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The sun shone brightly through the trees, its light a radiant beam in the clearing of the woods. A gentle breeze in the air sent the crisp rustle of leaves echoing down the footpath. At the sound of the dancing leaves, birds pitched in with their songs, sending trills of notes reverberating throughout the trees. A light-hearted laughter broke out and rang vibrantly into the morning sky, adding to the many colors of sound. Not a second later, it was joined by a deeper, more masculine chuckle. Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy walked together, hand in hand, side by side.

As the garden approached, Elizabeth's eyes feasted on the colors of every flower blooming brilliantly under the warming sun. The beauty of the garden during the early month of April never ceased to amaze her, enchanting her eyes with its every element. She was in a waking dream, living in a reality so grand that it was nearly indistinguishable from a faint, idealistic and surreal illusion. In her earlier years of marriage, she often found herself questioning the authenticity of it all.

She was married—and not just to any man. Her husband was the prince of gallantry and charm, the one she had barely dared to dream of many years ago. He was the one who had taught her the lessons on prejudice and the injustice it brought to character, the one she had come to love and hold as dear as any other—if not more. He was the center of her life, the one who she looked to for guidance and support, who was ready to catch her in his arms whenever life struck her down.

Their share of fights was many, but their times of reconciliation were just as much. Many times in her earlier days of marriage, Elizabeth recalled sleeping in a room far away from their bedroom. But just as many times she remembered returning to the master chamber. Though the arguments often seemed to draw the couple apart, it was clear in the end that adversity and resolution brought them closer together. Elizabeth knew she loved Darcy before she married him, but she never knew how deeply and profound the love could grow as it matured. Slowly and surely, he became the most important person in her life. He was her closest confider, her most loyal friend, her dearest husband. Never until she took part in it, did Elizabeth find the blessings of matrimony.

She was once afraid that their marriage would grow stale and cold as her parents' union did, but she was reassured that such an occurrence would never be between her and Darcy, for everyday in their marriage was different. She never once found herself living the same day twice, nor did she ever experience a change of feelings for her husband. She only wondered how she had managed to live most of her life without him and goggled at how she was once willing to trade him for someone else.

Elizabeth sighed. So much had changed in the last few years of her life, and she could hardly believe that all of it was for the better. Although her sister and Mr. Tennyson's stories had happy endings, she felt like she was the luckiest of them all; blessed in such a number she can't keep count.

Elizabeth snapped out of her thoughts as she heard footsteps hurriedly pattering behind her, accompanied by an explosive stream of laughs and screams. Elizabeth and her husband turned around to find their children running towards them, the eldest son chasing the younger one.

"Papa!" yelled a young dark-haired boy of five, dashing up to his father and hiding behind him. A few moments later the boy, peeping from behind his father daringly called out to his older brother, "Come and get me now, Alexander."

As Alexander began his bold approach, the boy began to scream eagerly, jumping up and down whilst holding his father's hand, half excited and half scared. Without a warning, he took off, running in a circle around his parents before finding his mother as another source for refuge. Darcy watched his sons and chuckled in amusement.

"Everett, dear, where is your little sister?" Elizabeth questioned, gently stroking her son's hair.

"I don't know," Everett mumbled, keeping an eye on Alexander as he clung tightly to his mother's waist.

A short distance away, Elizabeth heard a wail.

Everett's head turned towards the direction and said with a bright smile to his mother, "There she is."

Sure enough, the nurse was soon seen to approach, carrying a crying toddler in her arms.

"I apologize, Mrs. Darcy for the disturbance, but your daughter—"

The nurse was interrupted as the little girl stopped crying instantaneously at the sight of her mother and immediately reached over to be held.

"Mama," she screeched, holding her arms out, loose blonde curls dangling at her shoulders.

"Thank you, Mrs. Richards. I will take her for now," Elizabeth said and reached over for her daughter as the nurse took her leave.

The girl buried her face into her mother's neck and softly whimpered.

"There now, Emma, everything is fine," Elizabeth hushed, "Were you missing your mother?" she asked, gently patting Emma's back.

The toddler hiccupped and calmed down before she shyly glanced sideways at her father.

Darcy caught his daughter's look and smiled. "You only missed your mother?" he chanced as he walked over, tapping Emma on her nose. Emma wrinkled her nose and giggled.

"Aren't you forgetting someone else?" Darcy continued, now tickling his daughter playfully. Emma's previous temperament changed entirely as she burst into laughter, wiggling about her mother's arms as she tried to dodge and escape her father's tickles.

Chuckling, Darcy took his daughter into his arms and lifted her into the air, bouncing her before holding her close. Emma's laughter grew and she contentedly looked into her father's eyes before hugging his neck and planting a wet kiss on his cheek.

"I don't know about you, but I missed you very much, my dear," he whispered into her ear with a smile, returning his daughter's kiss.

"Lizzy," he called, walking over to join his wife who was now resting on a bench with their sons, "We ought to give the nurses a break and be with the children a couple of days."

Elizabeth's eyes lit up. It was not often that she was able to spend entire days with her children, for Darcy was the one who had insisted the children grow up with nurses. Elizabeth, who never had a nurse, was quite opposed to the plan. She felt that it was her duty as a mother to care for the children entirely by herself. Darcy, however, being raised in high society deemed that nurses were essential to raising every child. Although Elizabeth spent as much time with her children as she could, her two-year-old daughter still spent a large amount of time with her nurse.

"Just us?" Elizabeth questioned, putting an arm around each of her sons.

Darcy smiled.

"Just us," he answered, "It will be nice having the whole family together without one of you boys always disappearing around the house," he continued, casting a firm look at his sons.

Under his father's stern gaze, Everett immediately stopped fidgeting and looked up solemnly at his father. Darcy's lips gave a slight quirk upon seeing his son's overly serious face.

"It will also be nice if we traveled somewhere. It has been a while since we visited your sister Jane, Lizzy. We can travel to Netherfield and visit a couple other places. I have yet to show you boys London," Darcy said, turning to face Alexander. "Do you remember London in your studies, Alex?" he questioned.

The boy nodded and smiled.

"What do you think, Lizzy?" Darcy asked, bouncing Emma on his knee.

"Perhaps the traveling can be put off for a month or two? I would rather not travel in the earlier months," Elizabeth softly said, her eyes meeting Darcy's.

Darcy half wondered at what his wife meant, but he decided to agree without questioning her.

"If that be your wish, dear," he said, "I will write a letter to Charles telling him that the five of us will be there in a short while."

"Six," Elizabeth corrected with a wide smile, her hand sliding protectively over her belly.

Darcy nodded for a brief moment before what Elizabeth said sank into his mind. He stopped, eyes widened with anticipation and surprise.

"Six?" Darcy exclaimed, a grin quickly turning into a full smile. "We are to have another?"

"Yes," Elizabeth proudly answered, "I had been meaning to tell you, you know."

Darcy continued to stare at his wife, with a dazed and stupefied grin plastered on his face. Elizabeth laughed to herself. He had looked like this every time she told him of such news. He looked like a child overwhelmed with presents on Christmas Day.

"Six," Darcy clumsily said again, childishly nodding his head with a silly smile as he absentmindedly stroked Emma's hair. "That makes me father again. That also makes four children."

Elizabeth blinked. "Yes Fitzwilliam, I see that you are proficient with your arithmetic."

Darcy laughed and reached over to kiss his wife.

Happily, he announced to his family, "This is absolutely wonderful."

-The End-

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