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Chapter One

It's been several years since Yugi and the others had moved on, and Joey Wheeler has moved back to America where he went back to College and got his Bachelor Degree in Childhood Psychology and was now working on getting his Masters. He and Seto Kaiba had decided that they no longer want a relationship based on sex and they really didn't have anything else going of them except that, so they both went their separate ways.

When Joey first came back home to New York he looked up a couple of old friends and one of them was a man by the name of Scott Holmes and they got together for a beer and to talk about old times. It was at one of these times they realized that they were starting to have feelings for each other. Joey told Scott that he had just gotten out of a relationship based on lies and he wasn't ready to get into another one right now, so Scott agreed that they get to know each other and then if after a trial period they still feel the same about each other then they'll try to get know each other better.

When Joey explained that he wanted to go back to College, Scott encouraged him to do it. So began Joey's first quest in finding himself and along the way he would discover where his life was going and it would mean sacrificing a lot but receiving so much more in return.

Scott was a New York City Policeman who loved his work and Joey was proud of him for his devotion to making the city safe for all concerned. As Joey started taking the classes he wanted he discovered exactly where his life was going and soon he changed his classes to meet with the requirements needed to become a Child Psychologist. When he told Scott what he wanted to do, Scott was a supportive of him and Joey was of Scott and they soon began to date but they had to keep it quiet so that no one in the Department would find out. In a strange way it was almost like when Joey and Seto were dating and that bothered Joey a lot so that in the end he decided to just be friends with Scott and at first Scott wasn't very happy about it, well what could he do, he knew that it would be for the best for both of them. They still remained close friends.

As Joey got closer to his goal of being a Psychologist he realized how much he loved children and wanted to help them any way he could. As he was listening to the Professor talk about signs of child abuse he remembered back to when he was younger and how his father use to beat and punch him when he was drunk and how at one point it even lead to his father raping him.

As he thought back he realized that all the classic signs were there, but there wasn't anyone to help him so he had to submit to all the shit his father did to him, till one day his father was drunk and was behind the wheel of his truck and lost control and slammed into a tree and died instantly. At least he didn't kill anyone else.

It has been eight long years, but today Joey is receiving his Masters in Childhood Psychology and because of his really good grades and his love for the profession he has chosen, his Professor had talked to a few people he knows and Joey has three interviews with prospective employers and as he was at the first one, he was kind of nervous but it was his determine to help children that secured him a position at Domino Hospital Psychology Department working with children that have been both physically and mentally abused.

He was working with Dr. Benjamin Donner and today was his chance to prove or disprove his ability to get a child to open up to him about who has been hurting them. It was a little girl and she was about four years old and the file said that her father had been sexually abusing her for the last five months and how the mother was to damn drugged up to help her. The little girls name was Heather Jenkins and as Joey walked into the room, she flinched and reverted back inside herself. It was Joey's job to get her to come back to reality and if he was lucky she just might talk to him about it, but there was no guarantees she would talk.

Joey sat down at one of the tables and didn't say a word; he just observed Heather and listened to what she was whispering about. Heather didn't know what this man was going to do to her, but he wasn't angry or yelling at her like her father use to. She wondered what he was up to. She was scared to talk to anyone especially a man about what her father had been doing to her.

Everyday Joey sat there observing and taking notes but not once did he talk to her or ask her to talk to him. Heather was confused about this man and then one day she decided to talk to Joey and so began the long and sometimes painful road to help this little girl realize that not all men want to hurt her. As she became use to Joey being in the room she went over and stood looking at him write in his book and she said "Why did my daddy hurt me? She had tears running down her face as she asked Joey that question.

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