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Chapter 4

Paul POV

"Hey Dawn, haven't seen you in forever" I turn to the blonde kid smiling slyly at the girl underneath me, and I suddenly realized how awkward everything must be, having this clumsy girl pinned down by me.

"Um…I should…" Dawn begins to say, her flawless cheeks tinted pink. I push myself off of her and extend a hand to help her up, she doesn't hesitate to grab it and with a light pull, I help her up back onto her feet. I can feel a slight tingle in my hand as hers made contact with mine, and I had to admit that the feeling wasn't so bad.

I quickly let go and shove my hands in my pocket, and turning away from her, avoiding any type of eye contact what-so-ever.

'I never thought that I would be the one falling for a girl…I never thought I would be falling for Dawn…'

"Yeah, I haven't seen you in a long time Damion, how are you?" I hear Dawn ask politely, I turn my head to see Dawn's dark blue eyes locked onto the guy's amber ones, who was apparently called 'Damion'.

But by the looks of it, his eyes were focused on something else; I follow his wandering gaze traveling up and down Dawn's petite body. He was checkin' her out…at that point I basically had to hold myself back before I socked the guy in the face…

"I'm fine, but you don't look to bad yourself" He says flirtatiously, I scoff and give a look of disgust. Who did this guy think he was? Flirting with Dawn, and checking her out like that. If anyone should be doing that to Dawn, it should only be me…

'Wait... when did become so jealous?'

"Um…thanks Damion…" Dawn says unsurely as her cheeks become a light shade of pink.

The black haired kid behind 'Damion' walked up in front of Dawn and gave her a quick hug, pulling away with a huge smile across his face, that seemed to have spread onto Dawn's face as well.

"Lucas! Hi!" she cries excitedly as she begins to chat it up with her two apparent 'best buds'. I couldn't help but feel left out and excluded from the scene, I mean why wouldn't I be? Dawn is happy with her circle of friends, and I obviously had no place in them so what was the point of me even trying. Did I actually think that she would…like me?

That was nothing but a false thought.

I turn to take my leave and head back to the PokeCenter, but before I could take another step towards the red-roofed building I feel a small and warm sensation grasp my arm. I turn to see a girl dressed in pink, her navy eyes brimming with happiness, and if I'm not mistaken, hope.

Heat overwhelms my cheeks as I stare at the girl in front of me. I quickly try and regain my composure as I open my mouth to ask a barley audible question.


"I, um…I wanted to introduce you" With that said, she quickly pulls me back towards the two teens standing in a causal manner, my feet betraying me as they follow Dawn's lead rather than heading towards the PokeCenter.

"Damion, Lucas, this is Paul, he's a…" Dawn hesitated to say the next word, and I unknowingly held my breath.

What was I expecting her to say, crush? Love? Yeah right…

"…a friend of mine" Dawn manages to say. I feel a slight pang of disappointment and satisfaction as those words came from her mouth.

"Hi there, nice to meet you. I'm Lucas" The black haired boy reaches out a hand, obviously being the friendly one in this situation because all I was gettin' from the blonde were a few skeptical looks.

"Hi" I simply say. What can I say? It wasn't really in my nature to be all happy go lucky with everyone I met.

"Hey," The blonde nods his head in acknowledgement but then quickly speaks up, "so what are you, Dawn's boyfriend or something? Because I never imagined her to go after the whole 'I'm too cool for anyone' type guy"

Normal POV

Damion smirks as he awaits a reaction from Paul. But Paul, being the 'cool', calm and collected guy he is, simply smirks right back at him. He leans in to get a look at the arrogant look on his face, and rolls his eyes at the scene.

"Oh really? I never imagined Dawn to go after the 'idiotic, beach blonde' type either" Paul says, his face managing to keep straight.

Dawn and Lucas, who just happened to be conveniently hearing their small throw of insults stood there shocked.

"Um…maybe we should go and check in now…" Lucas says to Dawn, "let's go buddy, before you give that guy a beat down…hehe nice to meet you Paul" Lucas waves as he heads over to the PokeCenter, dragging a fuming trainer behind him.

Paul smirks as he watches the kid being dragged away, he looks back at Dawn, expecting to see a fuming, angry, red faced girl, but all he saw was Dawn, standing there, almost looking completely oblivious to the situation.

He cocked an eyebrow as he leaned in close to her face.

"Aren't you mad? I kinda just insulted your little wimpy boyfriend" Paul says without a care.

"Paul…you are unbelievable" Dawn says before stomping off into the opposite direction, but didn't get very far since Paul had grabbed her back.

"You really care about him don't you?" Paul awaited an answer from the girl, she stood there, and looking like she was thinking of an answer, after a few seconds she finally spoke up.

"Well yeah I do, he's my friend" Dawn says, she gives Paul a weak smile and takes the familiar route to the PokeCenter.

After her figure disappeared into the distance, Paul shoved his hands in his pockets once again and turns to take a walk around Hearthome.

'That stupid, stupid girl'

He groaned as he began his turned his way out of the park, and into the streets of Hearthome.

