Battle Royale Third Reich Style


AUTHOR NOTES: I find it hard to believe Japan would do something like this to their own children but I have no problem seeing Nazi Germany doing something like this to the teenagers of other countries. That's what this story is.

This takes place in 1990. In this world, Germany won World War Two taking over Great Britain(this world's Winston Churchill having died in a traffic accident years before World War Two started. In real history Winston Churchill did get seriously injured in a traffic accident while visiting America but he survived it.)

Britain capitulated after their army got captured at Dunkirk and the Germans sent paratroopers into Scapa Flow.(Scapa Flow is the northern most port in Britain; it's within range of paratroopers if they come in from Norway) Once Germany controlled the port they were able to deploy soldiers into Britain. The Germans took over Britain in less than a year.

When Franco's Spain saw the imminent fall of Britain they attacked and took Gibraltar(a British held fortress on the southern coast of Spain) getting some spoils for themselves. Fascist Italy also made some gains in North Africa as Britain collapsed.

The Royal Navy managed to escape to America along with some key scientists well versed in atomic energy and radar. Even the British Royal Family made it to America and Canada. While the U.S. didn't want to get involved in the war, they stayed wary of Nazi Germany.

The Japanese still attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 waking the not so sleeping giant of the United States. The Japanese were emboldened by the fall of the British Empire taking whatever was within it's grasp in Asia.

However, America was so enraged by Pearl Harbor that the Japanese were hard pressed to keep their stolen gains as the U.S. made Japan it's priority. Australia and Canada also aided the U.S in their war with Japan. Germany decided to stay out of the war with U.S. while planning their eventual invasion of the Soviet Union.

In the spring of 1944, after Germany had taken over all of Europe including fighting a brutal, bloody war with Switzerland, they went after the Soviet Union. By this time Germany had their jet fighters and their much better tanks and equipment and they were much more prepared for the Russian Winter but the Soviets were ready for the Germans too so the war took a three long years with Germany eventually becoming victorious.

America defeated Japan shocking the world by dropping atomic bombs on the country. Germany feverishly tried to make atomic bombs of their own but were far behind the U.S. since many of the best German scientists were Jews who had escaped to America or been killed in the Holocaust.

After the war was over in Asia, Mao Tse Tung and the Chinese communists fought a civil war with Chang-Kai Shek. The war was inconclusive. But after the fall of the Soviet Union the Chinese communists moved north, merged with the Siberians there and created the People's Republic of Siberia planning another war with Chang Kai Shek's China when the time was right.

While Germany continued with it's holocaust of the Jews, many escaped to Israel with the help of many American Jews who used the chaos and turmoil to good effect. By the 1960's Israel had become it's own nation backed up by the U.S. who wanted an ally against the German influence in the Middle East. America also didn't want Germany having all that oil. The Arab nations surrounding Israel were backed up by Germany except for Saudi Arabia who stayed a neutral arbiter between the two sides. But despite all this Israel remained victorious getting even more land than they had in the first place, land that included oil.

By this time a man named Baron Krieger is running Germany, Hitler having long since died of old age. Hitler's lieutenants, Goering, Goebbels and the others used assassins to eliminate the others to the point they were all eliminated. Baron Krieger then eliminated any competition he had and took over Germany in 1975. Once he had established his rule he went on with the business of running the country.

But all is not well within the Third Reich. Now, America and the Third Reich are in the middle of a cold war. Both have nukes and are willing to use them. The teenagers of the countries Germany has conquered have been getting rebellious and making trouble. Despite the iron fist rule of the Third Reich (or because of it) Europe is in turmoil. Youth crime was rampant and hard to control. Even though many people were executed for their crimes against the Reich, youth rebellion went on in some of the conquered countries in some form or another. The current year is 1990.


Chapter One

"Sit down, Gentleman," Baron Krieger said to the high ranking officials of the Nazi Party after they've saluted and he had returned their salutes. "As you all know we're having problems with some of the youth of the Third Reich. Well, I've come up with an idea. I've already had the small island of Scapa Flow evacuated. Any of you know why?"

"Do you want to create a new and larger concentration camp?" one of the government officials asked.

"Not quite, Herr Bonn. What I have in mind is a sort of fight to the death. We need to distract everyone with something people will enjoy watching. Concentration camps are a little passe."

"The plan is to grab 42 high school kids, 21 boys and 21 girls. We will put them on the a fore mentioned island. Colonel Kraut will explain the details. Come forward, Colonel Kraut!" the Fuhrer ordered.

"Heil Krieger!" a middle aged man wearing an S.S. uniform shouted and clicked his heels as he walked into the room, his S.S. henchmen bringing in his props into the room.

Baron Krieger sat down and pressed a button, turning off the light and turning on a large screen then he motioned for the colonel to continue.

"We will inform the high school students that they are to fight to the death. Alliances will be made and broken but there can only be one winner. This winner will be given a cash award and become a media star."

"I'm curious, Colonel. What if the kids don't want to fight each other?" another Nazi official asked.

"They will have no choice. We will put these kids on a bus and gas then into unconsciousness. When they awake each one will have a small remote controlled device attached to his neck. Anyone who defies us will have his device activated and will have his head blown off. Here, let me show you."

