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Chapter 8

Wanting to Die then Something Breaks

Wanting, Waiting,

Watching the sky,

Wanting to die,

Waiting to break,

We can't awake,

So we try to live.

Carefully Lucius and Voldemort wrapped Harry's arm tightly in hospital white gauze bandages and lifted it above his head to slow the bleeding.

They would never admit it out loud but both men were praying that the healing potion would kick in soon and stop the red from tainting the white.

Harry woke up slowly to quiet voices, a throb in his arm, and a roaring pain in his scar.

'Tom!' As soon as Harry realized who was near him his eyes shot open.

"Tom?" Harry whispered. His soft sweet voice could have brought tears to the coldest of hearts. It was the soft broken desperate whimper of an abused child.

Tom pulled back preparing to leave the room. Trying to think of the pain that his presence was giving Harry and not of the cold empty aching spot in his chest.

"Please don't leave me." Harry sounded as if he was near crying. "I'll be good. I promise."

"I would love to stay, but I'm hurting you by being here little one." Tom said softly in a loving tone he would only ever talk to Harry in.

"So you haven't been here cause your hurting me? You want me?"

Voldemort could have cried. "I want you little one. More than anything, I want you. You and Lucius are mine." Tom meant it. "Is that why you tried to kill yourself? Because you thought I didn't want you?"


Tom felt like killing himself. Harry had almost died because of him. Again.

"So if the block was gone you'd stay with me and Lucius?" Harry asked seeming thoughtful.

"I'd never leave you side." Voldemort replied.

The air thickened with Harry's magic and for a moment Voldemort and Lucius couldn't breathe. Then something broke and the magic poured through the now unobstructed connection between Tom and Harry.

"No more block." Harry managed to say before passing out.

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The poem at the top is by me btw.