hee hee hee. Is watching D. Gray. Man, is loves it, so is writes for it. Is thinks Kanda x allen is cute. Is says enjoy!

Allen was in the cafeteria, cutting lemons and squeezing their juice into a jug. He took a sip, trying to test how it was coming along. His lips puckered at the taste.

"Hey there, bean sprout, what're you doing?" Kanda was behind him, looking curiously at the mess Allen was making.

"Making lemonade." Allen winced in pain as he accidently cut himself. Kanda rolled his eyes, taking a band-aide out of his pocket.

"You don't seem very good at it." Kanda remarked as he wrapped up Allen's hurt finger.

"Shut up!" Allen added a little sugar to his concoction and took another sip, still sour.

Kanda smirked. "Can I have some when you're finished?"

Allen looked Kanda up and down. The smirk on his face was unnerving. He was plotting something, of that, Allen was sure. "You have to promise not to make fun of it."

"On my country." Kanda swore. He sat down beside allen, watching him chop the lemons and squeeze them. This continued on for about five minutes, before an idea popped into kanda's head. "Can I help?"

Allen gazed into Kanda's eyes, trying to figure out why he was being so...civil. "Only if you promise not to ruin it."

"On my country." Kanda swore. He began squeezing the lemons for Allen, which he ended up doing way more effectively than the shorter of the two. "Do you know what we do in Japan when we've become friends with someone?" Kanda asked, smirking as he squeezed another lemon.

"No, what?"

"We kiss them." that said, Kanda swiftly leaned down, placing a kiss on Allen's lips. Kanda pulled away, smiling softly before he laughed a little. "It was sour."

"Shut up!" Allen wiped his mouth, blushing. "What was all that for anyway?"

Kanda shrugged. "Felt like it." he began walking away, still smirking when he threw over his shoulder "That was a lie, by the way."

"Whaaaaat?!" Allen looked at his wrapped up finger. Maybe that kiss wasn't so bad after all...


hee hee hee. First D. Gray. Man, what did you think?

Allen: I like lemonade...

Allen, sweet cakes, go back to bed. RXR ONEGAI!