events." Serena claimed.

"Just whom are Pandion and Philomela?" Duo questioned, walking over to the pair.

"My son." Selene pulled Duo closer and gave him a hug. When she pulled out of the hug she dragged the two over to what once use to be the throne room and sat down at the barely standing table and chairs. "Pandion was an old friend of your father's. He was a King of a planet at the edge of the galaxy. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but he and your father had a falling out and Pandion was exiled. Pandion swore he would get his vengeance. Philomela is Pandion's daughter, who Pandion passed his anger for your father on to. I don't know how he got here and I don't know what him and his daughter are planning but it cannot be good. I want you two to be careful. I wish I could stay and talk with you two longer but you have to get going. Be careful my darlings. I love you." Selene informed them before fading out, leaving Serena and Duo by themselves.

"I was hoping that would be more helpful." Serena admitted, turning to the violet eyed Lunarian/Saturn Prince.

"Me too sis. We should get back." Duo said. Serena nodded grabbing Duo's hand then concentrated on the Silver Crystal to take them back. A silver glow surrounded them and then they disappeared from the desolated moon.

/\/\/\/\ Back with the Scouts and Gboys /\/\/\/\

Ten minutes after the two left in a bright light they returned, with the same light which slowly diminished leaving Serena and Duo in the same spot they left. The boys jumped up in their seat, startled by the twins sudden appearance.

"So what did Queen Serenity say?" Trista asked once the light died down.

"Not as much as we hoped." Duo replied flopping on the floor next to Mina.

"What are we going to do?" Serena questioned, sitting in an empty chair putting her head in her hands.

"What did she say?" Raye asked.

"Pandion was an old friend of our father's. He was a King of a planet at the edge of the galaxy. Mother said he and our father had a falling out and Pandion was exiled. Pandion swore he would get his vengeance. Philomela is Pandion's daughter, who Pandion passed his anger for our father on to. She isn't sure how he got here and she doesn't know what they are planning but whatever it is it can't be good." Duo explained.

"And now they brought back Darien and have him on their side." Serena said letting out a sigh.

"He shouldn't be too hard of an enemy. After all, all he did was throw roses." Raye commented.

"And he always had a poor fashion sense." Mina added.

"And yet you both wanted to date him." Serena said glaring. Mina cowered into Duo. Raye rolled her eyes.

"He was a wimp. I didn't like how much older he was than you either." Amara claimed.

"Okay. Lets stop getting off the topic at hand and figure out what our plan is going to be." Amy said, raising her voice to get the scouts to stop, mainly Raye and Serena who started a raspberry war.

"Just like old times." Artemis said sighing.

"Will they ever grow up?" Luna stated, already knowing the answer. The boys watched in odd fascination while Duo rolled his eyes.

"Darien wants Serena one way or another. My question is why would Philomela and Pandion allow Darien to have Serena if they despise the Moon and Saturn descendents." Amy questioned out loud.

"The Silver Crystal." Michelle claimed.

"Duh." Mina said smacking herself in the forehead. "That's what everyone is after.

"You've got to wonder who or what else they have on their side. If they were able to bring back Darien what else will they bring back." Amy declared. "We can't go in blind on this. We are unsure what they are capable. Trista is do you think you can check in at the time gates and see if there's anything going on?"

"I'll do that right now." Trista got up and quickly transformed, much to the guys shock.

"Onna." Wufei cried out in horror at Pluto's Sailor Fuku while Quatre's face turned beat red.

"Please don't tell me all your Sailor Fukus are like that." Duo begged looking at his sister, falling into the protective older brother role.

"Err...okay.." Serena said laughing nervously. Her twin let out a sigh in frustration.

"I'll return in a while. I'm not sure how long it will take." Sailor Pluto stated then used her Garnet Rod to open a portal to the Time Gates, closing behind her.

"So is this what your lives have been like?" Quatre questioned, trying to learn more about the Senshi.

"Pretty much." Serena answered.

"Kicking Evil's butt daily, while leading a teenage life with school." Lita said cracking her knuckles.

"And dealing with cute boys." Mina added, a big smile on her face.

"That isn't as fun though Mina, half of the cute boys end up being the bad guys." Raye declared, flipping her long Raven black hair over her shoulder.

"Or they end up being girls." Mina said cringing.

"What?" Duo asked confused.

"Like when we thought Amara was a guy then the Three Starlights." Mina continued.

"Yea. We really didn't have much luck when it comes to guys." Serena agreed.

"You don't count you had Darien." Raye retorted.

"And yet that didn't stop all the bad guys from hitting on me." Serena fired back.

"True." Raye caved.

"What happened to the Starlights and Kakyuu?" Mina asked suddenly, turning to Serena.

"They returned home."

"Thank Selene. They got on my nerves." Amara said.

"You don't like them only cause Seiya always hit on Serena." Hotaru piped in.

"So. I don't like him...her...hitting on Kitten. The three brothers are actually sisters right?" Amara asked slightly confused.

"Yes Dear. They are women." Michelle said laying a hand on her lover's arm.

"So you were being hit on by a guy who was really a girl?" Quatre questioned, trying to clear up the confusion.

"Yes." Serena replied sighing.

"Injustice!" Wufei cried in outrage while Duo burst out laughing.

"I wouldn't be laughing dear brother of mine. You could easily be mistaken as a girl." Serena retorted, smirking which caused Duo to stop laughing and frown. Wufei let out a laugh at his friend's misfortune.

"Oh. Shut up Wu-Man."

"Maxwell!" Wufei growled leaping out of his seat brandishing his sword out of nowhere. "I'm going to chop off your braid!" Duo "eeped" and shot out of the room. Wufei right on his tail.

"Do they always do this?" Raye asked sweat dropping.

"Yes." Quatre mumbled, hiding his face in his hands, ashamed of his friends' behavior. Heads turned when a light crystal laughter rang through the room.

"Err...Are you okay Serena?" Mina questioned, looking over at her friend worried that she finally cracked, whom leaned back in her chair laughing her head off at her twins childishness.

"Too funny." Serena said, whipping the tears of laughter from her eyes, glad fro the distraction her brother provided.

"Maybe it's genetics." Amy claimed out loud suddenly. Everyone turned to her in question, even the two her stopped chasing each other when Serena started laughing.

"What are you going on about Amy?" Lita inquired.

"The similarities between Serena and Duo. Serena and Raye are the ones in our group that act similar to Duo and Wufei." Amy explained.

"We do not act like that." Serena and Raye claimed.

"Ah...yes you do. Maybe not the exact same but you two are normally the ones going at it about one thing or another." Mina added.

"I get along with Meatball Head."

"Raye. Stop calling me Meatball Head!" Serena yelled, which ended the two in a raspberry war. The others looked on in amusement when the two proved the girls point without realizing it.

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