!!BOOM!! "Gasp!" the men in the room exclaimed.

"The rules are as such. At least one person must die within a 24 hour period or all 'contestants' will die. The 'contestants' will not be allowed to leave the island. As time goes on the contestants will have to leave certain areas of the island forcing them towards the center. If they don't leave for these areas their remote controlled devices activated."

"Won't their parents be upset when they find out?" a short and fat German government official asked.

"I doubt they'll be a problem. Anyone who becomes a problem will be terminated!" the SS colonel answered with such a vicious and cruel aura, giving some of the men in the room shivers.

"Interesting as all this is, how will this help quell the youth uprisings?" a general asked.

"Simple, General. We will have video cameras everywhere, audio will be included as well. We also have a satellite hook up that will transmit what goes on live. Everyone will be too busy watching the show to make trouble or do mischief. The event will also put the fear of the Third Reich into the conquered nations of our empire."

"Which nation's teenagers will be the first to 'participate' in this experiment?" another general asked.

"The first nation will be France. We are in the process of picking a high school and a number of students there. Once that's been done we will take them to the island of Scapa Flow in north Britain where the contest will begin. When this becomes a success we will start using teenagers from other countries."

"France?" an old general asked. "I fought against the French when I was a lieutenant back in 1940. What makes you think these Frenchies will fight?"

"Many of the French high school students we will be drafted for this will be thugs and street scum. They will fight or they will die."

"As you can see, this will be a grand event. Go to it, Colonel! Inform me when you are ready to begin!" Baron Krieger ordered.

"Heil Krieger!" the S.S. colonel answered with a salute and a click of his heals.


"Lisa, this will be such a wonderful field trip!" Paulette said to her friend while the bus they were in drove to the coast from Dunkirk, France.

"I suppose you're right," the thoughtful girl named Lisa SimplaƮt said sadly. "I really wish America would actually go to war and defeat the Third Reich already instead of pussy footing around with them in this 'Cold War'."

"Sshh. You can't say things like that, Lisa. Anyway," Paulette said, changing the subject. "Does your father still work at that nuclear power plant for Herr Burnhart?"

"Yes, he still works there. I hate all these nuclear weapons," Lisa said sadly.

On another part of the bus Jacque Dubois was looking over some notes preparing for a test. He was a small bespectacled young man whom most regarded as a geek.

On another part of the bus were high school senior, Artie Gourmand and his three cohorts. His father was a wealthy land owner who was part of the Vichy government, the German controlled puppet government who ran all of France. Artie himself was somewhat tall but very fat. Even his head was round much like his body.

Being a son of a high ranking Vichy government official had it's perks. Artie would often demand everyone get out of the way of him and his crew when walking down the halls of the high school. He and his entourage would often have their way with any young girls that struck their fancy whether they wanted their attention or not! Everyone had to kiss his ass and hated him for it.

Artie Gourmand's entourage was composed of Maurice Goulet, a giant sized street fighter from the streets of Lourdes. He had had a lot of warrants against him but the political influence of Gourmand's family helped keep Maurice out of prison so he did Artie's bidding.

Armando Bastillion was from a middle class wine making family. He was known to be ruthless and a cut throat. He had a sharp beaked nose and a wicked toothy smile. Carrying hidden blades was a handy skill he loved to show off whenever Artie had him intimidate someone. Armando would not get away with the horrible things he did without the largess of the Gourmand family.

Nicolet Chardin was a good looking and debonair French gentleman who had a quick wit and quick reflexes. Not only was he a savate kickboxer, he was also an expert in judo and street fighting. His biggest crimes were working in the underground black market making a lot of money while getting things for Artie Gourmand that no one else could. Being part of Artie's entourage made things easier for Nicolet and helped keep the Germans off his back.

On another part of the bus sat Noel Ture. Noel preferred to be called by his nick name, MC. MC Ture liked to listen to rap music from America. He often went to an underground bar that had an illegal satellite hook up to MTV and BET so he was able to see a lot of rap videos. He also had bought several bootlegged tapes of rappers like LL Cool J, Grandmaster Flash and others.

While MC was listening to his music on his walkman, he started to get sleepy. Then he just nodded off. In fact everyone in the bus nodded off.


Two hours later:

"Good. You are all awake," the S.S. colonel said to the students who had been knocked out, taken off the bus and put in a large room in the Scapa Flow island area of what was once Great Britain.

The high school students were surprised to see devices attached to their necks.

"What is the meaning of this!" Artie Gourmand exclaimed, standing up. "My father is part of the Vichy Government! Our family have served the Reich for decades!"

"Sit down! All will be explained!" the S.S colonel demanded in a tone that brooked no further argument. "Now we shall take a roll call."