At the PokeCenter, in May and Drew's room

"Ow" A green haired teenager shouts as he receives a blow from a white laced pillow.

"What was that for?!?" He asks, while rubbing his head. He looks back at the black haired girl holding the pillow in her hands, her arms crossed and a twisted expression on her face.

"What d'you mean 'what was that for'? What you did to May was totally rude!" She shouts, tossing the pillow back onto the bed.

The previous conversation that explained the negative behavior between the two coordinators eventually moved to inside the PokeCenter, and naturally into their room. Judging by Kym's behavior, she didn't like what she heard.

"Okay if May forgave me then you should too; I didn't even do anything to you! Besides it's not like it was entirely my fault" Drew says before getting hit with yet another blow to his right arm, catching him off guard, causing him to fall back onto the bed.

"What did I just say about the hitting?" He shouts once again, and looks towards Kym who had her arms and legs crossed sitting on the back of the couch, he then turned towards the brunette in the room and saw the pillow tightly clutched in her fingers.

"Don't start that 'it wasn't entirely my fault' again" She shouts.

Drew scoffs and stands up to become face to face with the girl.

"Sorry May, forgive me if I assume that the blame should be separated since you and I both got a little out of hand" Drew says harshly.

'So much for 'making up'…'

"Well, I'll have you know-" The brunette begins to say but is quickly interrupted by a hand over her mouth stopping her from going any further.

"Okay, you two fight or shout one more time, you're right back where you started" Kym says while taking her hand off of May's mouth, she motions May and Drew to sit, and they reluctantly follow her instruction.

Kym seats herself on the opposite bed and stares at the two. Drew was leaning back, his hands supporting him, and May was sitting with her arms crossed. Kym gave a skeptical look before talking.

"Okay, before I say anything…lemme get this straight…"


Kym had just recently left to go around town with her trusty Ninetales, leaving the two alone to bicker the night away.

Somehow this conversation ended up as a debate on whether or not grass Pokemon were strong enough.

"What are you talking about grass Pokemon are plenty strong, have you not seen my Roselia?" Drew says as he flicks his bangs out of his face.

"Yes I have, and I'm not saying anything, I actually think your Roselia's a little sweetheart…it's her trainer I'm having a problem with" May says, moving in close to Drew to send him a glare.

"Aw May, love you too" Drew says, noting the heavy sarcasm in his voice.

The two sat there in silence for a while, having run out of things to say. This…unfortunately was 'normal' for them. Drew insults, May shouts back, Drew shouts back…fight and then it's done. Now that didn't sound like a very healthy relationship, and May completely agreed.

She was tired of being so distant from Drew, it was like there was an invisible barrier between the two, a barrier that she wishes would just disappear.

She looked from the corner of her eyes only to notice Drew staring off into space, his emerald orbs focusing on the passing Starly gliding in the sky. He didn't seem to notice he was being looked at so May turned her head slightly to the right to get a better view.

'He looks so calm…and cute' May thinks as a small smile appears on her face, she bring her legs up to her chest and leans her head back onto the large tree they were currently under.

"You know…this is nice" May says quietly. Drew nods and looks at May.

"It is…it's actually relaxing sitting here, watching the clouds and Pokemon fly by…" Drew says softly while May nods in agreement, "…and being with you" Drew says, a little louder than intended.

May gasps as her cheeks turn a dark crimson. What she had just heard was apparently music to her ears. Drew actually liked spending time with her, she always though that they were just on a rival-rival basis, but looks like that was slowly changing, or at least she hope it would.

"W-what did you just say?" May says turning over to meet her gaze with Drew's. He smiles and flicks his bangs out of his face.

"I just think that…it's nice…when you're not whining or being a total baby" Drew says while playfully tucking a strand of the brunette's hair behind her ear. The mood would've been nice if Drew hadn't of added that last comment.

"You-just when I think that you could actually be a-" May cries, but before she could finish…she was prevented from doing so by Drew…

Before she knew it, a soft kiss had been planted on her cheek. She watched Drew pull away as his face turned a slight red. May brought her hand up to her cheek and flushed a cherry red as well. A smile emerged onto her face as she smirked and gave Drew a sly look.

"What's this? Does the Drew Hayden, the most wonderful and brilliant coordinator to have ever walked the face of the planet…maybe have feelings for me, May Maple, a lowly, unworthy and clumsy girl?" May cries, placing a hand on her forehead leaning back in an act of over dramatization.

"Ha ha very funny May" Drew says as he gets up and brushes himself off. He looks back at May and offers a hand to help her up as well. May accepts and is soon brought to her feet.

Then in one swift motion, her body was pressed against the nearby tree and was slightly against Drew's. Her hands pinned down to her sides and Drew's gaze locked onto her sapphire pools.

May's breath had become shallow and her heart gained speed as it began to pound from her chest. Drew on the other hand seemed calm, and he also seemed to be getting closer and closer with each breath May took.

