Title: "The Sentence"
Dizi 85
Character: Character will change each chapter.
Challange: This is from the "Sentence" challange at "Character Sketches". I've just taken it one step further. You have to describe something, using the prompt given, that is only the legenth of one sentence. These will, for the moment, not be in order of prompts given, but will be as i do them.

Prompt: cold pastoral
Severus Snape

He stood at the window, staring out at the neighbouring properties surrounding his mothers ancestral home "Snake's Den", sipping tea while watching the farmer across the lane drudgingly plough through the frozen earth, his vision sometimes marred by the low-lying clouds, so typical of the morbid English weather, and Severus knew, as he observed the cold pastoral scene, that to him, this season would be particularly hard to survive.

69 words.

In retrospect, i think my Education professors would be shocked, with a sentence of that length, but i like it. Let me be long for once!

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