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Ranma ½ belongs to Rumiko Takahashi, not me. I am making no profit from this work of fanfiction, only mental relief, and personal satisfaction. Any other characters I use belong to their respective owners, except Tatsuko, she's mine.

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Now it is true that Tatsuko isn't a "bastard child" but she is not Ranma's, nor is she Japanese. I have heard of an adopted child of foreign blood referred to this way. Plus I chose this route to fuel Ranma's reactions.

And about the things Ranma made from Krynn's remains, they are made of the highest quality materials, but not the highest quality work, that will show later. And Krynn offered herself as sustenance for Tatsuko because Ranma would have nothing else to feed her. (Season 7 episode 23, "Dragon" could be considered much more than a delicacy, possessing an almost supernatural nutritional value, prolonging life spans drastically. I'm sorry if you disagree with that, but it did make things interesting.)

(Syk): "He as male, not she as in female" I don't understand what error you are referring to. I use male references when Ranma is in his male form and female references when he is in his female form. I hope this clarifies any confusion, if not then please clarify your statement of my error.

Matron Draconus

Chapter 05

"Please, come in Ranma. Make yourself at home. I'll have some nice hot tea ready in a few minutes." Kasumi welcomes the weary traveler into her home, motioning towards the dinning area.

Ranma hesitantly enters the Tendo home, removing his shoes at the door. He follows her around the corner to the family room.

After carefully setting down his massive pack, he moves to the dinning area, trying to ignore the pain coming from his still slung arm. Ranma stops when he notices the middle-aged man sitting out on the engawa, staring intently at a Shogi board. He waits, hoping Kasumi will start the introductions.

Kasumi stops near the door to the back yard, "Father, I've brought a guest; we met near the shopping district. I invited him to have dinner with us, and spend the night in the guest room. I just couldn't bear the thought of him and his baby girl camping out in this cold. His name is Ranma."

The Tendo patriarch bolts upright, "Ranma you say." He heads inside to greet his houseguest, praying that this is the Ranma he has been waiting so many years to meet. "Come son, please sit down and relax."

Ranma approaches the low table, and sits across from Soun, "Thanks for having me Mr. Tendo, your daughter is very nice, I've never had someone offer me a free meal and warm place to sleep before." Ranma undoes his cloak and lays it next to him, and begins to remove Tatsuko's pouch.

Tendo smiles beaming with pride, "That she is, I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful daughters. Now, you said your name is Ranma, you wouldn't happen to be Ranma Saotome?"

Ranma hangs his head low, knowing that the building blocks of a good friendship are about to crumble, "Not anymore."

"What do you mean, not anymore?" Fearing that his hopes and dreams are about to go up in smoke.

Ranma looks Soun in the eyes, with a face devoid of any emotion, "I am ronin Mr. Tendo, I renounced the Saotome family name." Soun's eyes widen, his visions of a happy retirement fading like a lost dream. He eyes the young man, mentally preparing his coming inquisition into why he would do something so dishonorable.

"I know that people don't like ronin. If ya want I'll leave right away, and I wouldn't blame ya either."

Kasumi finally enters carrying the prepared tea set, "That's not necessary Ranma, and please have some tea." She looks to the master of the household, "Right father, that's no reason to send him back out into the cold."

Tendo looks at his eldest, her caring expressing instantly washing away any trepidation he might have held. "Yes of course, please stay. You have to try Kasumi's tea, it's the greatest in all of Nerima."

Ranma relaxes, surprised by their outlook, and relieved that he's not taking Tatsuko back out into the night. "Thank you Kasumi, you're very kind, and Mr. Tendo, I'm grateful that you'll let me stay here tonight."

Tendo sips his tea, "That's quite alright Ranma, you've had a family dispute, the best thing for you now is good company. If you don't mind my asking, how did you end up ronin?"

"It's a very long story." Ranma takes a drink, "Wow, this tea is great Kasumi." The tea alone is enough to brighten his mood, even if just a little.

Kasumi stands and straightens her apron, "Why thank you Ranma." She turns to her father, "I'll be in the kitchen so you two can talk, and dinner will be ready in thirty minutes." With that said she turns and leaves, glancing back at Ranma for just a moment before disappearing into the kitchen.

