This is for my new hair style (which looks like Kisarazu Ryou's, and proud of it!). Enjoy!

Note: KisarazuCest or maybe just brotherly love? I don't know, you decide that!

"Ow, careful with that Atsushi…" Ryou grumbled as he slapped Atsushi's knee.

"Sorry Ryou, but you really got to start brushing your hair more than three times a week." Atsushi said as he pulled the brush though his brother's long hair. "And that hurt, you know."

"Ow…" Ryou continued grumbling. "Gosh, I wash it everyday, you know…"

"Try brushing after washing, Ryou."

"OW!" Ryou pulled his brother's hand off his hair. "Hey, you're doing this on purpose aren't you?"

"No… you hair is just that sticky." The younger Kisarazu replied.

"You might as well cut my hair like yours…" The older one muttered under his breath.

Atsushi gave the brush another good tug, "Ugh, don't. I like your long hair. It's better than mine… Mizuki just had to make me cut it…"

"Why are you so mad that he made you cut it anyways? It's not like you're weird looking. People down the street thought I was a girl…" Ryou winced when Atsushi tugged on the brush again.

"Because we're supposed to be twins right? Well, we don't look like twins because we look different now…" Atsushi replied.

"You're mad because of that?" Ryou rolled his eyes.

"Well we're twins, right? I want to look alike."

"Just continue brushing my hair, Atsushi…"

Atsushi look regretfully at his own, "Do you think I should grow my out again? Ha, I probably would get Mizuki mad though, but I don't really care."

Ryou shrugged, "Whatever you want."

"Hey, I didn't come home to brush you hair you know." Atsushi tugged again and made a face when he saw a hairball on the brush. "I came home to see mom and dad…"

"And eat the foods you know mom would make when you get home, right?"

"Yes, and to see you as well." Atsushi said, tugging really hard on the brush this time.

"That hurt…" Muttered the older twin.


"Do you want me to brush you hair?" Ryou asked.

"…Ryou, my hair is really short, I doubt we need to brush it since I keep it nice everyday."

"Then would you come home everyday to brush my hair?"

Atsushi rolled his eyes, "No." and he continued brushing.

Ryou just continued complaining…

Wow, that was dumb… XD