Hi, I'm back with another story. This one is going to more of a serious fic, but will still have tons of shippyness. :P Well I thank you all for reviewing my other stories and I hope you enjoy this one too. Just in case, here are everyone's ages, outfits, and heights:

Ash-16-He's wearing his Sinnoh Attire-5'8"

Misty-16-She's wearing her yellow shorts and shirt outfit-5'7"

Brock-18-Sinnoh Attire-6'1"

Dawn-15-Sinnoh Attire(what else would she wear? Seriously) 5'5"

Paul-16-Sinnoh Outfit-5'7"

May-15-Her classic red bandana outfit-5'6"

Drew-16-His normal clothes but with black pants-5'8"

Kym-16-Her outfit is in her profile on my profile (ironic huh?) 5'6"

Brendan-16-His Pokemon Emerald clothes-5'8"

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon, no kidding, if I did, this fic would be a movie.

Chapter 1-Arrivals

Normal POV

"Alright Hearthrome City" cries a very cheerful 15 year old girl. Her midnight blue hair sways as she runs toward the city.

"Finally" says a very tired 16 year old boy. His spiky black hair contained by a hat and on his shoulder perches a yellow rat Pokemon, also known as Pikachu that has been with him as long as he can remember, Pikachu was his first Pokemon after all.

"Chaa" It cries.

"Come on Ash, it didn't' take us that long to get here" states an 18 year old boy, or 'man' if you would. He portrays the fatherly mature figure of the trio.

"Riight…three weeks is definitely not long, not long at all. Let's just go check into the Pokemon Center and head straight towards the Gym"

He begins to head off but a hand with a Poketch grabs him by the collar and stops him dead in his tracks.

"Hold it there Ash, don't forget the reason why we're here in the first place" cries the young teenager.

"Of course I haven't forgotten Dawn; it's cause of the Gym Battle" Ash answers, being his usual dense self. Dawn just sweat drops and smacks her forehead.

"Ash, what are we gonna do with you?" Brock says skeptically.

It took Ash a few seconds to process the whole situation.

'Let's see, Dawn, Hearthrome City, Contest Hall…Oh! The contest, how could I forget'

"Oh, the contest duh" Ash says. Brock slaps his forehead while Dawn stands there with an 'Oh My God' look plastered onto her face.

"Not just any contest Ash! It's the Annual Hearthrome City Contest!(totally made up by the way XD) Coordinators from all over Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh will be coming to this contest…Oh no, just think of all the competition. What if I don't win? What if I don't even make it into the next round? What if I get so nervous that I-"

"Dawn, relax, I'm sure you'll do fine" Brock reassures her.

"Yeah, I'll even help you train, heck I could use the training to, I do have a gym battle after all"

"Thanks guys, I just had a little breakdown" Dawn says innocently.

"Noticed" Ash says.

They all begin to head towards the Pokemon Center to get a room and begin there training.

Meanwhile, a very impatient 16 year old boy with emerald hair and eyes to match waits just outside the Contest Hall.

'Where are they'

He looks the clock but suddenly he feels two soft hands cup over his eyes. He could hear a suppressed giggle, and by the presence of this 'mysterious person' he knew right away who it was. A smirk already on his lips.

"Guess who" the melodious voice says.

"Could it be my biggest fan in the whole wide world" Drew says, obviously joking, but still he couldn't help but throw some fun at her, besides, he always loved it when she put up a fight.

He feels the warmth leave and as he turns around, he sees a very angry looking 15 year old girl, but Drew didn't mind, one of the things he loved most about this girl was the fact that even when she was extremely ticked off and was about ready to pounce, Drew still found her irresistible.

"Hey" May says angrily as she crosses her arms firmly across her chest.

Seeing May for the first time in 8 months made him…happy. The corners of his mouth began to curve as he was now wearing a true smile.

"Missed you" He simply says, this makes May jump with joy, she latches her arms around his neck in a friendly hug. Drew closed his arms around May's waist, oh yeah, he was happy.

"Am I interrupting something?" A voice says from behind. May and Drew quickly let go and turn to see a 16 year old girl, black hair in a ponytail, chocolate eyes, and a sly grin on her face, beside her was a fox-like fire Pokemon.