"Well Mr. Tendo, the Saotome family doesn't allow a child of non-Japanese descent into the family register unless one of the parents is a Saotome by blood." Ranma cradles the baby girl higher and closer to his chest, and she starts to stir from her slumber. "And little Tatsuko here is adopted."

Soun looks a little puzzled, "Son, why would you adopt a child, you're still so young?"

"I was in China, and I found her mother being attacked by a group of tribal men. I fought them as my honor demanded, I fought to protect an innocent. There were seven, and I defeated all of 'em, but I was too late." Ranma lets out a heavy sigh and takes another drink, Tatsuko starts lightly fussing and squirming.

Soun settles back a bit, already feeling the pride in having met Ranma. "You fought seven warriors to protect an innocent woman, such is the way of a true martial artist, and you've done the school a great honor son."

"Well, I couldn't save her mother Krynn, she was hurt, bad. She said I honored her with my bravery, and asked me to take her only daughter as my own, and raise her to follow my code of honor. I vowed on my honor that I would raise her, and train her in my way of the warrior."

The Tendo Patriarch looks Ranma in the eyes with an air of sincerity that he hasn't felt in nearly ten long years. "Son, you've done the right thing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Any true martial artist would have done the same."

"That's what I thought, but my mother said that my vow was a stain on the family honor, and she demanded I give her up for adoption."

Soun frowns deeply, emotionally disturbed that a mother could say such a thing to her own son. "That does sound like Nodoka, and the Saotome clan does follow very old and mostly forgotten traditions."

"It's not fair what she did to me, I had to choose between my family and my daughter. She's my baby, I love her, so I did the only thing I could. I walked away from my mother and the Saotome name. I chose Tatsuko and my honor over my own mother."

"Son, you make an old man swell with pride, I can tell you, as one father to another, I would have done the same, and so would every other man alive who loves his child. Ranma, you are a fine young man, and a good father, for as long as you need, you are welcome to stay in my home, as an honored guest."

Tatsuko's fussing gets louder and Ranma takes notice, "I think she's hungry again, I swear she eats more than I do, and people say I eat like a horse."

Soun lets out a hearty chuckle, "Such is the life of a growing child, better get used to it." And he continues to laugh, soon Ranma joins in, the tension having left the room, both men enjoying the good company.

Ranma straightens up, once again realizing he needs to feed his little girl, and knowing this is the kind of secret he can't keep from the man who's offering him a place to stay, "Well, I have another story to tell, but this one is a lot harder to believe unless I show you. Ya see, my idiot father got me cursed while we were in China." Ranma carefully stands, still cradling Tatsuko, knowing the fact that he has to feed her before he can relax and enjoy dinner.

"A curse, son what do you mean by that?" Soun inquires, eyeing the young man as he walks into the kitchen.

Ranma enters the kitchen, "Kasumi, can you please hold her for a minute? I don't wanna get her wet."

Kasumi takes the hungry, fussing baby, and holds her close, "Of course Ranma." Humming a soft tune and cooing the crying child, she slowly makes her way out of the kitchen.

Soun is lost in thought after seeing the change in Kasumi's already peaceful demeanor. 'Oh Kasumi, seeing you like that reminds me so much of your late mother. I know that you'll one day make an excellent mother.' It takes all the willpower he can muster to hold back the waterworks, not wanting to make a scene in front of his guest.

After filling a glass at the sink, Ranma reenters the dinning area, "Well, the curse I got makes me change form."

At that moment the youngest Tendo, Akane, comes in through the front door, and the middle Tendo, Nabiki, descends the stairs into the family room. "Oh good, Akane, Nabiki, this is Ranma. Ranma these are my younger sisters, Nabiki, and Akane. Ranma will be staying with us for a while, as an honored guest in our home."


A while later in the furo, after washing herself and her baby, Ranma settles into the tub, activating both curse reversals. "Wow, you've grown a lot. I guess I didn't notice in your human form, but like this you've gotta be almost a foot longer already." Ranma relaxes for a short while longer, enjoying a moment of true peace, with the little dragon lying on his chest, staring intently at his face. 'Well, I guess this could have gone a lot worse, only one of them reacted badly, and even then Mr. Tendo had a talk with her about being "rude to his house guest." So I think things should be fine here for a little while.'


