Look for me by moonlight Look for me by moonlight

Chapter one: His First Appearance




She couldn't sleep tonight, like the many nights before.

She glanced at her black alarm clock that stared right back at her in bright red numbers. Turning from it she climbed out of her bed and walked to her wide, open window. The night was still young, but far too late for her tired body. She was going to pay for it the next day when she had to wake up for school but really couldn't care about that sort of matter.

These past few months she been living in London were taking a toll on her. She couldn't sleep when every five minuets or so, she would wake up to a car or a bus passing through, or the constant partying right next to the flat she lived in with her brother. She felt like a zombie, almost killing herself more than once when crossing the street when traffic was at its worst. She was lucky to be able to keep all of her limbs. It didn't help when the days seemed longer than usual and the fact that there was nothing in London that captured her attention.

Twin, transparent white curtains blew in the warm summer air, making the girl shiver. Walking to the window of her balcony she pulled herself onto the edge, gripping the edge and letting her legs dangle, watching the pitch-black night light up from the lights of the downtown London city lights, then to the nonexistent stars above her head.

She hated living in the city. It was always crowded, and the annoying neon lights and streetwalkers passing by the neighborhood despite the fact that it was a very well known and tidy place to live. Only the upcoming big time men and women lived here on their paths to riches. The teenagers here were snobby and rude, and so very boring. She disliked her brother for taking her away from the quiet peacefulness of the English countryside to the infamous London.

Just two feet away from her left she could spot her neighbor roam in his flat in darkness and the fact that she knew this bothered her more than she thought. There was absolutely no privacy, everywhere you turned, there were people talking loudly into their cell phones and buses and cars and just everything in general.

When living in the small town of Worcester, she would never have to have the embarrassment of looking out of her flat balcony and see her neighbors staring right back at her. No, definitely not. She had the pleasure of being able to stare dreamingly out of her tiny bedroom window to long rows of green, green grass and the bright colored poppies and daisies that led to the river.

She missed the countryside and its suppleness and natural beauty that would make anyone want to live there forever. No amount of top notched pubs or shopping markets could take her love of the country away from her.

Her eyes drowsily began to droop, but her body refused the sleep it needed from the exhausting day of shopping that her brother demanded of her, mostly because of the lack of clothes she had.

He called her a tomboy, which didn't bother her at all and mentioned for the millionth time how unfitting the heiress to the Kuchiki Business was proving to be very unladylike, threatening to take away her trip to her hometown and hang out with her childhood friend Renji. Unwilling to let the only thing keeping her sane, she grudgidly accepted the credit card he passed to her and hopped into the business car but not before muttering under her breath that he was being a stinky prat. He only grinned short of a smile, and kissed her on the cheek, demanding that she came back with bags of dresses, petticoats, and skirts and not the tattered shorts and tank tops she usually wore.

Glaring at the forgotten bags on the floor that sat idly in the corner, she returned her gaze to the limitless sky, not caring at all about the fact that her window was wide open and she sat in only her midnight blue nightie. She could only imagine what her brother would say to her obvious display and would probably say about how the modern woman would not behave like such a streetwalker . Then to prove his point, he would throw sweaters or even a trash bag if he must to preserve her innocence. A small smile graced her lips at that thought.

Letting her hand stray through her tangled hair, she sighed in delight when her heated face met the cool wind. When her eyes fluttered open against her dark full lashes, she was surprised to find herself staring straight into the most spectacular pair of hazel brown eyes twinkling with mischief.


And like a bashful teenager she was, she screamed like bloody murder.