Harry and the Turn of the Tide - by teddylonglong

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Chapter 26 – Sniffing Around

Too soon it was time for Draco to return home after staying with Harry at Hogwarts for a whole month. At first, Harry felt very sad about it; however, he realised soon that he didn't have time to feel lonely, especially as Draco came to the castle every afternoon to play with his friends anyway. With Potions classes in the morning, playing with his friends in the afternoon, bonding with his mummy and observing Filch hiding from Professor Trelawney Harry remained extremely busy.

To Draco's chagrin, his mother wouldn't allow him to spend the whole day at Hogwarts and only allowed him to take the Floo to the castle in the afternoon, but not for the Potions class with Severus. Remembering what his godfather had told him about his father, Draco began to search his father's cellar, where he found many strange things, of which he assumed that they were dark objects.

He unobtrusively smuggled the smaller things into his room to take them with him to Hogwarts and show them to Severus, uncertain if his mother would appreciate what he was doing. Most of the items were indeed dark objects, and Severus commended Draco greatly for bringing them to him so he could properly destroy them.

One day, however, Draco found a book. 'Nothing is written in it, so maybe I could use it as a diary,' he mused, remembering that Mrs. Weasley had suggested in class they should keep a diary to get used to writing a little bit every day. Taking a seat in front of his desk, he took a quill and opened the book.

'My name is Draco Malfoy, although I wished it was different. I can't be proud of my father anymore,' he slowly began to write, before he paused to think of how to continue.

'Hello Draco. My name is Tom Riddle.' All of a sudden, letters began to appear under his own writing.

'Who are you?' Draco wrote back in surprise.

'I am a Hogwarts student, a Slytherin prefect.'

'I go to the primary school at Hogwarts. Which class are you in? Perhaps we know each other.'

'You won't know me, but I can show you something interesting.'

Draco still pondered what to write back, when Dobby popped into the room. "Master Draco, it's time to take the Floo to Hogwarts."

"Okay Dobby, I'll leave now," Draco replied and pocketed the diary. 'I'll ask the others if they know Tom Riddle. Who knows what kind of boy he is.'

To his surprise, none of his friends knew the boy, not even Harry, Bill or Charlie, who were living at Hogwarts.

"Aunt Poppy surely knows him," Harry mused aloud, causing the Mediwitch to enter his room upon hearing her name.

"Whom should I know?"

"Tom Riddle," Draco replied, throwing his best friend's guardian a curious glance.

"Tom Riddle?" Poppy's face took on a horrified expression. "Of course I know him. He was three classes above Professor McGonagall, Madam Hooch and me. He is now known as Lord Voldemort."

While everyone else remained unmoving as if they were petrified, Draco jumped up from the floor, mumbling something like, "have to speak with Uncle Severus," and hurried away.

"Draco, I'm very proud of you," Severus told him as he handed over the diary. "Believe me if I tell you that you won't find anything useful in your father's cellar. Most if not all of the objects there are dark artefacts, and it would be good if you continued bringing them to me. Together with the Headmaster I'm going to destroy them, so they won't be able to harm anyone."

An hour later, Draco returned to Harry's room with a satisfied expression on his face, feeling utterly relieved knowing that Severus was going to destroy the strange diary of the Dark Lord.


One day, Lily entered Poppy's office, chuckling, and the children, who were just quietly sitting in Harry's room, sucking on an ice-cream, could hear Poppy ask her what was so funny.

"Professor Trelawney seems to have a crush on Mr. Filch," Lily chuckled. "I've just seen them. She tried to talk to him, but he ran away, so she chased him all over the ground floor, and this was not the first time I saw them together during the last few days."

"Oh well, that seems to be..."

"... a good timing for a few pranks," Fred finished his twin's sentence.

"That's a fantastic idea; let's see if we can find Mrs. Norris," Harry agreed, chuckling, causing his friends to scramble up from the floor and head out of Harry's room, searching their minds for prank ideas.