Meanwhile in the kitchen, Kasumi and Akane are busy doing the dishes, and talking about their new house guest. "Really Akane, father is right, you were very rude to a guest in our home." Kasumi's light scolding is enough to make Akane feel like a little girl in trouble.

"I guess I was just surprised to see a boy in our home. And when he changed, that was really weird and all I could think was 'pervert'."

"I know you have troubles at school, but please don't bring them home. Ranma's had a very rough time, and Father believes him to be an honorable man. And he's shown that he is a good father that loves his baby dearly."

"Yeah, I noticed that, I guess he's not like the other boys at school. And his little girl is the cutest baby I've ever seen. Sis, did you notice how her eyes match his perfectly, makes it hard to believe that she's adopted."

"Yes, I noticed that too, and her blue hair is absolutely beautiful, it's wonderful that that is her natural color."


Later that evening the entire household is gathered in the family room and Soun has something important to talk with his family, and Ranma about. "Girls, and Ranma, I need tell you all about something that weighs heavy on my heart."

"Father?" Kasumi looks concerned for her father, not having seen this serious demeanor in many years.

"Well, as you may or may not know, the Tendo and Saotome families are the only practitioners of the Anything-Goes style."

"Wow, really Mr. Tendo? My pops never told me anything like that."

"Yes, and back before all of you were born me and my late wife, along with Mr. and Mrs. Saotome had many a long discussion about unifying the Anything-Goes style through marriage."

"Daddy, are you telling us that way back whenever you made plans to marry one of us to Ranma here?"

"It was all of our hopes that one day the two families would be joined, and the Anything-Goes legacy would be secure for generations to come. It was also your mother's parting wish that I support you girls on whatever decisions you made for your own futures, which is why I've brought this subject up tonight."

"Um, Mr. Tendo, there is one problem with all this, besides deciding who we'd marry for us, I'm not a Saotome anymore." Ranma was doing his best to contain the animosity, not wanting to make drama in his host's home.

"Yeah Daddy, why would any of us want to marry Ranma anyway?" Akane was miffed, if it was any other boy she would have already clobbered him, but this one has a little girl, and she couldn't bring herself to do anything that could possibly hurt the baby.

Ranma slumped his shoulder, he should have known girls would look at him that way, "She's got a point, I mean, I don't think any of your daughters would wanna marry a freak like me."

"Ranma, you're not a freak, and none of us here think of you as one, please don't think so lowly of yourself. You've stated that it's a curse, the way I see it, that has no effect on what kind of man you are. It actually has given you some advantages in being a single parent." Here's Kasumi being her usual overly nice self, honestly she could make someone feel good about having a second head, simply with the way she talks.

"Ranma, that's not what I meant…."


"What I meant was why would any of us want to get married to someone we've known for a grand total of three hours."

"Girls, I would be asking you to just up and get married, I simply told you all this so you'd know what wishes your parents have, and to give things a chance." Soun looks directly to Ranma, "And about that Ranma, I'd like to try to talk to Nodoka about seeing the error in her old ways, and realize what she did to her son."

"So I can get my family name back and marry one of your daughters…." The disgust was obvious in Ranma's tone.

"Son, I'll admit that nothing in this world would make me happier that so see the families united, but that is only a part of my motivation to help you." Ranma looks at Mr. Tendo slightly puzzled, what else could motivate Soun to want to help him. "My other reason is the fact that is simply breaks this old man's heart to see such a good young man at odds with his own mother, you deserve better that what she did to you, and I'd like to help open her eyes to how badly she messed up."

"Father, that so sweet that you'd to that length to help Ranma."

"Yeah Mr. Tendo, I really don't know what to say, I mean you're already giving me a place to stay, I could never ask for more. But if you could convince my mother she was wrong, then I guess I'd give her a chance to 'pologize, and make things right. But only if she's gonna accept Tatsuko as her Granddaughter, not just someone that she's 'putting up with' to have her son back."

"I fully agree with you there son. And in the end, if she won't rescind her foolish decision then there is no heir to the Saotome legacy, and our family honor agreement would be null and void. If that situation does in fact come about, then I'd be honored to add you to the Tendo family register, as my adopted son, that is, if you would like that."

"Dad?" Akane was simply stunned that her father would do that for this boy, he had only just met him after all.

"Wow, I don't know what to say Mr. Tendo."

