Lolita presents to you this horrible one-shot lemon.

Made while listening to Violent Pornagraphy by System Of A Down and Milord by Edith Piaff.

The Present.

Breaths came out in heaves as Sakura ran, chakra pounding through her legs.

Something was chasing her, something unknown.

'Why was it chasing her, and what was it?' Were questions pouring through Sakura's head.

The thing had been chasing her for 2 hours and Sakura was sure she wouldn't be able to keep the speed she was in up.

The landscape changed as she jumped from branch to branch. She started gasping, the pressure in her lungs to much for. The thing, whatever it was, was gaining on her every moment she stopped.

Accessing the last of her chakra to her lungs and legs, she again started for Konoha.

"Mustn't stop..." She mumbled. Whatever the thing is was, it was giving a her hell of a workout.

It was dusk, and the air got really chilly, and the perspiration on her skin from running wasn't any help.

She looked back at the figure. It had a weird shape but was black., with red smudged in.

'Red and black..Akatsuki.' She thought as she ran harder than ever. Since it was dark she didn't notice the branch in front of her. Or the metal coil behind her. The branch smacked into her(large) forehead and the metal coil tripped her.

She groaned as she hit a rather large branch. The metal coil was rapidly retreating and she sensed that he had seen it before. She got up and saw that the sun had set, and the figure wasn't behind her.

"Two hours and forty-five minutes. Got to give you credit, you are persistent." Said a voice on a branch top her.

A black cloak with red clouds swayed with the chilly air, and the straw hat obscured his faced from view.

"What do you want?" She said, glaring at the clouds.

"What did I want during out fight in the cavern? What did I said I would do to you, little girl?"

Sakura recoiled. "You are dead."

"No, that was one of Leader's clones. In fact, one of his best. No one in Akatsuki except Leader knows."

"The sword, you..Everything was so real."

"Real? I think you would know that we puppeteers have a flair for dramatics. And Chiyo knew." He said.

Sakura looked at him. Sure enough, red hair was poking through. Here she was cornered, like a mice in a cat's path. Konoha wasn't far away. Chakra pounded in her legs as she shot off.

'Need to get to the gates.'

A black mass blocked her way as a giant scorpion's tail hit her against her legs.

"Did I mention that the clone had only seventy percent of my power?" Sasori said.

"No, this is a dream! You're dead!"She said.

"So clever yet when proof is under your nose, you deny it."

"Leave me alone."Sakura said as the tail wrapped around her body.

"Of course. Just let me first kill you, rip out your organs, and change your skin to wood. Then I'll bathe you in chemicals and install weapons in you first. Don't worry I'll leave you alone when I am sure you are in one of my shelves."

"What is your obsession with making with making puppets?" She glared at him.

"A shallow, inexperienced girl such as yourself will never understand true art. In fact, I suggest you don't ponder it. You'll just get a migraine. How can you understand the feeling of taking a life and preserving it?"He said, probably smirking at her.

"And you are a necrophiliac with a Narcissus complex." She said while the tail tightened on her body.

"Such a pity you don't understand that when I kill you I break your will, and give you mine. I enjoy giving little rebellious morons such as yourself new wills, and seeing them do nothing to stop me. I enjoy breaking them." He suddenly was near her, and the hold on her tightened.

She felt like her lungs would burst, and she gasped.

His voice sounded from her ear.

"But you are much more valuable then Chiyo. She had nothing to live for. But you, you have a life in front of you. Friends, family and ambition. So much promise, yet taking you away from that would break everything." He said, voice whispering to the shell of her ear.

"Sick, just plain sick." Sakura groaned.

"But you are talented." He said, as he got in front of her. His hat was off and she saw his angelic features.

"Aren't you?" "You do deserve a present for 'killing me' even if it was only seventy-percent of my power."He said, wrapping his arms.

"Do you want a little gift, Sakura?" He said, her name rolling of his wooden tongue.

"Yeah, I do. For you to leave me alone." She whispered. "You clever little girl. You little delightfully wonderful girl. You deserve a gift. Don't worry, this one will be a gift that last with you forever." He said, tickling her ear.

Hiruko's hold on her loosened and she felt cold, wooden fingers slipping under her jacket. The intruding digits caressed her skin as they went toward her chest.

"Shush, Sakura. You need to enjoy and savor your gift to make it last."

Sakura stared at him, mouth gape.

