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Hey yo! It's Mika-chan! And this is the FINAL CHAPTER of Roulette. Man, it feels like a whole part of my life is over. I wrote this in about an hour today...one of my reviewers said that they wanted some more Cloud...so he's here for the last chapter! the deadly tale...concluded!

Axel trudged down the stairs the next Monday, yawning hugely, still tired from playing HALO until three in the morning. Of course, Reno was sitting at the kitchen table, eating a bowl of Lucky Charms. What surprised Axel the most, perhaps, was the fact that Cloud was sitting next to him.

"Weren't you supposed to be home last night?" Axel frowned, setting his backpack against the wall.

"Want to get rid of me, Axel?" Cloud smiled.

"No, I'm just wondering." Axel grabbed a container of blackberries from the freezer and poured some in a bowl before sticking them in the microwave. "You were only supposed to stay here for the weekend, right?"

"Mom couldn't come and get me." Cloud explained. "She's coming later tonight."

"So what's he gonna do, Reno?" Axel looked at his twin. "We have school, remember?"

"That's why he's coming with us!" Reno grinned.

"Seriously?" Axel frowned, taking the blackberries out of the microwave and eating them at supersonic speed.

"It's ok with Mom and the principal says its cool." Reno said with a shrug.

"I guess I can't really complain." Axel said. "But we need to hurry up if we're going to go get Roxas."

"Why are we getting Roxas?" Cloud frowned as the boys left the kitchen.

"Because that's what we always do." Reno shrugged.

They arrived at Roxas' house a few minutes later. Roxas came to the door in his favourite cargo pants and Tokio Hotel T-shirt, backpack slung over his shoulder. He had a silver hoop in his ear that was identical to Axel's and the azure eyes lit up the minute he saw his boyfriend.

"Glad to see me, Roxas?" Axel smiled, giving the blonde a quick kiss on the lips before they headed toward Reno and Cloud, who were waiting at the driveway.

"I couldn't sleep." Roxas admitted.

"Bad dream?" Axel asked sympathetically.

"No, I just couldn't sleep." Roxas shook his head.

"I couldn't either." Axel said as they reached the other two.

"Why is Cloud still here?" Roxas frowned.

"You want me gone too, huh?" Cloud smiled.

"His mom couldn't get him last night, so she's coming tonight." Reno was obviously happy about being with Cloud for another day.

"So he'll be with us?" Roxas asked.

"That's the plan." Axel nodded, wrapping his arm protectively around Roxas' waist.

"This is going to be interesting…" Roxas smiled.

Biology was a bore. When was it not? Cloud and Reno had to share computers in their next class, since all of the computers were taken.

"You can just do whatever." Reno said. "You won't be here long enough to do something."

"Thanks a lot, Reno." Cloud rolled his eyes.

"What are we supposed to be doing?" Axel was logged on to his MySpace and had no clue what was going on.

"Making a FLASH video." Roxas rolled his eyes at his boyfriend's short attention span.

"Sweet!" Axel exclaimed.

"But don't do one of people shooting each other, ok?" Reno's lips formed a smile at the memory of Axel's last video.

"Of course not, Reno." Axel pretended to look offended. "They're going to stab each other."

WWII rolled by pretty fast. Their class was supposed to work in the library for an essay on the Pacific Theatre and they were in the library to do research. Riku and Sora were skipping out on Stat and Prob, Demyx was working on an essay for his AP European History class and Kairi and Naminè were doing research on different plays for Theatre IV.

It was very boring to do research for an essay that they didn't want to do. Roxas kept gesturing over to the bookcase full of information for WWII so he could be alone with Axel, but the redhead wasn't buying it. Eventually, the two separated themselves from the group and Axel asked, "What Roxas?"

"This is so boring." Roxas frowned.

"I know, I know." Axel said.

"I'd rather be kissing you than work on this stupid essay." Roxas scowled.

"I agree. Shall we then?" Axel said with that smile that made Roxas' stomach erupt with butterflies.

The two came together and kissed, wanting to be quick so they could get back to work. However, that one kiss wasn't enough. They soon forgot that they were in a library full of teens who were dead set against gays and that they could be exposed any moment. That didn't matter. They just wanted to be alone and soon enough, the essay was forgotten completely.

"Oh my god!"

Axel and Roxas stopped kissing, but still clung to each other to look at the end of the aisle of books. Demyx was simply standing there, mouth agape, staring at the other two.

