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Chapter 1 (Formerly 1-3)

Happy Birthday Harry

Harry Potter lay on his bed in the smallest bedroom of number 4 Privet Drive.

He was naked, bloody and finally broken from his uncle's most recent 'lesson' which had taken place not an hour before.

Slowly he turned his head just in time to see the clock change to read 12:00A.M.

'Happy birthday, Harry.' He thought sarcastically as immense waves of pain began to assault his body courteous of his Veela inheritance.

The year before he learned that his father was Veela. While in detention with Snape (again) he was forced to brew a heritage potion to reveal any creature ancestors. Snape sneered and kept telling him how he was so magically inept he doubted there were any for at least three generations. They were both surprised when he added his blood and the potion turned a vibrant purple, indicating at least one Veela parent.

After that he did as much research as he could. Sneaking behind Ron and Hermoine's backs when he realized they were trying to sabotage his research and ensure that he only found bad information, if any. He found out that male Veela came to their inheritance at the age of 17 rather than 16 as female Veela did.

They also had mates. Not predestined exactly, but more of people who's magic was compatible with the Veela's. Most of the time the mates were Veela themselves, but sometimes there were other creatures, like werewolves. Veela never mated to full-humans though. There magic just wasn't strong enough to ground the Veela. They could have anywhere from 1-6 mates and most Veela knew or at least had a very good idea who their mates were before they fully came into their inheritance, but not all. You have to meet them to know who they are after all.

Harry thought he had a very good idea who his mates were, and when they found out they were going to be pissed.

It was midnight and Lucius Malfoy was just getting home to Malfoy Manor when he felt it. His mate had just started to come to their inheritance and they were in pain.

He was relieved and worried at the same time.

It had been so long since he had come to his own inheritance that he had feared that his mate had died before he was 17 or much more likely before Lucius had turned 17.

However, if his mate was only coming to his inheritance now that would make whoever it was younger than Draco. What would his son think? What would his mate think of his son? Presuming his mate survived. Not everyone did. The force of the magic changing their bodies so fast just put too much stress on them, and Lucius' mate was in so much pain right now his survival seemed unlikely.

'Merlin, what did I ever do to make fate hate me?'

Lord Voldemort sighed in relief when the last death eater left. For the past three hours or so all he had been able to concentrate on was keeping the pain he was off his face.

He knew that Harry Potter was physically and sexually abused by his uncle but never had it gotten this bad.

And then midnight hit. He could barely stay conscious with the pain filtering through the link between himself and Potter as the boy received his inheritance. For the first time in a long time Lord Voldemort was afraid. He was too used to having Harry in his head and he didn't want to be alone ever again.

Add to that the relatively unknown fact that he was a Veela and his mates were Harry Potter and Lucius Malfoy. He hid from Lucius to protect him. He couldn't allow anything to happen to him the way it had to Harry after Dumbledore found out. He could suppress his aura but he could not deny his instincts. He had to protect his mates.

He couldn't let one of his mates die despite having tried to kill said mate in the past. He had regained his sanity after his trip into Harry's mind at the end of the boy's 5th year at Hogwarts where he also found out exactly how deep Dumbledore's manipulations ran.

Lord Voldemort was pissed. 'Did Dumbledore not even care that the wizarding world's savior wasn't going to survive the night if someone didn't do something soon? I guess it is time he loses his precious weapon.'

"Wormtail!" he called.

"Milord?" Peter Pettigrew said as he scurried into the stone chamber and knelt before the Dark Lord who was seated in his throne-like against the wall directly opposite of the door.

Tentatively Wormtail held out his left arm with the Dark Mark exposed.

The Dark Lord touched the tip of his wand to the mark and concentrated only on Lucius and after a moment the death eater apparated into the room, stepped forward, and knelt before the Dark Lord.

"Wormtail, leave." Voldemort ordered coldly.

Pettigrew scampered out of the room quickly.

After the door was firmly closed behind him Voldemort said. "Rise, Lucius."

Slowly and unsteadily, because of the pain he was feeling from his mate, Lucius got up from the hard floor.

After gazing at his mate's cloaked and masked form Voldemort rose from his throne in much the same fashion and approached the tall, proud, and shaking figure of Lucius Malfoy.

Gently he pulled off the white mask barring his eyes from seeing his beautiful mate's face. After dropping it to the floor he raised his hands once again but this time he pushed back the hood that covered the silky blond hair.

Softly he stoked the side of the younger Veela's face while looking into his confused grey eyes.

Slowly he dropped the spells he used to repress his aura and as they fell the dark lord Voldemort looked more and more like Tom Marvolo Riddle and the eyes of Lucius Malfoy grew wider and wider.

"Surprised?" Tom asked after the last spell had been removed.

"Y-yes," Lucius replied. " but why drop the spells now?"

"Our young mate is dying." Tom responded. "I know that you have felt his pain. You simply don't know the severity of it all." Lucius began shaking even more. "I'm not as insane as I was just after I was resurrected. I can't ignore his suffering any longer."

Lucius was silent a moment before asking "Do you know who our other mate is and where he is at?"

"Yes, but your aren't going to like either bit of information."

"It doesn't matter if I don't like it. He is our mate and he is running out of time"

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