"Kym!" May says as she engulfs her friend in a hug, totally forgetting about her previous embrace with Drew.

"Hey May" Kym says, she turns her head towards Drew and gives him a friendly smile.

"So how've you been?" He asks as he bends down to pet her Ninetales.

"Nine" it says while nudging his hand.

"Good, Sinnoh's great, how's Jhoto?" she asks.

"The contests there aren't half bad" Drew says.

"Yeah, they're really fun! But, I keep on running into Mr. Ego over here" May turns and sticks her tongue at him in a childish manner.

Drew keeps his cool and flips his hair.

"Like you don't enjoy seeing me" he says in his 'I'm all that and you know it' voice.

"Ugh, Drew-" May starts.

Kym just stands there and sighs,

'I swear they argue more than Ash and Misty. No, wait…they can't be as bad as them' Kym thinks

"You're so childish!" Drew yells.

"You're so conceited!" May shouts back.

'Never mind, there is no way Ash and Misty are this bad'

Kym turns to Ninetales and just shrugs.

"Come on let's go" She grabs May and Drew by their wrist and drags them to the Pokemon Center.

At the same time a redhead with cerulean eyes stands by Amity Square holding her Azurill.

Misty POV

'Wow, Hearthrome is really pretty. Wait, don't forget why you're here in the first place'


"So do you think you can come?" asks a voice on the other side of the moniter.

"Of course Brock, I'll be there in about three weeks though"

"That's fine, but…" Brock stops.

"But what?"

"Try not to get to exited when you see him again" with that said he hangs up with a sly grin on his face, leaving Misty standing there with a clear blush across her face.

End Flashback

'Just thinking about what Brock said makes me wanna smack him upside the head'

I continue walking absentmindedly then I suddenly run into something and stumbled back.

"Ow" I say.

"Sorry, are you okay?" the voice asks.

'That voice sounds so familiar'

I look up, and sure enough, it was who it thought it was. I stare at his lavender hair and cobalt eyes.



He helps me up and stares at me with a 'what the hell are you doing here in Sinnoh look'

Yup, that was Paul for you, why Dawn likes him, I will never I know.

"So what are you doing here?" He asks snidely.

"Well I'm here to visit Ash, and Brock too, oh and Dawn"

As soon I said her name I could've sworn I saw a small smile on his face.


"What's that supposed to mean?" I ask.

"Nothing, nothing at all…so I guess you're here to see the contest too?"

"Well yeah that too, I heard it's going to be really good" I say, we begin to walk to the Pokemon Center (Man, everyone's headed there lolz) , I still have to get a room.

"Yeah, since most of the people are also trainers, that means there's gonna be a long wait at the Gym…well I gotta go, see you around"

He turns to take his leave, I yell bye but get no response. I just forget about it and walk into the Pokemon Center.

Normal POV

Misty enters the Poke Center and just a few feet away in the "sitting area" (couldn't think of a better name :P) sits Ash, Dawn, and Brock getting ready to head out and train.

"Pika" Pikachu sniffs the air for a second then makes a dash towards the receptionist counter.

"Pikachu! Where are you going?" Ash, Brock, and Dawn begin to follow Pikachu.

"Alright you stay here Azurill, I'll be right back"

"Azu!" The little blue Pokemon says happily.

Just then a yellow rodent runs up to it.


"Azu?...Azuril Zu!"

"Hey Pikachu, why'd you run off like that?" Ash picks up Pikachu and then heads out the door, completely oblivious to the Azurill. Dawn on the other hand notices the baby Pokemon.

"Oh and Azurill!" she bends over to pet it but is interrupted.

"Dawn let's go!" Brock's voice yells.

"Kay, Bye" She says cheerfully to the Azurill, than runs to catch up with Ash and Misty.

'That Azurill looked so familiar'

"Hey Ash, doesn't Misty have and Azurill?" Dawn asks.

As soon as Ash heard that name, he immediately thought of all the good times they had together, how pretty she was and probably still is, and the last time he saw her.

"Ash? Ash? Hellooo…" Dawn begins to wave her hands in front of his face but still no response.

"Just leave him, he's in his own world now" Brock says with a grin.

'I do wonder if she's here yet though' He thought.

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