Slipping between a pair of gossiping Gryffindor girls, Harry climbed the ladder onto the train and made his way down the cars in search of an empty compartment. Being one of the last to board the train, but the first of his group, he slammed the door open of one containing 4 skittish-looking Ravenclaws. Reducing the unfortunate boys to tears, he waited for them to gather their things before grabbing a window seat. The threw him terrified glances as they vacated the section but he ignored them, eyes fastened on the yellow mist creeping along the ground despite the humidity of the day. The sky was mottled with dark clouds pregnant with rain, and the last patch of blue sky gradually shrunk as the day went on. Since everyone had apparently boarded, the train jerked forward, wheels making a screeching sound as they began to turn.

There was a rap on the glass door of his compartment and his head rose from his book to see Draco and the rest grinning at him. With a flick of his fingers his locking charms vanished and they burst in, Pansy loudly exclaiming that she was happy to be free of their incompetent DADA teacher, who seemed to have developed something of a crush on her (now there's a pairing I haven't seen beforeā€¦) and had stalked her mercilessly through the halls for the remaining 2 weeks and vainly attempted to engage her in conversation after class. Laughing at some clever insult she had made regarding Lockhart's signature grin, he thought about what people meant when they said these were the best years of his life. Maybe he could agree with them, for once.

There was just one person missing.


End chapter 83

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