Chapter 13

Jaden would have loved to have been on the surface of Naboo as thousands of droids built by Racto took conrol of the city. The crime lord had found a new factory on Nar Kreeta, and had already provided twenty-thousand droids to Jaden's cause.

Sadly, he was busy in a meeting with the admirals of his fleet, including the recently promoted Webbit who seemed to be very nervous. This would be his first meeting on the war council, Jaden sensed it would go well.

"I must say i am impressed, i didn't think that driving the republic back could possibly be this easy." Thorton was saying.

Dodona was quick to snap at him with "It has not been so easy as that, we have lost many ships and men!"

"Yes, but not near as many as the republic, and we have won every single engagement since the war started." Thorton calmly replied.

"That may be so, but it will not last forever. Sooner or later the republic is going to start fighting back, using desperate tactics. Chances are they are already planning some form of retalliation that will drive us back." Dodona said.

"But can one or two republic victories possibly compare with a dozen of our victories?" Thorton asked, almost daring her to contradict him.

She did not get the chance as Jaden said "As interesting as all this is, we should be planning our next move, not arguing over whether the republic will win any battles. Of course they will sooner or later, and we shall cross that bridge when

we reach it. For now we should focus on making it harder for the republic to preform such a counter attack."

"I agree." Dodona said. Thorton offered a simple nod.

"Good, then lets move on shall we?" Jaden asked with a buisness smile.

"Of course. I suggest on attack on Mon Calamari, one of the rpublic's largest shipyards is there." Thorton said.

"That is a viable target, and it would certainly dent the republic war effort." Jaden agreed.

"I would suggest an attack Kashykk, the wookies are major supporters of the republic and they possess a fleet that if joined with the republic could prove to strong for our own ships." Dodona said.

"Not to mention the fact that the wookies repair and refuel republic ships in their system, a good choice." Jaden said. Now he turned to Webbit, it was time to see if he was ready for his promotion.

"Telos, we should hit Telos. It is home not only to a republic military research center, but also a factory that provides sixty five percent of the republic ground army with weapons and armor." Webbit explained.

"A good choice, i see i made the right choice in promoting you. You will each lead a fleet to the worlds you have named and take them for the empire, i shall remain on Naboo for the time being, i sense decepion behind their surrender." Jaden said

honestly. Ever since the victory he had felt increasingly nervous regarding Naboo, his senses told him that it still had a significant role to play in the war.


Kyle was impressed. The Naboo shipyard was so well hidden in the nebula that the republic fleet had not known it was there until they were right on top of it, and they had been running constant scans. Not only was it well hidden but it was well

defended, with a number of light defense platforms and a hundred fighters, many of the pilots were veterans from the Clone Wars. Not to mention the auto turret defense grids that all the docks were equiped with, and a pair of light cruisers. Yes, Kyle was impressed. Finding this place would be nearly impossible, and even if you did find it trying to destroy it would require a lot of fire power. Unfortunately Jaden had that sort of fire-power, so they would have to hope they remained


After his talk with Jan he had reported the situation to Luke, who was working to help the republic from a hidden jedi base on the world of Ossus. Now Kyle was thinking. Now that the adrenaline from battlewas gone his depression had returned

stronger than ever. Of course, he still had moments when he felt normal, but when he was alone.He looked back on the war, he still couldn't beleive how quickly the enmy had driven them back. For a moment he thought of going to speak with Ackbar, try to work out a plan for when they tried to retake Naboo. Instead he decided to meditate and see if he could escape the darkness that had fallen over him.


Aerian sighed. After the victory at Naboo Jaden had ordered her to Vjun. When she had asked why he had merely told her it was a suprise. His exact orders had been to go to Bast castle, she had no idea why. They had a small base on the

planet, but it was several miles away from Bast castle.

Her ship came out of hyperspace and she gasped at hat she saw orbiting Vjun, a third of the imperial fleet. 133 ships. Her shock quickly turned to anger at Jaden's stupidity, their base on the surface was worth fifteen ships, no more. If she

had had these ships at Naboo the planet would have fallen with ease, in the first few hours instead of over the course of a week. Her shuttle descended through the atmosphere and slowly settled in Bast castles hanger, and was suprised to see people moving around, pilots trying to pass the time she guessed. Their were a number of fighters in the hangar, along with three shuttles. She grew even more suprised when she saw the person watching over this whole thing, she recognized

the uniform from the disciples of Ragnos. Only the symbol of Ragnos was gone, replaced by a symbol she did not recognize. She walked towards him wearily, as a jedi many of these cultists had tried to kill her.

"Ah, mistress Aerian. We have been expecting you." The man greeted with a sinsiter undertone.

"What is going on here!?" Aerian demanded.

The man chuckled as he said "You don't know, very well. Your master has recruited us, tasking us with training an army of dark jedi. The bottom floor is where many new students are being trained, the academy masters will explain the rest.

From what i understand Lord Jaden wished you to oversee this place."

"And where are the masters?" Aerian asked, thinking she now understood the reason so many ships were guarding the planet. It was simple, this academy was their greatest resource. One fully trained dark jedi was worth a hundred well

trained stormtroopers.

"I am here." A deep voice said from behind. She whirled to see a rebornmaster standing there. "I am master Krotis." Krotis said.

"Tell me of this academy." Aerian commanded.

"As you wish my lady." Krotis said. He began walking towards the hangar door and Aerian followed him. "We have already begun the training of a hundred students. We have three classes, and each student is assighned the group in which he

would do best." Krotis explained as they traversed went through a series of door and elevators.

"And what are the classes?" Aerian asked curiosly.

Krotis smirked as he said "We train shadowtroopers, saber-warriors-and force weilders. The shaowtroopers are trained for stealth and infiltration, using the dark side to remain undetected while accomplishing their goals. They are also trained in

a unique style of lightsaber combat desighned to kill an enemy before he learns of his attackers presence. The saber-warriors are examined to determine what style of lightsaber combat would best suit them, then they are trained to be an expert in that style. Some fight with dual sabers, others with staff-sabers. But most rely on single hilts. They are like our muscle. The forec-wielders are he only class that do not use lightsabers, instead they are trained to avoid a foes blaster

fire and lightsaber strikes through acrobatics, while using their force powers to destroy their enemies." Krotis explained. By the time he finished they had reached the throne room.

"I see, and how long is each student expected to train?" Aerian asked.

"There are three levels in for our students, the begginers work at the bottom of the academy, where Lord Jaden once infiltrated the building after overloading a maching beneath the castle. Second level students are more advanced, and are

given duties when they are not training, such as guard duty and delivering messages. Third level students are trained through experience, being sent on long treks across the barren surace of this world, battling the unfriendly wildlife and struggling to survive the highly acidic rain, they also act as guards for many of the academies vital areas. The academy itself is actually below us, the top floors of the castle are used as a base for all fully fledged dark jedi." Krotis told


"You haven't anwsered my question." Aerian stated impatiently.

"Each student trains for a motn on each level before acheiving the lowest rank in the dark jedi order." Krotis said simply, then added "As academy master you must have much work to do, i imagine we shall speak later." He then left Aerian
in the throne room.


Kyle was rather suprised when he was called to Ackbar's flagship a week earlier than expected. It had been two weeks since their retreat from Naboo, and they were ready for a counter attack ahead of time. Once on the bridge he saw the

admiral giving orders quickly.

"Ah, Kyle, we are preparing for our counter-attack. The Naboo fleet was closer to completion than we thought." Ackbar said when he spotted the jedi there.

"Good, we need a victory to balance the scale." Kyle said.

"It will take many victories to balance the scale, but this will be a start." Ackbar replied. Kyle agreed.