The group hurried down towards the entrance hall, quickly hiding in a dark alcove as the subjects of their interest, Mr. Filch and Mrs. Norris, hastily crossed the hall towards the staircase that led to the dungeons. "Let's go and hide from that imbecile woman," they heard Filch talk with his cat, before Professor Trelawney came into view at the far side of the hall.

"This is our chance," Bill whispered to the others. "Professor Lupin told me once that Filch is storing many so-called 'dangerous artefacts,' which he took away from students over the years. Let's see if we can get into his office and find something interesting."

They decided that only Harry and the twins should try to enter the office, while the others would wait in different alcoves to alert them if Filch was coming back. Harry didn't even have to use the Healer's password, since the door was unlocked, and the three mischief makers quickly went into the caretaker's office.

Each of them checked the drawers on one side of the room, until Fred let out a slight squeal. "Come here; these piles look interesting."

"We don't have time, Fred. Just take them with you," his brother urged him, and the three children left the room with a huge pile of parchments divided between the three of them and hidden in their robe pockets.

The group headed out onto the grounds, making themselves comfortable on the grass next to the lake to have a look at their treasures.

"Look here," Bill suddenly broke the silence, "this seems to be a potions recipe.

"What?" Hermione and Harry asked simultaneously, reaching for the parchment.

"I'm not exactly sure what it does, but it looks like a prank potion," Harry said in surprise.

"Because of the beetroot, spinach and the other colouring ingredients that go into it?" Hermione queried, chuckling in expectation.

"Exactly. The problem is that there is no chance we can brew it by ourselves," Harry said thoughtfully. "We have to let Uncle Severus in on this."

"That might be the best anyway, considered that we don't know if the potion might be dangerous," Bill said firmly, reaching for the next parchment on the pile.

"On the back it says 'Severus Snape'," Luna said suddenly, glancing at the back of the parchment with the potions recipe.

"Oh well, then Filch must have taken it from the Uncle Severus when he was a student," Draco grinned.

"This sounds interesting as well. It's written in two different hand-writings," Mandy laughed, reading from the parchment in front of her.

'Did you really kiss Dumbledore in front of the whole class?'

'Of course I did. Such a pity you missed Transfiguration yesterday.'

'Since when did you have a crush on Dumbledore?'

'He's so cute. He's like a child, especially if it has to do with lemon drops.'

'Cute? He's much too old for you, Minnie.'

'And who was it who found his OLDER brother so interesting in spite of the fact that he owns a goat?'

'Aberforth at least behaves appropriate to his age, not like a child.'

'Oh come on, Poppy, let's...'

"Oh no, don't tell us..."

"... it ends just here..."

"... where it could become interesting," the twins sang in a disappointed singsong.

"Well, we all know that they ended up together anyway," Hermione giggled.

"Bill, can you imagine our stern Head of House exchanging such a letter with Madam Pomfrey?" Charlie said in disbelief, glancing at the parchment.

"No, definitely not," Bill agreed. "This here is sounds good as well."

The children spent the next few days reading the parchments they had stolen from the caretaker's office. Many of them apparently had been taken from their teachers during their time as students at Hogwarts. They found several interesting looking potions recipes, letter students seemed to have exchanged during class, parchments from detentions and other things.

When they were finished skimming the huge pile, the twins brought the parchments back into Filch's office, with the exception of a few special ones like the recipes, and took another pile for the friends to read.

"I'd love to try this prank on Uncle Sirius," Harry blurted out, looking at the parchment on top of the pile. "Someone seems to have cast a candle quenching charm on Granddad. The whole school wondered why every now and then all the candles in a room extinguished themselves automatically, before they finally realised that it always happened when Granddad entered the room."

"That sounds brilliant..."

"... but do you know..."

"... how to cast the candle quenching charm?" the twins queried, throwing Harry excited looks.

"I don't know of course, but I know whom to ask," Harry replied. 'I'll go and ask the Grey Lady tomorrow before our Potions class,' he resolved.


However, when Harry and the teachers were assembled in the Great Hall for dinner that evening, his grandmother asked him, "Harry, do you remember our holidays at the seaside a few years ago?"

