"Half the people in the world are women. Why does it have to be you that stirs me?"

McLintock – George Washington McLintock

Ichigo bent down and kissed his wife's brow as she cradled their newborn daughter against her breasts. The little dark haired girl blinked and latched on to her mother's nipple, sucking lightly and closed her amethyst eyes. Ichigo smirked and gently let his fingers dance over the wispy dark hair.

"She looks like you, thank God," he whispered and kissed his wife. She groaned and smirked when he pulled away.

"Well God wouldn't have been cruel enough to make our child as ugly as you," she teased. He grinned.

He jostled her a little as he stretched his lanky frame next to her in their large bed and the baby protested slightly before resuming her lunch. Ichigo gathered Rukia against him and she leaned back into him…content.

A few moments passed and Ichigo queried innocently.

"So it's been over two weeks…you think we might finally get around to naming her? I mean we can't keep calling her it."

Rukia scowled at him and would have hit him if she didn't have the infant cradled in her arms.

"You know what I want to name her." He shrugged.

"And you know what I want to name her," he replied.

She shifted and he loosely snaked his arms around her waist. He bent down to whisper in her ear and she sucked in a breath as her belly clenched. Lord that man could still turn her on with something as small as his breath fanning her neck. She trembled slightly and he smirked, dropping a light kiss to the sensitive area under her hair.

"Ichigo stop, you are not allowed to make me horny while I'm nursing our daughter."

He grinned against her skin wickedly and continued to rain feather light kisses on her pale throat.

"How about," he said between brushes of his lips, "we compromise. Hisana Masaki Rangiku Kurosaki?"

She groaned and tilted her head to seek his questing mouth with her own. He complied and claimed her petal soft lips, stroking his tongue along hers in a sensuous dance. She broke away and smiled.

"All right Mr. Kurosaki, you have a deal. Now just let me put Hisana down for a nap and we can finish what you've started."

He smirked as his wife pulled away from him and carried their now sleeping daughter to the bassinet near the window. She gently lay the babe down, smoothed her dark hair and then approached her husband. He grasped her wrist and tumbled her into bed with him, his smirk licentious.

He kissed her, rolling her under him, and she groaned. When he pulled off her nightshirt and kissed her swollen breast she gasped. He pulled his head up and scowled.

"You sure this is all right? I don't want to hurt you?" Rukia felt her heart swell and pulled him in for another kiss.

"You would never hurt me," she muttered against his lips and kissed him again. He groaned.

Rukia felt her husband kiss a trail down her neck, over her abdomen, and lower. When his tongue swirled over her bud she gasped and moaned.

No, she thought,he would never hurt her.

Rukia felt the contentment that only the assurance of being well loved can bring and knew that he would never wound her, never forsake her, and never abandon her. That was what being loved by Ichigo Kurosaki meant and she finally knew what it was like to be home.


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