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It had been a long day, or two long days in a row to be exact. And until now she hadn't even had the time to think. She was a transgenic. She was able to multitask. But still, a lot had happened.

A secret dream had come true and her worst nightmares had been put into reality.

She'd been from hell to heaven and back to hell again. TWICE! And if anybody thought there was a way to deal with that, he had to think again.

That she was still feeling dizzy from the transfusion didn't exactly help the matter.

Max closed her eyes and leaned against the bars of her prison, refusing to face all the other girls, trying to block out their panicked whispers. Some of them looked so much like her that it was scaring. But she wasn't made to feel scared.

She wasn't made to love as well, right?

And she wasn't even somewhere near the end of that rope that dangled downward into the dark, threatening abyss. She had to do something, and she had to do it fast. Or it wouldn't be long before her "Anti-Christ" stormed in to drag her back into that hellhole … to the children of the damned.

Goose bumps spread across her neck and raced down her spine like tiny, crawling insects. And she wasn't sure there was a way to climb that rope up again. Damn, why did she feel so weak? Where were her amazing (so often cursed) super-powers when she needed them … so desperately?

She opened her dark eyes again, refusing to let the last glimmer of hope vanish. There had to be a way. There always was. And Max couldn't believe that she'd never see HIM again. She wouldn't give up hope, not yet. Not ever.


The antiseptic smell was overwhelming. It caused her throat to tighten and threatened to push her over the edge. Her stupid, little heart was hammering wildly and fear gnawed at her.

Max hated hospitals … vehemently. But here she was … again … fighting all those dark memories, just setting one foot in front of the other, trying to avoid the nurses and most of all eluding the security personal. She wanted the darkness to lift.

She knew she'd just escaped Manticore's clutches by a hair's breadth.

Her brother had saved her. He endangered the safety of their siblings. Zack had broken his own rules, and he ignored the things they'd been taught.

She felt guilty as hell, but she was free.

And asking for more might just be too much.

Her pace quickened. Suddenly she wanted to run.

She shouldn't feel this lost, just thinking he might be gone.

It took her a few more seconds to reach the room where Logan was accommodated. Max opened the door quickly, pushed it wide open before she was even able to have second thoughts, before her mind was able to follow that gloomy, forbidden path.

And there he lay, peacefully; looking as innocent and young as only a sleeping person could look.

Max unconsciously held her breath.

His face was still pale. Dark shadows were visible under his eyes, and the dark blond hair stuck out in all possible directions, a scruffy stubble covering his chin, challenging her to touch it, to trace his jaw with her fingertips.


Sunlight was filtering in through the open blinds. It shed light on one part of his face, accentuating his handsome features. His lips were slightly opened, and Max's sensitive ears detected the soft sound of breathing.

It sounded like music … like heaven.

A stone lifted from Max's chest. She dragged in a deep, shaky breath and stepped into the room, closing the door quietly behind her.

The End.

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