"You know May, maybe you're pretty smart after all…" Drew says with a smirk. If May weren't so dazed by the smell of Drew's cologne and the heat from his body, then she probably would've stormed off saying some remark. But this case was different…way different.

As Drew got closer, May felt herself shut her eyes. She had been waiting for this kiss for a while now, and she was just glad that it was a happening but as she waited for the moment when his lips would lightly brush hers but…it never came.

May peeped open her left eye only to see Drew talking to a blonde haired girl with stunning lavender eyes. A strand of her blonde locks was set in between her fingers while she was tracing another hand up Drew's chest.

A few seconds went by and all May could do was watch, and slowly feel the anger rise inside of her.

"That…little…" The brunette clenched her fists and sent death glares to the emerald haired boy who was preoccupied with talking to the girl.

She was fairly pretty, long curled locks of golden hair and glistening lavender eyes. A nice lean body with long, slender legs, not to mention the upper half of her didn't look so bad either…

But in May's point of view, she looked nothing more than a bleach blonde tramp who was standing next to a grass headed idiot.

A couple of seconds later, Drew ran back to May while supposedly was putting something in his pocket, but May was too furious to even notice.

"So, where were we?" Drew says flirtatiously, as he gives a seductive grin to May, hoping to have her fall in his arms once again. But much to his dismay, May stood there, with her arms crossed and her eyebrows furrowed.

Seeing that he had no effect on the girl he leaned in and looked her in the eye.

"May? What's wrong-?" Drew begins to ask.

"What's wrong? What's wrong?!? Oh I dunno, either way it's not that important. Why don't you just go back to your little blonde girlfriend? I bet you'd much rather be with her than me! What's her name Drew? Ashley or Stacy?" May states harshly, causing Drew to look at her like she just got hypnotized by a Pokemon.

She turns the opposite direction feeling tears sting her eyes, threatening to come out.

Drew stood there, keeping his gaze locked onto May, he didn't realize he had hurt her so badly. Then again, he didn't even know what he had done. All he did was go over to that blonde girl, who happened to be a fan girl, and who also have happened to have his PokeNav. So all he did was try and get it back…

"May-" Drew begins to say softly while embracing May from behind, but she quickly squirms out of his grasp.

"Save it Drew, I honestly don't want to hear it." She says coldly pushing him away. She was so convinced that Drew had tricked her and went after another, better looking girl, right in the middle of their kiss. Guess she was wrong about how Drew felt about her.

"What on earth are you talking about? Do you honestly think that I would actually be interested in a fan girl like her?" Drew asks May, stressing fan girl, hoping May would realize her mistake.

"If you honestly thought that I would just go for the next pretty girl on the sidewalk then you are sadly mistaken May." Drew shouts, sounding on the verge of being hurt and offended.

"Oh really?!?" May retaliates sending a hurt yet piercing look to Drew, her sapphire eyes no longer brimming with happiness and joy, but sending daggers of hurt and anger.

Drew stood there for a while before opening his mouth to say something that he would later regret…

"You know what May? Fine, you're right. Why would I want to hang out with a childish, immature girl like you when there a plenty of other hot girls practically begging me to even give them a glance? My eyes have always been focused on you and you alone, and after all this time you still haven't noticed and still think I'm that shallow…then…then forget it…I'm done with this."

Drew's words but through May like a knife, she couldn't stop a single tear that had escaped her eyes. She watched as Drew, the one she cared about more than anything, walk away, leaving her all alone. She sighed and slid down the tree and buried her head into her arms.

End Flashback

As Kym concluded the quick run through Drew and May sat there, their lips sealed and their eyes averted from each other. After a few quiet moments, May finally decided to speak up.

"Wow…when you actually hear how you sound, you wind up feeling pretty stupid…" May says softly.

"Yeah…" Drew agrees, speaking in a barely audible voice.

"May, jealousy is a cruel thing, and if you would've been paying attention to what Drew was really saying, then you would know that he basically li-"

"Uh Kym! Don't you have some special training to do or something? Anything…at all?" Drew says abruptly getting up to begin to push the icy eyed girl towards the door. A blush stained on his cheeks.

"No, not really. Why?" Kym says looking at Drew skeptically. It took her a few seconds before she realized why he was acting jumpy all of a sudden.

"Oh, oh. Gotcha" Kym says as she sends a smile towards Drew, who nods while running a hand down his face.

May who was completely oblivious to the whole thing just sat there, tilting her head in confusion.

"Well…I gotta go do some stuff. Yeah, stuff, really important stuff. Gotta get that stuff done." Kym says sheepishly as she heads towards the door and slips outside, leaving the two coordinators alone.

Drew sighs a sigh of relief. He didn't want his secret to be blown…or at least, not yet…

"What did Kym mean by 'I wasn't paying attention'?" May asks abruptly. Drew spins around facing the opposite direction, mostly to hide his growing blush.

"What did you really mean?" May asks once more.

"…nothing. Nothing at all. You know how she is." Drew says solemnly. He knew that now would've been the perfect chance, but he apparently got cold feet, and withdrew from his confession.

'I'll tell her tomorrow, after the contest'


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