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Author's Note: This fanfic/drabble/whatever was inspired by "10 Things I Hate About You", a Roy/Riza fic written by Free Hero. Check out her stuff sometime, she's a great writer.


10 Things I Hate About You

1. I hate the way you still baby me. (I'm an adult now, you know. I can take care of myself.)

2. I hate how you're always fawning over Usui Kenta. (I swear, I knew absolutely nothing about Big Brother Ren jumping him in the park. I really didn't.)

3. I hate how you try and hide your pain and embarrassment. (You're not fooling anyone.)

4. I hate how easily you start crying. (Because then I want to protect you, and we both know I can't anymore.)

5. I hate that I'm younger than you. (Sometimes I wish I was older so Ren wouldn't make fun of you for needing me.)

6. I hate how you always bring home cakes from Julian's on Christmas Eve. (I still have some sense of taste, and those things are addicting.)

7. I hate how you hug me all the time. (I want to hug you back, but that would ruin my image.)

8. I hate how you brought home that stray kitten one rainy night, that little ball of black fur with golden eyes. (I already named it.)

9. I hate that you love a human. (At this rate, I'll end up falling in love with a werewolf because of you.)

10. I hate loving you, because sometimes it hurts. (I know you love me too.)

The End


Basically from Anju to Karin. The italics are her own little comments/thoughts on each paticular 'thing' that she hates about Karin.

This isn't meant to be viewed as incest... just my take on the sisterly relationship between Anju and Karin, because they're just so sweet.

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