"Demyx, what is it?" came Kairi's voice.

"Axel and Roxas…" Demyx couldn't quite speak.

"Yes, Demyx?" Axel said, breaking apart from Roxas, but still holding the blonde's hand.

"Why were you kissing each other?" Demyx asked in a shocked voice.

"Oh man, I'm getting Naminè." Kairi looked just as shocked as Demyx as she ran off.

"Because we can?" Roxas' reply sounded like a question.

"What happened?" Riku asked as he ran over with Sora.

"Axel and Roxas were making out!" Demyx exclaimed.

"It wasn't that bad, Demyx." Axel rolled his peridot eyes. "Just a little kiss."

"A little kiss?!" Demyx shrieked, earning himself a reproachful look from the librarian.

"What happened?" Reno's voice could be heard as he reached the group with Cloud, Kairi and Naminè.

"Axel and Roxas were kissing!" Demyx exclaimed.

Cloud raised an eyebrow. "Didn't you two get enough at home?"

"Yeah, Axel. You snog your boyfriend enough, don't you?" Reno smiled.

"What?!" Demyx was really confused.

Roxas looked at Axel and said, "I guess the cat's out of the bag now."

"Thanks, Cloud." Axel glared at the blonde in Reno's embrace.

"Oh, don't mention it." Cloud grinned.

"So Kairi was right!" Sora exclaimed.

"Huh?" Axel and Roxas frowned.

"We thought you guys had a thing for each other ages ago." Kairi explained. "It was pretty obvious."

"We wanted to see how long it would take before you guys started going out." Naminè continued.

"So how long was it?" Sora asked.

"About two weeks ago." Axel grinned, pulling Roxas closer to him.

"That long?!" Demyx exclaimed.

"We told Reno about it." Roxas said as he snuggled closer to Axel.

"Reno?!" Sora, Riku and Demyx glared at the other redhead.

"What?" Reno frowned. "Axel said that they wanted it secret for a while. I wasn't about to tell you guys."

"You could've told us." Naminè said.

"We wouldn't have told anyone." Kairi added.

"Well, I told Axel that I wouldn't." Reno shrugged.

"And Kairi was right." Riku said.

"Like always…" Sora scowled.

"So what now?" Axel asked.

"I still can't believe you didn't tell us." Riku was still a little upset by this.

"It's not that hard to believe." Cloud said.

"Who would trust a bunch of guys like you?" Axel grinned.

"Hey, this is like with me and Cloud." Reno said.

"Oh, Reno, don't go mentioning that." Cloud flushed, obviously embarrassed.

"What happened?" Riku asked.

"I confessed in a library." Reno smiled.

"And everyone heard." Cloud shook his head sadly.

"Wow." Kairi said.

"And our old school was worse than this." Cloud said.

"Kinda like the one I came from." Axel said.

"How many schools are in Traverse Town?" Demyx frowned.

"Just about as many in Hollow Bastion." Axel said.

"So what did they do?" Sora asked. "The people who were listening?"

"They just stared at us for a minute before ignoring us." Reno said.

"They really hated us after that." Cloud said, looking up at the redhead. "They still hate me."

"Poor Cloud." Reno smiled.

"Well, we'd better get back to work." Riku said.

"What work?" Sora frowned. "We're skipping Stat and Prob!"

"Oh, right." Riku shrugged. "Ah well. Let's go get something from the vending machines."

"Can't argue with you there." Sora smiled.

"Let's go, Kairi." Naminè said. "We still have our research."

"And I need to finish my essay. I hate the Middle Ages." Demyx whined as he left.

"Come on, we need to get working too." Reno said.

"I'm going to look for a book." Roxas said.

"Yeah, me too." Axel said.

"Suit yourself." Reno shrugged as he went back to the computers with Cloud.

While they were looking for a book, Axel's mind was reeling. Everyone knew now. There was nothing left to hide. But he didn't care. He loved Roxas too much to care. But what would their relationship turn out like? Like Riku and Sora's or Cloud and Reno's? Axel found he didn't want to know. He was with Roxas and that's all he really cared about.

My god, I hope that ending wasn't so bad. I'm terrible with endings. wow...what to say at this point...thanks to all my reviewers! I'm sorry I can't thank everyone by name. There are too many of you, but that's a good thing. Thanks so much for reading!