1. Artie Gourmand

2. Noel Ture

3. Pierre Tudraux

4. Martin Bucher

5. Jacque Dubois

6. Maurice Goulet

7. Armando Bastillion

8. Nicolet Chardin

9. Pascal Merlow

10. Rene Seville

11. Roger Trotter

12. Sergio Reynard

13. Tomas Blaine

14. Yves Martel

15. Stefan Deville

16. Gustave Laroche

17. Claude Damme

18. Bruno Sommer

19. Adrien Dupont

20. Luc Montague

21. Phillipe Berkeley


1. Charlotte Pastelle

2. Babette Decartier

3. Ramona Reese

4. Mimi Shampeau

5. Paulette Duran

6. Alice Moran

7. Lisa SimplaƮt

8. Antoinette Athos

9. Bernadette Porthos

10. Camille Aramis

11. Caroline Malveux

12. Dominique Pierpont

13. Florence Ninon

14. Julie Champagne

15. Nicole Cheney

16. Pauline Friar

17. Sophie Lorien

18. Maria Pomeroy

19. Monique Neville

20. Josephine Louis

21. Denise Delancy

After everyone had acknowledged that they were there, the S.S. colonel continued. "You will notice you all have devices on your necks. These are explosive devices. If you try to tamper with them they will blow your head off."

"Why are we here?!" Sophie Lorien asked out loud, getting up from her chair.

"You are here for our entertainment."

"I have much better ways of entertaining you, mon colonel," the slendy yet busty beauty said with a sexy wiggle at the S.S. colonel. She also unhooked her reddish/brown hair which had been tied in a bun, letting it cascade three inches down her shoulders as her beautifully tanned skin shined under the lights of the classroom.

"Sit down, little whore! Use your tits and ass to win this game if you're so inclined!" the colonel answered sharply.

"The guy must be gay," Sophie thought to herself, sitting down.

Colonel Kreiger continued. "You will be let out one by one every two minutes. You are free to go wherever you want to on this island but beware. After everyone has left this room if any of you come back here your necklace will explode. Over the course of time we will expect someone to die. If no one dies within a 24 hour period." The colonel paused for dramatic effect. "You will all die!"

"Again I say my father is part of the Vichy government. I should not be here with this necklace bomb around my neck!" Artie Gourmand exclaimed standing up.

"Sit down, you son of a vichy before I put you down permanently. If your father was doing his job right you and these other French fairies wouldn't be here! Another word out of any of you and you'll be shot on the spot." The colonel looked around as everyone sat down quietly.

"Now, you will be given a bag which may contain a weapon, supplies or both. Once you all have gone out, your mission is to kill each other. Only one of you will survive! I wish all of you good luck." With that the colonel left as each person was called out in the same order the roll call went earlier except they alternated between boys and girls.

In the back room a German official was talking to the S.S. colonel. "I don't like the idea of a son of a Vichy government official being placed in this game of death. But since you can't go back on it now, at least make sure Artie Gourmand has a good chance of winning," the German official said sternly.

"Listen here, you fat F&#$. I'm running this. Now get out of my face!"

"You can't talk to me that way. I'm..."

"Are you challenging me?" the colonel said with a look that sent shivers of the government hack's spine.

"Um, no."

"Good. Now get out of here!"

As Artie Gourmand name was called he got up, took his bag and walked out. Two minutes later Charlotte Pastelle's name was called. Charlotte took her bag and walked out teary eyed.

"What do you have?" Artie Gourmand demanded selfishly. "Give it to me!"

"I'm not giving anything to you, you fat f#&$. Now get out of here!" !!BLAM!! Charlotte was dead before she hit the ground dead, Artie having shot her right between the eyes.

Artie took the dead girl's bag away from her and noticed that all she had was food which he voraciously ate. Then another person came out of the building two minutes later.

"You there! Give me what you have."

"Screw you!" !!RAT!!TAT!!TAT!!TAT!!TAT!!

MC Ture ran out of the building and dodged with such quickness that Artie missed his attempt to gun him down. As Artie took another shot at MC he was shot at by MC's return fire. "Sucker MC, duck down!" MC called out as Artie stumbled to take cover in the bushes. As Artie took cover the rap music lover ran away, taking off for one of the buildings a mile or so from the area.

A moment later Babette Decartier came out of the building. Babette was tall, statuesque and sexy. She was a long haired blond with large breasts, a small waist, a firm back side and great legs. The beautiful girl looked around and walked off down the road.

Pierre Cudraux walked out of the building two minutes later looking around noticing Babette walking down the road and followed after her. He had had the hots for the Parisian beauty for a while now.

"Babette! Wait up!" the muscular youth called out as he ran up to her.

"Aren't you worried I might kill you?" Babette asked with a sexy smile.

"Come on, Babette. We should team up together. We'd make a great couple."

"Tell me why I should couple with you?" she asked with an alluring smile.

"Um, well," Pierre said nervously. "I have skills in martial arts like, savate kickboxing, wrestling and streetfighting. I also have a glock in my bag along with a bottle of wine. We can have some fun."

Babette looked at the fairly handsome young man for a moment. "All right. Let's find someplace safe. We don't want to get shot in bed, no?"

Pierre looked up and thanked his lucky stars as he walked the French beauty to what he'd thought would be a safe place.

Charlotte Pastelle deceased. One down, 41 to go.


AUTHOR'S NOTES: I don't know how long it will take me to finish this but I intend to. Leave me a review and tell me what you think of this.