'What the hell? From killing to molesting me? A necrophile and a pedophile, what a great combination.'

"No bra, humph. Such a naughty little virgin, aren't you Sakura?"

His fingers wandered (Skillfully) to her breast, and cupped the mound slowly. He kissed her forehead.

"So young and naive."

Emerald eyes stared at him as his hands left her and as he went behind her.

The fingers then returned, only to go to her nipples and tweak them a bit.

A blush spread on her face as her knees buckled and she fell. She felt kneeling Sasori too, as he kept pinching them.

"Stop it.."She said, struggling to stop the moans.

"Ask me when I'm done, little girl." Sasori said, kissing her neck.

His left hand left her jacket and turned her face right towards his face. He bit her lower lip, and produced a tiny drop of blood. Sasori sucked on the blood making more come out. A peculiar sensation came over Sakura. His tongue licked it up and the feeling made Sakura open her mouth.

As his tongue entered her mouth she tasted the metal taste of her blood. Then a bitter-sweet fluid entered her mouth. It stung, yet tickled the insides.

Her eyes widened as she understood what the fluid was.

She immediately tried to get out of the kiss, but his wooden tongue already started moving in some weird rhythm. Soon her tongue joined in. After a few minutes, he broke off as she started choking.

"Not to worry my dear. Just a little poison to make sure your gift is enjoyable and that it lasts." Sasori said.

His other hand, still in ministrations stopped, it's harry on Sakura's breast, and undid her zipper.

Sasori took off his cloak, and cupped Sakura's face to his chakra core. The hum of the chakra whirred as Sakura was pressed to it. He then kissed her in a zigzag to her navel. He then pressed on Sakura's shoulders, making her lay down.

He pulled down her shorts and skirt, chuckling as he saw her choice of underwear.

"Pink. You are very tacky."

"Spare me the kitsch talk, Puppet-poster boy." She said, glaring at him.

He didn't reply as he took of her panties, stopping every few seconds to tickle her skin.

Once it was off, his fingers traced her legs to her thigh and into Sakura's slit, making her breathing hitch.

She immediately clamped her legs on his hands making him hiss and his eyes seethe.

The metal coil that had tripped her recoiled and spun around her leg, pulling it away the other.

She saw Hiruko's tail loom menacingly over her head.

"Don't do that again, Haruno."He said.

One finger enetered her and started going slowly.

Sakura moaned as the pace picked up.

"Shh, only getting you prepared."He said, voice soothing.

Another finger was added, and Sakura started having some cross between hyperventilating and moaning. Sasori started smiling a sick way, like the way when moved in to kill Sakura in the cavern.

Then his fingers did some criss-cross and god, she felt good, as if she wanted to just scream and sing and there was this warm feeling across her chest and...

Sakura felt her self go tight around his fingers. Sasori smirked at her again and she felt the immense to slap him. He was smiling while fucking raping her, and the fact two very pointy objects surrounded her made her mad... And here he was fucking taking off his pants and underwear, and soon he'll penetrate her and finally this whole fucking bullshit of a ordeal will be fucking done.

And then he'll kill her and that'll be the fucking end of Haruno Sakura...and oh...

It felt big, yes big. Not that she wanted it out. She winced as Sasori started moving slowly, unaccustomed to such pain. "Oh my god." She said.

Sasori's hands went to her hips as he started ramming in.

"Yes, Sakura?"


"Monosyllabic responses. Hmm, interesting."

She grunted.

"Inaudible noises too. My, aren't you a dictionary's nightmare?"

He was mocking her. During sex too! Damn, whatever happened to silk sheets and the missionary position?

He rammed on, hitting a very sensitive spot. She made a strangled sound as waves of nausea washed over her. It her in waves like perfume, and followed by pleasure. It was a perfect counter-point combination and it felt good. Not Sasori. Sasori was there. His pleasure felt good. Wait, wasn't that the same thing?

What was she even thinking?

She had a grow man, no, puppet pounding into her and she was thinking of such trivial thoughts?

The warm feeling happened again and she felt the urge to...

Sasori got off her, face stoic as he examined the mess of a girl in front of him. Soaked and sweaty, with limp, and ragged breathing. Her faced was flushed and she had a horrified gaze.

Sasori put his clothes back on, and then proceeded to do the same thing to the girl.

When he was finished he swished his hand and Hiruko's tail brought the girl to him.

"I shall you see in 9 months. The poison will prevent you from removing it.

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