"A Hero is not a coward yet knows when to retreat. A Hero is not wise but knows the difference between right and wrong. A Hero is not someone anyone can be or chooses to be. For a Hero is nothing but the chosen few whom are charged with carrying the burden of many as they walk the path literally laid down by those whom the Hero must shoulder."

A Quote from the Tomes of the Ancestors

"My Champion rises to defend us against the stagnant ways. My Champion rises to the call to fight. My Champion rises only to destroy that which exists only to end. My Champion is death itself come to lay waste. My Champion exists only for this. When my Champion is done, sleep is the reward claimed."

Except from the Diary of the Dark One

The eternal battle between the Light and the Darkness is a war that had been fought since the time all things were made. The Eternal War has been fought through many battles and has been fought many different ways. The only difference in those battles that were fought was how long the peacetime would last after each Deciding Victory was made.

If the Light won then the peace would last for months or even decades. If the Darkness won then terror would reign until the Light would rise up again to battle the Darkness. It was a necessary struggle. For it was the very nature of the world. One simply could not exist without the other. The universe was built on such a principle.

In the grand scheme of things, the Balance was the only thing that mattered but to those who fought those battles, more was on the line. This story is a story of Good versus Evil. This story is the story of why the Balance is so important. This story is about those who would rise to fight for the Light and those who would oppose them.

This is a story of Heroes Rising.