"When Uncle Severus taught me how to swim?" Harry asked eagerly.

"Exactly," Minerva said, smiling. "Harry, we're planning to go to the same holiday resort again. We're going to leave early tomorrow morning, and we'll be back in a week's time."

Harry's thoughts went haywire. 'But the day after tomorrow is my birthday, and if we leave tomorrow morning, I won't even have time to inform my friends.'

He was pulled out of his thoughts when Poppy said gently, "Harry, we've already talked to your friends and their parents, and they know that you won't be able to meet here for a week."

"All right," Harry replied, trying hard not to show the disappointment on his face. 'I thought I could have a birthday party with my friends like every year,' he thought sadly as he pushed the rest of his dinner around his plate, not feeling hungry anymore.


In the morning, Harry and all the teachers except for Professor Flitwick, who had promised to stay at Hogwarts this time so the Headmaster could join the others for their holiday, assembled at Poppy's and Aberforth's home. Since the wards around Hogwarts were still charmed to not let Harry out with a Portkey, everyone had to take the Floo to Hogsmeade, before they could hold on to the inflatable crocodile that the Headmaster had turned into a Portkey.

"Will Jessica be all right?" Harry asked Amelia in concern, observing how she carefully pried the baby's tiny fingers against the crocodile.

"She'll be all right, sweetie," Amelia said reassuringly, throwing Harry, who tended to behave like a big brother towards her child, a huge smile.

While they were heading towards the apartment they had booked for the week, Minerva turned to Harry. "Where are you going to stay, sweetie? Do you want to stay in Aunt Poppy's and Uncle Aberforth's room as usual, or would you like to share a room with your mother?"

"With Aunt Poppy," Harry replied in a small voice, throwing Lily an apologetic look.

"That's all right, Harry," Lily said softly. "You could also stay with your Daddy. I'm sure he won't mind."

"His Daddy?" Minerva queried, but only when she noticed that everyone was looking at her strangely, did Lily realise what she had said.

"I'm sorry, I meant Severus," she explained quickly. "When I first came from the past, Harry called him 'Daddy.' At the same time, he told me that he wasn't allowed to call him that, but it must have slipped my mind. I'm sorry. I'm still trying to catch up with everything."

"That's all right, Lily. I don't mind Harry calling me that at all, and I understand well that it must be very difficult for you. Two months is a short time compared to the five and a half years you missed," Severus said in his soft, silky voice that Harry loved so much.

Harry happily slipped a small hand into his uncle's slender hand, reaching for his Mummy's hand at the same time. 'I'll stay with Aunt Poppy,' he decided. 'Maybe I can spend one or the other night with Mummy or Daddy.'

More or less by chance, however, it was Severus, who brought Harry to bed that evening, and he ended up sleeping in Severus' room. Harry was very excited. 'Tomorrow is my birthday; it'll be so much fun to have a birthday party on the beach,' he mused as he drifted off to sleep.

However, in the morning, everyone seemed to have forgotten about his birthday. The teachers met in the dining room for breakfast, before they headed out to enjoy the morning on the beach. Harry spent the whole morning building a miniature sand Hogwarts, while Jessica was sitting beside him, slapping against the sand castle with her tiny hands in absolute delight. Harry was so engrossed trying to make the towers higher and higher, in spite of Jessica's counterproductive attempts, that he looked up in surprise when Severus told him, "Harry, it's nearly lunchtime. Do you still remember how to swim? Shall we go for a swim before lunch?"

"I'd love that," Harry said excitedly, wondering why everyone had forgotten his birthday for the first time. 'I like it here,' he mused while he tried to swim after Severus through the shallow water. Unfortunately, he hadn't practised swimming for such a long time that he only managed a few strokes, before he had to put his feet onto the ground again. 'I'd still prefer to be at home and have a birthday party with my friends,' he thought in disappointment.

Deeply absorbed by his sad thoughts, Harry didn't hear Severus warn him and was taken by surprise when a huge wave broke over him and swept him out into deeper water.


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