Remember, remember
The fifth of November
The gunpowder, treason, and plot
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

Remember the death of the one that we loved
Who was unfairly killed for the fight.
He should have gone out in a blaze of glory,
Not like a candle in the night.

And also remember the faceless one,
The one that we cherished so dear.
He gave up his life for his revolution
And taught us to live without fear.

At last, let's remember, the ones that we hate;
The betrayers, the killers, the damned.
I wish I could kill them for what they have done,
But dimension stays my hand.

I'm thankful; at least, they are already dead,
By painful or shameful ways.
But that will not bring back the ones we have lost;
In memory, they shall stay.

In memory of V and L, who both did not deserve to die, and yet perished for the cause that they put their hearts and souls into. We honor them, this November the Fifth, and wish we could have them back.


A tribute to V and L. L is from the manga Death Note, if you don't know. He died on November the fifth, tragically. I felt that this was appropriate for today…

I do not own what I only know as "The V Poem", the "Remember, remember" part. I do own everything else.

I sympathize with anyone who cried when they finally realized that V had to die, or that L had no chance. (sob) Happy November the Fifth, everyone.