"Ranma, you've shown this old man a lot in the few hours you've been here, a lot that I used to see in myself, that has long since gone away. I'd be truly honored to have you as a member of the family, through marriage or otherwise."


In an oddly familiar throne room, Ranma bears witness to two identical girls, roughly her age, with a unique color of cerulean blue hair, being beaten and violated by a partially over dressed man wearing a crown.

The girls look straight to Ranma, and reaches out to him, "Papa, help me."

"It hurts so much Papa!" The second girl finishes just before being dragged back into submission by their aggressor.

Ranma snaps, realizing what he's watching, again. "No. Tatsuko!"

Ranma jumps up, franticly looking around in the dark, finally realizing where he is, "The Tendo's…." He then looks down to Tatsuko's sleeping form, "So innocent, I swear little one, I'll never let that man touch you." 'But there were two of you, I don't understand, but I have a very bad feeling about this.'


Later the next morning, Ranma and Kasumi are walking down the streets of Nerima at a leisurely pace, "So he's your family doctor?"

"Oh yes, he's a nice man, Dr. Tofu's been our family doctor for a while now, you'll like him."

"Hope so, but you said Tatsuko's checkup is important, so whatever I have to do, I'm gonna do."

Moments later the two enter the small clinic of one Ono Tofu, the couple of patrons currently waiting quickly clear the building, mumbling something about health hazards on their way out, this doesn't sit well with Ranma.

"Doctor Tofu, are you in?" Kasumi calls out from the waiting room.

"Be right out." A voice replies from somewhere out of view, seconds later the young doctor emerges from the hallway, his glasses immediately fogging over, and turning stiff as a board. "Ka-Ka-Kasumi, fancy meeting you here of all places."

"Oh doctor, quit being silly, I've brought a friend of the family, and his baby in for a checkup." Kasumi gives her usual angelic smile, causing even more of the doctor's brain to turn to mush.

"Well young man, what seems to be the problem…." Tofu sticks both arms straight out, resembling the walking dead, brain dead at least, and reaches for the infant.

"Doctor Tofu! Pleas be careful, she's just an infant." Concern flashing her face for just a moment before returning her trademark smile.

Tofu's higher brain functions begin their force restart right about now, "Infant?" His glasses clear up and he sees that there is in fact an infant child there, within his grasp.

Ranma, not liking the strange actions of the weird doctor, slowly backs away from him, fearing for his little girl's safety. "Doc, are you alright?"

'Oh dear, I could have done something truly horrible just now, come on Tofu get your head out of the clouds and help this young man and his baby dragon. Wait…. dragon?' "That's a might special little girl you have there……"

"Ranma." Oh boy, can he actually tell what she is, just by looking at her, or did he know I was coming….

"Well, Ranma, that's a pretty crude sling you got your arm in, why don't you have Ka-Kasumi hold you little one, while I check out you arm, then we can get to your baby's checkup, sound good?"

"Uh, sure thing Doc," guess he's alright now, but that was weird a minute ago. "Here you go Kasumi." As he passes Tatsuko over to her.

A few minutes later, Ranma returns, his arm no longer slung, "Well Ranma, I must say you have a remarkable rate of healing, for having broken it little more than a week ago you're almost completely healed. You have full mobility back, but you should talk it easy on that arm for at least another week, that means no fighting, and no heavy lifting, okay."

"Gotcha Doc."

"Now lets have a look at that adorable little girl of yours, now Ranma, this part is important, I need to examine both of her forms, is that okay?"

"Uh..." 'Crap, how does he, oh well, I was gonna have to tell them soon anyway, I guess Kasumi is the best one to start with, and apparently the doc already knows.'

Kasumi just cocks her head to the side a little, the effect is almost mind numbing on the doctor, but he manages to maintain his self control. "Both forms? Ranma, is Tatsuko cursed like you are?"

A minute later in the examination room, Ranma has Tatsuko lying on her tummy on the exam bed, and has just finished changing her diaper. "Tatsuko does have a Jusenkyo curse like I do, but what you're used to seeing is actually her cursed form. And this is her true form." He then gently wipes down her back with a warm, wet sponge, triggering the transformation. Tatsuko smoothly grows into a small cerulean blue, three foot long dragon, which immediately jumps onto and snuggles into Ranma's chest.

"Oh my………. What a cute little dragon."

After Words:

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